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Transforming the Eternal Soul; Further Insights from Regression Therapy by Andy Tomlinson

Reviewed by Bernadeta Hodkova
Edited by  Andy Tomlinson
In IJRT Issue 28, 2016


This book is on my shelf of my most read books and represents one of the best-written books on techniques for regression therapy. As with other Andy Tomlinson books (Healing the Eternal Soul, Exploring the Eternal Soul) it is very easy to read, easy to work with and can be used as a textbook.  When I need inspiration for working with a client, I consult this book.

Transforming the Eternal Soul contains various techniques and approaches contributed by regression therapists from all over the world—graduates of the Regression Academy. The techniques that have been developed by these therapists, can help any therapist to expand knowledge and enhance professional skills.

Each chapter is written in a writer-therapist’s personal tone and is well-organized. This includes a descriptive case study to demonstrate the use of each technique and evidence for the effectiveness of each technique. It provides ideas for applying them together with examples. However, I find the most useful aspect is the literal instructions. These techniques range from carefully constructed hypnotic suggestions, through step-by-step instructions for clearing energy to the use of various vibrational tools to enhance the therapeutic effect. The greatest advantage of this book is that a regression therapist can easily take the instructions given, go to work with the client, and be sure that it will help.

For me this book represents a wonderful contribution to the expansion and quality of our regression discipline. I recommend it to any regression therapist who is curious and seeks to add to their professional repertoire.


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