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An Amazing Human Journey, Volume II by Shakuntala Modi

Reviewed by Albert J. Marotta, MA, CHT
In IJRT Issue 27, 2015


When first asked to write a review of Dr. Modis’ latest work, I didn’t realize the difficulty involved in doing this review. Because of its wide scope and divergent subject matter, it was truly an amazing and remarkable journey. Many books contain intelligence and knowledge. Fewer contain true wisdom.

Dr. Modi’s new book contains extraordinary mind-expanding wisdom, based on hundreds of hypnotic regression case studies that extend over thousands of years. This study is a multi- dimensional history involving both human and extraterrestrial interaction. What I find so refreshing is the agenda free approach by Dr. Modi. Quote from Dr. Modi is: “This is what my hypnotized clients report to me…”

Volume two is a brilliant continuation challenging multi and inter dimensional concepts, which should be of interest to scientists, astrologers, astronomers, anthropologists, historians, the curious and many other fields of human endeavor. Regression therapists and those in the healing professions, should note Dr. Modi presents effective 22nd century healing modalities in the here and now.

The on going theme in Dr. Modis’ books is extraterrestrial involvement in human evolution. This theme gains strength with each new book she writes. Dr. Modis’ refreshing approach is courageous, open-minded and scholarly reflecting an insatiable curiosity, numerous sources and intuitiveness.

In volume two, Dr. Modi includes numerous fascinating topics, such as: extraterrestrial involvement in human evolution, and DNA experiments (hybrids, advanced technology, and parallel dimensions). She reports an assortment and describes life forms on other planets, and in other universes. Other fascinating areas covered include various types of alien abductions, energy vortexes, lay lines, etheric energies in architectural structures (e.g. pyramids, the Great Wall of China and other ancient structures, the space time continuum, linear vs. eternal time) and so much more.

An Amazing Journey (volume two) is a must read book to be studied. It is a far reaching and insightful source of wisdom for those seeking an intellectual challenge, to traditionally held beliefs, particularly in the physical, emotional, cultural, spiritual, and the healing arts.

Dr. Modis’ writing style is consistent in all of her works, easy to read, and possessing a flowing provocative narrative. All of her books are a timeless exploration of the past and future through hypnotic regression. Yet none of the information Dr. Modi states, “… is a reflection of my own personal or religious beliefs.” Excellent work Dr. Modi.

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