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Prayers for Healing and Protection by Shakuntala Modi, M.D.

Reviewed by: Albert Marotta, C.H.T
In JRT Issue  26, 2014

WOW! Dr. Modi has done it again. Her new book is dynamic, inspirational, filled with insight and technique. Dr. Modi effectively accesses the complex multi-dimensional concepts of spiritual realms and influences both internal and external, positive and negative. Written in her unique easy to understand signature style, Dr. Modi has codified in one small comprehensive book everything a practitioner needs to transform, heal, and protect themselves and their clients. Modi’s techniques are graciously shared in a thoughtful, straightforward, all-inclusive and definitive format. She presents an effective template to easily access in depth, multi-dimensional realities, based on 25 years of patients’ descriptions. Their feedback expands traditional mental, emotional realities of thought.

Dr. Modi’s template gives the required depth demanded by the professional practitioner, yet light enough for the curious seeker to discover inroads and applications to expand mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Other protocols include calling upon the highest powers for guidance and aid in releasing, healing, and transforming earthbound and other negative spiritual beings. Invoking protection from dark energies and/or demonic forces is at the heart of this book. Other subject areas include coma victims, aliens and alien implants, negative energies (surrounding both man made and natural events) and disasters plus much more.

With 30 years of hypnotherapy experience working in the spiritual realms, I find Dr. Modi’s comprehensive guide book a must read for any practitioner seeking in-depth techniques or a key into healing in spiritual dimensions.

For some, Dr. Modi’s information may defy the prevailing logic of the day. History continually dictates how yesterday’s logic is today’s joke, making today’s logic tomorrow’s humorous reflection. This book is an excellent, provocative, and timeless exploration of the future we should have ready access to today.

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