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Deep Healing and Transformation

deep healingReviewed by the Editor
In IJRT Issue 27, 2015


This book is a completely revised and expanded edition of Deep Healing. It discusses the essentials of regression therapy and the problems that can be solved by it. It illustrates sessions, personification, catharsis, energy work and body work. Included are finding and resolving attachments, past-life work and soul work. It has a glossary, a bibliography and an index. From the preface:

This book is the clearest possible statement I could make about a beautiful and weird profession. In therapy or coaching, there is nothing that helps as tangibly, as quickly and as deeply.

It is not a panacea, it doesn’t always work, and not with everybody. But usually it does, often surprisingly, sometimes incredibly so. People regain their resilience and their initiative. A free spirit, a free soul and a free body, however the weather is, whatever the season is, whatever challenges life brings. This profession is for resourceful therapists with an open mind, yet with their feet on the ground. It takes courage and wisdom. Especially practical wisdom, common sense. And it never gets dull. It is a profession to fall in love with: transpersonal regression therapy.

Regression is reliving half or completely forgotten experiences. Transpersonal is everything that transcends the boundaries of the personal self: sensing someone else’s experiences, seeing yourself from the outside, accepting disembodied viewpoints, experiencing and meeting past lives. It is not at all about symbols and interpretations. It is all about concrete experiences, whatever, however, whenever, wherever.


Hans TenDam
416 pages, 255,000 words € 37,- ISBN 978-1-312-30365-2
It can be ordered at Amazon or directly at http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback/deep-healing-andtransformation/14892880.

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