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Hello Me! by Sheela Jaganathan

Reviewed by the Editor
In IJRT Issue 29, 2017


Hello Me! is a non-fiction book, find out how Kalina, a ife and mother-of-three, skeptical of alternative therapies, transforms her current life with lessons from her past lives.

Reconnecting with Sheela after moving to Singapore, Kalina hears about regression therapy—a self-inquiry method done through moderate trance. Her curiosity piqued, Kalina decides to try it out to find answers to her recurring life challenges.

The true-to-life stories in Hello Me! chronicles Kalina’s outer and inner journeys as it does Sheela’s own subtle transformations over a period of three years. The learning curve for both the therapist and the client was steep but the end result was extraordinarily fascinating and deeply life-changing. Kalina provides her own comments to Sheela’s narrative and this greatly helps the readers understand the therapy process from both sides.

Sheela Jaganathan

Asked about her motivation to write the book, Sheela replied, “I wanted to create more public awareness about the awesome effects of regression therapy, or any method that brings us closer to our own Truth and our own self-healing abilities. What we need nowadays is ample time, opportunity and the skills to go within to find solutions, instead of relying on quick external distractions to temporarily pacify our persistent problems. And in some strange way, compiling this book and getting it published was also a way to tie-up some loose ends from a previous life of mine, in which I was hung and decapitated for beliefs that went against the norm back then. I never grew up thinking I would become an author but I had to finish this project because the impetus came from deep within and it didn’t stop until I completed writing the last word. Maybe, I was doing all this to prove to myself regression therapy does work, or that the spirit realm was a real possibility. Regardless, my journey with Kalina shows it is possible. Kalina’s transformation not only impacted her, it also positively impacted those around her, including me. We wanted to show there was a way to connect with our heart intelligence to bring about real peace, to others and ourselves. This we did, despite our own initial skepticism.”


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