trauma release

11 Oct: Psoriasis Cured by Becoming Aware of its Origin – Bibiana Bistrich (Is.31)

by Bibiana Bistrich


The purpose of this article is to establish a correlation between psoriasis and unresolved past life situations. This study uses Past Life Therapy as an innovative and effective approach with a dual purpose: the solution of an unresolved, traumatic past life event—whose effects remain active in the present life, and the identification of unconscious, unperceived connections between that particular event from the past and the disease suffered in this current life. The process of solving the past life conflict helps shed light on connections between psoriasis and disturbing, shocking events of the patient’s past life. By establishing those unknown connections, the patient is able to heal.
Past Life Therapy sessions consisted of three stages:

1. The … Read the rest

01 Dec: The Child Is Innocent: Identify and Resolve Child Abuse by Going into Past Lives: Part II – Alice Givens (Is.9)

by Alice Givens, Ph.D.

This is a second part of a two-part paper by the author. Part I appeared in the Spring, 1989 issue of the Journal. Dr. Givens is one of those PLT practitioners who believes that releasement from present life trauma occurs by re-experiencing (and through the process, understanding) the trauma of past lives. To illustrate this approach, she cites three examples from her practice.

The source of our current problems is often hidden and obscure. All that we know is that we are filled with fear, anger, despair, and hopelessness.

These feelings originate in childhood. However, the experiences are so painful that the memory is blocked, and even in hypnosis and regression into childhood, the … Read the rest

01 Apr: I Am an Honest Child, I Do Not Lie: It Happened. Regressions to Early Childhood Abuse – Atticus Fleury (Is.7)

by Atticus Fleury*

(Editor’s Note: This actor, writer, and poet was regressed to a period of childhood abuse following a year of therapeutic work with Dr. Afton Blake. His three regressions illustrate the importance of establishing an atmosphere of trust before retrieving such painful memories. They also make clear the necessity of ongoing work to deepen, transform, and integrate the material recovered, a process which in this patient is not yet complete. Work with childhood abuse cannot be hurried. We thank this author for his candid and courageous sharing).

Forgiveness will reign as the clouds
Will rain, and the tears of my sorrow will
Water this patch of earth, and I shall play
In the spray, in the deep
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01 Mar: Rescripting: An Opinion – Hazel Denning (Is.5)

by Hazel Denning, Ph.D.

Rescripting is a comparatively recent concept introduced by hypnotherapists to describe an intervention with clients who have painful memories. Suggesting that they rewrite the unpleasant event in their past, clients imagine the event to be as they would have liked it to be. For example, if their mothers rejected them at birth, they create a story in which they were lovingly accepted. This technique has been adopted by some past-life therapists to deal with traumatic events in a past life. Clients may or may not respond favorably to this suggestion, but when they do create their own version of the experience, there is often a feeling of relief and satisfaction.

I had not favored this … Read the rest

01 Mar: Rescripting in Prenatal, Perinatal, and Early Childhood Regression Work – Barbara Findeisen (Is.5)

by Barbara Findeisen, M.A., M.F.C.C.

Peeling off roles and examining life scripting can lead to dramatic life changes. In the regression of my clients, it is possible to discover life scripts within the traumatic situations they have experienced. By returning to the traumas, the etiology of the scripting is uncovered, because during early traumas the organism imprints on survival patterns. As these experiences are relived, it is clear that the child makes decisions based on his interpretation of what is happening at the time and these decisions form the core belief behind the script.

Case 1

In her regression to her prenatal state Anna at first experiences the womb as safe and comfortable.

Anna:          The Light is here with … Read the rest

01 Mar: Innovations in Theory and Treatment: The Analogue Regression Technique – Wayne Brown (Is.3)

The Analogue Regression Technique

by M. Wayne Brown 

It is my belief that after an injury the body heals itself up to a certain point, but unless there is removal of the traumatic emotional factors, residual physical effects may remain. If the trauma can be completely removed and it makes no difference if it is fifteen minutes or fifteen years later—the healing process will complete itself, in some cases even restoring damaged structures. The problem is to find a procedure which will make this possible.

I began my professional career as a psychologist, but after fifteen years of practicing conventional psychotherapy, I felt the need for a more complete armamentarium of holistic treatments, one that would take account of the … Read the rest