quantum physics

31 Mar: Quantum Reality and Transpersonal Therapy – Richard Stammler (Is.27)

By Richard Stammler, Ph.D.

The theory of quantum physics has been around for nearly a century, although its principles have been used to measure our reality with unprecedented precision, the description of mass reality and personal reality is, seemingly, so bizarre that science has been slow to fully accept the implications. This is also true for transpersonal therapy. As the theory becomes increasingly mainstream in many disciplines, a more complete attempt is made to describe the theory and the impact on transpersonal therapy.

“Well, let me quote from Newton about this, even though we’re talking quantum physics. Literally, I feel like a child at a sea shore, when it comes to seeing where quantum physics is pointing. I feel … Read the rest

01 Mar: All Time is Now Even in the Hypnotherapist’s Office – Barbara Pomar (Is.26)

by Barbara Pomar


Much has been written about time, all time is now in past life therapy. Dr. Pomar combines the two conflicting ideas into a coherent simultaneous theory. As quantum theory has found that there is only the now, (the present moment) Dr. Pomar has expanded the theories into a string of Nows. What is experienced in past-life recalls or experiences are layers of the present. Therefore it is possible to go to that point in time-space where the beginning, the original event happened, change a concept and have the present and future change almost immediately.

 So many good philosophies can be derived out of these four words, All Time is Now. Yet, they can be counter-intuitive. … Read the rest

01 Dec: Past-Life Therapy, Astrology, and Quantum Physics: Case Studies – Dianne Seaman (Is.20)

by Dianne Seaman

Astrology is a tool closely related to physics, for it is a language of energy and cyclical time. This symbolic and mathematical tool–linking both left and right brain functions–explores the mind in a space/time configuration and provides a window into different states and phases of consciousness. Astrology can assist us in exploring various dimensions of the soul by revealing threads of energy/of consciousness linking aspects of an individual’s multiple layers of identity across many incarnations, which intertwine to form the so called present life. Astrology can show the resonance between certain lifetimes–why the particular themes and issues come to the forefront of consciousness at a particular time in a person’s developmental cycle. As such, it is both Read the rest

01 Dec: Reincarnation, Quantum Physics, and Spirituality – Todd Hayen (Is.20)

by Todd Hayen

Reincarnation has never been taken very seriously by the scientific community due to the insistence of our current scientific model that all events in the natural world take place within the confines of the Newtonian paradigm. Quantum physics has changed all of that, as we are just beginning to see the physical world in an entirely different light. Several eminent scientists of today suggest that it is just possible we have been looking at the problem from the wrong perspective. From the world-view of quantum theory, a new model of reincarnation has been developing. Combining these theories with the idea that time and space may simply be a human construct, reincarnation becomes not only plausible, but a Read the rest

01 Dec: Entropy and the Structure of Time – David P. Armentrout (Is.16)

David P. Armentrout, Ph.D.

The author, new to the Journal’s pages, writes “I was prompted to write this after hearing Joe Costa’s remarks about his view of time and his own regressions, made during the panel discussion at the APRT Phoenix Convention [Fall, 1998).” David has extended Joe’s ideas “a bit,” but concludes “I think Joe Costa’s guides have as good a practical explanation as I have otherwise heard, and I have tried to do them justice.” He extends Joe’s model to incorporate the findings of quantum physics regarding space and time and the infinite possibilities of the universe.


The issue of time has never really been wholly resolved. We know that in memory we have access to … Read the rest

01 Dec: EXPERIENCES. What is the Nature of Parallel Lives? – Isa Gucciardi (Is.15)

In this article, Isa Gucciardi tells us of her strange personal encounter with what may have been a parallel universe.

Isa Gucciardi, M.A., C.Ht.

There has been much discussion of the possibility of parallel lives, but this concept appears to be poorly – and variously – understood by the different investigators who have looked into the matter. There are some past-life researchers who hold that “past” lives are really occurring in the present at different dimensions of reality. Quantum physics supports the idea that time as a linear concept is just a way of talking about reality and proposes that all time is present now. Some transpersonal psychologists venture so far as to say that multiple personality disorder-type manifestations … Read the rest

01 Dec: Past-Life Therapy, Astrology, and the New Quantum and Space-Time Physics – Dianne Seaman (Is.15)

Dianne Seaman, B.S., C.P.L.T.

Dianne Seaman explores possible relationships between astrology, the new physics of quanta and space-time, past-life phenomena, and transpersonal experiences. As she notes in her article, her explorations raise more questions than can be answered, but her findings are provocative and she links these areas together thoughtfully.

Astrology, quantum physics and past-life phenomena are all complex subjects in and of themselves. Here I am attempting to show links among all three and how a more thorough understanding of each can be gained from exploring the other two – an even more complex undertaking. I am coming to realize that this is a lifelong project, and as I delve deeper into these matters, more questions are raised … Read the rest

01 Dec: Where Hard and Soft Sciences Meet: The Meeting of Science and Metaphysics – Paul James (Is.15)

Paul James

This author examines, from an essentialist perspective, what must be involved if we are to have a “theory of everything.” This would include a meeting of the hard and soft sciences, or as Willis Harman put it, “the meeting of science and metaphysics.” James quotes Jared Diamond: “As to the relative importance of hard and soft science for humanity’s future, there can be no comparison…Our survival depends on whether we progress with understanding how people behave” (Diamond, 1987).

This article is dedicated to the late Willis Harman for his outstanding contributions and incomparable leadership during his 19 years as President of The Institute of Noetic Sciences.

“A theory of everything”! No theory could strike a more all-inclusive arc. … Read the rest

01 Dec: Past/Future Lives and Brain Wave States: A Suggestion for Research – Paul L. Fleming (Is.13)

by Paul L. Fleming, M.S.

The following paper presents a suggestion for research that would examine correlations between past-life regressions and/or future life progressions and simultaneously-occurring brain electrical activity. In his approach the author extends the Mind Mirror research of Lucas, presented in the Journal, IV, 1, 1989, but widens the scope of that study. If you are interested in his idea, please write to Paul (he is in the APRT directory) or in care of the Journal.

This paper is prompted by two recent articles in the Journal, VII, 1, Clark (1993), and Goldberg (1993). These papers raise core issues challenging the credibility of past-life/future life therapy. The first issue is whether or not reported … Read the rest

01 Dec: Quantum Physics and its Application to Past-Life Regression and Future Life Progression Hypnotherapy – Bruce Goldberg (Is.11)

by Bruce Goldberg, D.D.S., M.S.

Time: is it linear or simultaneous? Is there a past, present, and future, as has been accepted by traditional thought? Does Quantum Physics suggest that perhaps the very concepts of time and space need to be reexamined and redefined? Dr. Goldberg, author, practitioner, and lecturer, places before our readers some thoughts and ideas on this controversial subject.

Throughout this article I will be referring to the work of Fred Alan Wolf, a quantum physicist. Although other physicists with specialties in quantum mechanics will be mentioned, most of my references will be to Wolf’s work. While Wolf doesn’t speak for all quantum physicists, I find his theories and conclusions particularly applicable to my work with … Read the rest