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Healing Deep Hurt Within: The Transformation of a Young Patient Using Regression Therapy by Peter Mack, M.D.

Review by Virginia Waldron, CH, CI
In IJRT Issue 27, 2015


This book was written from the perspective of a surgeon in Singapore. Dr. Peter Mack, a trained  surgeon at a large hospital, took on a patient who was so disturbed by certain aspects of her life, past and current, that she was suffering from severe and debilitating depression, amnesia, black outs and/or fainting spells, and nightmares. She was unable to work or function in her daily life.
Dr. Mack is also certified in hypnosis as well as traditional surgical medicine. He took on this patient with the intention of using non-medical techniques and therapies to help her get past her inner trauma and conflicts. He choose to use hypnosis and age regression to help this patient, gently digging through the confusion and pain to find the truths that she was unable to face on her own. Dr. Mack combined conventional medical and psychological knowledge and training with hypnosis techniques, in particular using age regression and past life regression, to get to the source and the origins of her blocks and her suffering, and to help her see herself in a more positive and loving way. By the end of his work with her, not only was she able to move past the pain of the past and return to her normal life, but she also saw herself and her life in a more loving and spiritual way.

She even went so far as forgiving the people who had caused her so much pain and suffering, those who had let her down or abused her. More importantly, she was able to forgive herself. From an overwhelming well of pain and despair, she was able to return to health and well-being, find new work, and establish a more loving relationship with herself.

I think this book is an excellent demonstration of how hypnosis and regression work can be used as a collaborative methodology: mixing well with conventional treatments, and guiding the clinician/patient to the origins of the problems and issues much more efficiently and effectively than just using psychotherapy or medical treatments alone. I have recommended it to my hypnosis students who use hypnosis and regression therapy in combination with their medical practices, such as a psychiatric nurse and a psychotherapist, as an example of how to combine all their tools for the greatest and highest good of their patients. It is easy to read and hard to put down!

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