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Prayers for Healing and Protection by Shakuntala Modi, M.D.

Reviewed by: Albert Marotta, C.H.T
In JRT Issue  26, 2014

WOW! Dr. Modi has done it again. Her new book is dynamic, inspirational, filled with insight and technique. Dr. Modi effectively accesses the complex multi-dimensional concepts of spiritual realms and influences both internal and external, positive and negative. Written in her unique easy to understand signature style, Dr. Modi has codified in one small comprehensive book everything a practitioner needs to transform, heal, and protect themselves and their clients. Modi’s techniques are graciously shared in a thoughtful, straightforward, all-inclusive and definitive format. She presents an effective template to easily access in depth, multi-dimensional realities, based on 25 years of patients’ descriptions. Their feedback expands traditional mental, emotional realities of … Read the rest

The Cosmic Internet: Explanations From The Other Side by Frank DeMarco

Reviewed by: Virginia Waldron
In JRT Issue 25, 2012


In this book, Frank DeMarco uses his ability to channel, connect, and communicate with a body of guides or spiritual teachers in order to tackle questions that humans have been asking for thousands of years. Some of them were answered long ago, but the answers no longer fit our current way of thinking, so he asks them again. He does not do so without respect for the wisdom of the ages nor the experiences of current humanity. He does so with an honest desire to find a common thread, a truth that, while attached to the wisdom and experiences of our ancestors, holds a measure of reality for us in current … Read the rest

Love From Both Sides by Stephanie Riseley

Reviewed by: Virginia Waldron
In JRT Issue 24, 2011


This book was an interesting and compelling journey of a woman who experienced deep and profound grief and loss, and who, as she went through that journey, experienced her own personal awakening. It is about after death communications, existence after death, the eternal aspects of love and of our true nature as Soul Beings, and the reality of being human with all our flaws and imperfections.

Something I tell my clients time and again, “We are human, we are meant to be flawed. It is our flaws that make us loveable. Without our flaws no one could stand to be in the same room with us!” Stephenie writes an excellent and … Read the rest

Angel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies by Patricia Seaver McGivern

Reviewed by the Editor
In JRT Issue 23, 2009

Angel Babies is a book that would never have been written if not for the efforts of a particular angel baby soul known as Dillon. It was through his determined efforts and pushing his mom, the author, that his story, and the stories of other angel baby souls, is told.

McGivern put it so eloquently in her book, “When signs of souls on the other side were close to me but too big for my mind to absorb or deal with, I questioned their authenticity. I pushed them away. Although I was being jolted awake, I’d been programmed not to believe. I realized that often the very phenomena I need to … Read the rest

Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present by Barbara Stone

Reviewed by the Editor
In JRT Issue  23, 2009


At 326 pages, Invisible Roots is loaded with tons of information on healing our lives both at the soul energy level and the physical. Throughout the book, Dr. Stone provides valuable and useful information on multiple healing levels and approaches. This book will appeal to both the lay person, who may be a beginner in learning of the real energetic nature of the human body, and the clinician looking for more ways to improve and complement their skill set.

This book is a delightful and interesting read starting with the stories of Dr. Bernie Siegel, whose foreword piece sets the stage for the rest of the book. His stories involve … Read the rest

The Big Book of the Soul: Our Many Lives as Holographic Aspects of the Source by Ian Lawton

Reviewed by Thelma Freedman, Ph.D.
In JRT Issue 23, 2009


This is a book focused on reincarnation itself rather than past-life therapy. Let me say at the outset that it is an excellent history of reincarnation beliefs as they emerge from a wide assortment of channelers, meditators, past-life therapists, and past-life “subjects” (Lawton’s word); some going back centuries. It should be a required text in any training program for past life therapists. It contains an excellent bibliography and reference list, and a thorough index. It also contains the best analysis of the work of Ian Stevenson that I have ever read, as well as examinations of the work of other “pioneers,” as Lawton rightly calls our founders.

But of … Read the rest

Exploring The Eternal Soul by Andy Tomlinson

Reviewed by Virginia Waldron
In JRT Issue 22, 2008


In this book Andy Tomlinson examines and discusses journeys into the interim state of existence for 15 clients to further explore our experiences when we are not incarnated in a physical body. Michael Newton’s previous work clearly set the ground stage for further study in Spiritual Regression, also known as Life Between Lives or as Andy calls it, interlife regression. In this book Andy builds on the shoulders of other authors and researchers in the field thus providing a stronger research foundation for the book case studies. Andy also brings his own style, his own insight and wisdom into this work and it is a very informative, intelligent, and highly readable … Read the rest

Queen’s Gold by Melissa Bowersock

Reviewed by Thelma Freedman, Ph.D.
In JRT Issue 22, 2008


Melissa Bowersock, a certified hypnotherapist and Jungian past-life therapist for 13 years, has gifted all of us with a gripping novel driven by an unexpected past-life recall. Her widowed reluctant hero, ordinary skeptical guy Hal Thompson, submits to his daughter’s request that he experience a past-life recall. Convinced at first that he is just “making it all up,” Hal regresses to a lifetime that starts in Spain and moves on to Hispaniola and from there into Cortez’s army and finally the Aztec lands.

It is here that Hal first encounters the Queen’s Gold with its history of murder and treachery – and its hiding place. Later, when his family … Read the rest

The Past Lives – Embracing the Wisdom and Healing Power of Your Soul by Jean Rita Linder

Reviewed by Dorothy Neddermeyer, Ph.D.
In JRT Issue 22, 2008


“The Past Lives” by Jean Rita Linder is a pleasant surprise. The surprise for me was the author’s ability to draw the reader deeper into the message regarding past-life recall. Having conducted past-life regressions with hundreds of clients for over twelve years and attending numerous past-life regression workshops and talking with colleagues, I thought I would be bored after the second paragraph. However, since I had committed to writing this review, I knew I needed to read the book. After reading the second paragraph, it was obvious that Jean Linder had something to offer everyone, including an experienced past-life regression practitioner.

Linder reveals in great detail the miracle of … Read the rest

Healing Research Vol. II: How Can I Heal What Hurts? by Daniel J. Benor, M.D.

Reviewed by the Editor
In JRT Issue 21, 2007


Dr. Benor offers a four volume series on Healing Research. While this particular volume is not focused on regression research or therapies the focus is on our energetic nature and the many varied approaches to self healing. As such the material contained in this volume is related to our work as energy therapists of sorts.

This volume is loaded with lots of research information supporting the theory and belief of the subtle energies of our bodies and the many varied therapies available today to facilitate healing. Dr. Benor casts a wide net covering healing practices from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Astrology and Dowsing.

He discusses the influence environmental energies exert on … Read the rest