past life regression

27 Apr: The Pioneering Work of Dr. Helen Wambach: Group Hypnosis as a Methodology to Recall Past-Lives – David Pye (Is.32)

by David Pye

Abstract—In this article, David Pye begins in an engaging style by introducing his own journey of curiosity around the notions of life, death and the afterlife and how his encounter with the work of Dr Helen Wambach further illuminated his ideas. David then explains the prevailing culture within which Dr Wambach’s work was embedded before explaining the research methodologies she developed as she sought to understand whether or not past life memories were merely fantasies or had a basis in reality. The article then progresses towards Helen’s findings via an interesting selection of research participants descriptions associated with her specific questioning techniques, and historical graphs, before sharing Dr Wambach’s ultimate conclusions that past life memories are … Read the rest

31 Dec: Effectiveness of Past Life Therapy in the Treatment of Phobias – Bibiana Bistrich (Is.30)

by Bibiana Bistrich, MD and Juan Alberto Etcheverry, MD

This paper outlines the effectiveness of a transpersonal therapy method in the treatment of phobic patients, focusing on the long-term results and the sustainability of the effect. This is a pilot prospective analytic study in which the authors have documented the substantial benefits of past life regression therapy in a small sample of phobia cases, setting a starting point for other studies in order to achieve a more accurate projection in regard to the effectiveness of this therapeutic approach.


According to our clinical experience, an increase of psychiatric pathologies in the general population was observed in the last few years. Higher stress levels created by the demands of life, … Read the rest

01 Mar: Your Soul Remembers: Accessing Your Past Lives Through Soul Writing – Joanne DiMaggio (Is.26)

by Joanne DiMaggio


In 2010-11, author and past life specialist, Joanne DiMaggio, conducted a research project combining past-life regression and a form of inspirational writing she calls Soul Writing. With the help of fifty volunteers, ranging in age from 23 to 81, DiMaggio regressed each to the past life that was having the most impact on them now. After the regression—but while they were still in an altered state of consciousness—she placed a pen in their hand and a journal on their lap and instructed them to ask their soul for information about that lifetime that eluded them in the regression. While they wrote, she also wrote, asking her Source for information she could share. The results were astonishing.Read the rest

21 Mar: Measuring the Therapeutic Effects of Past-Life Regression – Heather S. Friedman Rivera (Is.25)

by Heather S. Friedman Rivera, R.N., J.D., Ph.D.


Previous research on the healing benefits of past-life regression is mainly based on anecdotal and individual case studies. There is a need to collect and analyze a broad cross-section of data on past-life regression and therapeutic results. A study is being conducted to collect and analyze the beneficial outcomes and healing reported by past-life experiencers. For this study, a web-based survey was created and launched for wide exposure to a broad audience. To date, 180 confidential surveys from respondents of various ages, gender, religious upbringing, and experiences have been obtained and analyzed. Analysis revealed that there are measureable and consistent beneficial effects as a direct result of past-life regression. The Read the rest

01 Apr: I Can See from Both Sides Now – Virginia Waldron (Is.24)

by Virginia Waldron


Using recalled details of a past life regression, Waldron’s client finds proof of a previous lifetime in the 1800’s. In this article the reader is presented with the details and insights of this unique case from the perspectives of both the client and the therapist.


In June of 2010 Kathy Talada came to see Virginia Waldron, a certified past life regressionist in Fayetteville, NY. Her goals were to figure out a few things about herself – about her purpose and some issues that she was struggling with in her personal life. She had been raised Catholic, but she needed to find a closer connection to her own spirituality and felt past life work would help … Read the rest

01 Dec: Can A Past-Life Character Speak In a Foreign Language A Weight Loss Case: A Past-Life Regression Case of “Mei Ling” Who Spoke in Mandarin – Dr. Casey Chua (Is.23)

by Dr. Casey Chua


Joan (not her real name), a former Australian who now lives in an island off the coast of Australia, was desperate to lose body weight. Weighing in at 160 kg, she was in dire need to lose weight. She flew from her home town to Singapore for hypnosis.

This article describes the case in which a past-life personality influenced the client’s behavior in regards to food. During the course of a past-life regression the client spoke perfect Mandarin; the language of her past life personality. It is an excellent example of xenoglossy as the client has no knowledge of the Chinese language.


Joan (not her real name) is a national from an island off … Read the rest

31 Jul: Regression Therapy As An Adjunct To Marriage Counseling: A Case Study – Esther Iseman (Is.22)

by Esther Iseman, Ph.D.

This case study demonstrates the potential benefits of regression therapy in healing troubled relationships. Each of us presumably brings a variety of memories from other lifetimes into current life relationships. These memories, which are beyond awareness and to which we subconsciously react (e.g., those resulting from trauma), can cause a variety of dysfunctional scenarios. Regression therapy can be a valuable tool in retrieving problematic memories so that the role of these memories can be discovered and used to resolve current issues.


“John” (age 39) initially began individual counseling because he had feelings of remorse resulting, in part, from a recent “drunken” one-time extramarital sexual encounter. He revealed that his wife of 17 years, “Melanie,” … Read the rest

31 Jul: Kiki’s Fish Story – A Past-Life Journey Recalled – Virginia Waldron (Is.22)

By Virginia Waldron

In 1999 I went to see Thelma Freedman for several sessions to help me deal with a relationship issue in my current life. I was hoping to have a better relationship with two people in my life. We explored several lifetimes that involved the three of us. One of the first ones, however, had a surprise ending which neither of us expected.

I found myself on a beach, not sandy but made of small stones and pebbles, round and smooth. I was with other women and children. Behind us was a low cliff. There was a path or trail that led up the cliff and back to our village. I was a young girl, in my early … Read the rest

01 Dec: Bad Stomach or Karmic Pains? – Joseph Costa (Is.20)

by Joseph Costa PH.D.

In this article Dr. Costa presents us with a case of current life events triggering karmic pains seeking relief. The client’s pains had been unrelenting for over a year before this healing work. After the regression presented here the pains were no longer present. Therapy was done over ten years ago and there has been no more pain since the therapy described here.

A powerful business man was sent to me as he had symptoms of stomach area problems that medicine had failed to heal or affect in any way. The pains were so intense that his ability to function in work was stopped. He was suffering sleep deprivation as well. For months he had been … Read the rest

31 Dec: Regression as a Process Precludes “Failure”: Therapeutic Reason and Purpose in the Client Not Regressing – Sydney S. Heflin (Is.18)

Sydney S. Heflin, Ed.D.

My clients, who wish to experience past-life regression for the first time, often express the concern that they will not regress or will not access a past life. It has been my experience with clients that, technically, there is no such phenomenon as “failure” to regress; that there is, indeed, therapeutic reason and purpose in the client’s not regressing in what is often considered the traditional manner.

Certainly, there are those individuals who do not access a past life in the first, and sometimes subsequent, sessions. However, I do not regard these experiences as “failures.” Rather, I view them as progressive steps on the path of the client to uncovering information that is valuable to … Read the rest