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Acuregression Therapy – Jeffrey Jay (Is.25)

by Jeffrey Jay


Jeffrey Jay, a licensed Oriental Medicine practitioner, has created and developed a new acupuncture format, which will access and reveal an individual’s past-lives. Acuregression Therapy is an energetic technique that provides a connection into the full expression of a human’s mind, spirit, and “soma” or body experience.

An Inner Time Machine

Hypnosis, a tool usually practiced by Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, and Regression Therapists, is not necessary in Acuregression Therapy procedures. During Acuregression Therapy, a patient remains fully cognizant of his or her recalled experiences during this specialized therapy. This approach therefore can heal energetic dysfunctions more “whole”-istically, with a broader understanding of the human phenomenon from the past into the present.

An Asian Perspective

It is generally understood that Acupuncture and Oriental Herbology, along with a few specific massage modalities, comprise the primary care of Oriental Medicine. The “Nei Ching” or “Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine,” is thought to have been written during the reign of Emperor Huang Ti between 2697 B.C. and 2596 B.C. and has long survived the test of time as the reference source for ancient and modern Oriental medical practitioners. Through millennia of translations and various languages, this material has fostered formulaic applications that can be relied upon as basic Oriental Medicine.

There are numerous unusual references within this text to Spirit Points, Ghost Points, God Points, and Window to the Sky Points, which may have lost their initial secretive therapeutic applications. I believe these points represent the connections and formulations to the energies of spirit/mind/soma of humans. Accessing these points in various combinations opens and connects the unconscious mind/spirit, enabling an individual to become acquainted with and explore their individual past-lives (Ghost) phenomenon.

An Inner Alternate Reality

Oriental Medicine’s framework of healing and treating patients has been primarily described as networks of complex energy fields that interface with physical and cellular systems. Today’s modern quantum physics’ recognition that all matter is energy prepares the base foundation for understanding how humans can be considered dynamic systems and since energy and matter are duel expressions of the same universal substance “Spirit,” this spirit is the energetic basis of all life. Once one removes their singular reliance upon medical approaches that still operate from the perspective of the body as a complex biomechanism, and replaces this perspective with one evolving from an energetic life expression with their primary focus of vital life energies that can animate the material body, then one can interface with a “whole-istic” approach to healing the body and maintaining its entire energetic balance.

Consciousness is still a mysterious energy that is integrally integrated to the spirit and cellular expressions of this known physically animated body. We are all aware of how a mood, a subtle energy, can create health or illness within the mind/body relationship. This subtle energy field that surrounds and penetrates all living systems is referred to as an “etheric body.” Within this body are energy interface patterns, or waves of light along with the subtler components of this complementarity; the coexistence of seemingly different properties existing simultaneously within the same body, hence the wave/particle duality of matter.

Recent discoveries by scientists in physics have confirmed this duality upon observing an electron’s physical as well as its pure light signature. By this very act of observing an electron, the electron creates an “electron identity” as a physical particle and one having a light signature.

The discovery of this subtle body matter has its own system of internal microscopic interlocking tubules called “meridians.” This system of meridians is interconnected with all cell nuclei of the body’s tissues, and is also a specialized type of electrolytic fluid system that conducts types of subtle energies known as “Ch’I” from the external environment to the deepest component of the animated body, thus forming an interface between the etheric body and the physical body.

The neurophysiological and endocrine associations of the energy centers called “chakras” are in turn connected via the physical-cellular structure through extremely fine subtle energetic channels known as “nadis.” This system is composed of subtle energetic matter but without the actual physical counterpart that meridians are formed by. The nadis have been discovered to form an intricate interconnection with the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and nerve transmission, and hence dysfunction here can be causative for pathological changes in the nervous system.

In its total expression, the etheric body is an energetic spirit form, which underlies and invigorates all aspects of the physical body. The subtle component of human anatomy that interfaces with our emotional expressions, senses, moods, appetites, and fears, called the “astral body,” is related to the major endocrine glands and their energizing connections with their associated nadis and meridians.

Subtle matter, especially astral matter, has been discovered to be highly magnetic and movement at this level more fluid compared to the dense physical plane. Emotions must be considered as both highly magnetic nonphysical matter and an aspect of consciousness referred to as the “mental body,” the bedrock of all thought forms. Certain thoughts, conscious or unconscious, exist as distinct magnetic energy fields and can be further charged with emotional intensity. This subtle energetic substance, as all matter is energy, exists within the magnetoelectrical energetic field of every human’s multidimensional anatomy.

Thus the essence of what is human incorporates the physical anatomical “soma body” and the etheric, astral, and mental bodies with their corresponding physical and energetic components of functionality and complementarity. The “spirit body” is the prevailing energetic umbrella that encompasses the etheric, astral, mental, and somatic bodies of human existence.

The following are case studies that I found awakening and fueled my further study and experimentation.

Case One

Within a psychotherapy session, a patient reported a life-long fear of water. I had the idea to treat her with the energetic acupuncture technique I was developing. She agreed and in her session, she directly discovered that in four out of the six past lives we explored she had drowned. A week later she telephoned me to say that after our session something within her clicked, she had signed up for swimming lessons at the local YMCA, and had mastered her fear of water. This is when I realized that “Acuregression Therapy” could be an actual treatment for disorders and a formula for a broader potential of this energetic technique.

Case Two

While in sessions with a medical doctor of dentistry, we were specifically exploring a particular time period within a definite landscape. He discovered his identity during this time to be a famous biblical historical figure who was a doctor of medicine. This person had always had a gentle tremor in his hands in the present life, but instantly discovered after the session that the tremors vanished. To this very day the tremors are completely removed. The intent of the session was not to discover the source of the tremor but the past-life session experience connected and cured the hidden psychic manifestation of the tremor.

Case Three

A film script writer and producer with a spiritual bent took a session with me to discover his present quandary concerning his future direction with two female loves of his life; which one to marry and/or which one to have his children. The trip back into the time line of his life with each of the women confirmed his present position was based on very old unresolved decisions he had fostered with each soul and that he now needed to make a fresh decision. He was at a precipice and realized he could choose a completely different story line. The initial entertainment factor of “Acuregression Therapy” fulfilled his present perspective within himself and fostered confidence and clarity for him to move forward with a fresh start.

Eternity as an Alternate Reality

Acuregression therapy, as an energetic technique, adds new dimensions of exploration into human psychogenesis and spirit energetics. The personal entertainment factor and therapeutic potential of this technique is used to awaken an individual’s connection to his or her hidden unconscious inclinations and passions to achieve life-long dreams and the resolutions of long standing psychic traumas. The process by which this therapy explores the hidden unconscious syndromes and past-life material helps to resolve and transfer these storylines and energies into the present. Here the individual has a present tense spotlight on the trauma or the passion within the past event that is motivational and similar for growth in the present. These personally uncovered story lines resonate strong energetic psychic links and speed personal resolutions with greater mental, emotional, and physical clarity, reasoning, and individual inner support.

The dual uniqueness to this therapeutic approach allows an individual to either come with only an interest and curiosity about his or her unique past lives or to come for the therapeutic healing factor; both are of equal value. Acuregression Therapy opens and invites the visitor into a spectral world that is timeless within eternity and oneness for all to enjoy.


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