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The Cosmic Internet: Explanations From The Other Side by Frank DeMarco

Reviewed by: Virginia Waldron
In JRT Issue 25, 2012


In this book, Frank DeMarco uses his ability to channel, connect, and communicate with a body of guides or spiritual teachers in order to tackle questions that humans have been asking for thousands of years. Some of them were answered long ago, but the answers no longer fit our current way of thinking, so he asks them again. He does not do so without respect for the wisdom of the ages nor the experiences of current humanity. He does so with an honest desire to find a common thread, a truth that, while attached to the wisdom and experiences of our ancestors, holds a measure of reality for us in current times, looking for answers and/or definitions that have meaning in our world, today. It reminds me of when our children were very young – Kindergarten age maybe – and they asked about Death or where did they come from – what do you tell them? Only as much as they can handle at the time, in words and phrases that they can comprehend with a young and innocent mind. We, the human race, are the children. And now we are older, we have matured enough spiritually that when we ask those same questions, the answers are richer, fuller, more detailed and direct, and more complex. Frank’s channeled writing tells us that there is so much more to being human than we could ever have imagined.

There is a lot of information in Frank’s book, plenty of food for serious thought; and it is not always what one might expect, or even accept. But, there is so much here that it is possible to read some of it, put the rest down for a while and think about it. Or read through the entire book, put it away for a while, then re-read it, only to find there are things that were missed the first (or second or third) time. It has layers and depth and is sometimes difficult to get through, but once through it changes the way one looks at the world outside the mind, or how we experience that world as humans. This is not just a physical world and we are not just physical beings.

This book is worth reading and re-reading – digest and process and go back for more. Within ourselves we know our own truth. We just need to learn how to listen to it again. Frank DeMarco shows one way to do that.



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