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Bad Stomach or Karmic Pains? – Joseph Costa (Is.20)

by Joseph Costa PH.D.

In this article Dr. Costa presents us with a case of current life events triggering karmic pains seeking relief. The client’s pains had been unrelenting for over a year before this healing work. After the regression presented here the pains were no longer present. Therapy was done over ten years ago and there has been no more pain since the therapy described here.

A powerful business man was sent to me as he had symptoms of stomach area problems that medicine had failed to heal or affect in any way. The pains were so intense that his ability to function in work was stopped. He was suffering sleep deprivation as well. For months he had been observed by specialists in hospitals. In desperation he went through exploratory surgery, which disclosed nothing out of the ordinary.

Convinced there was something stuck or left in his stomach area he demanded another surgery in which he insisted his intestines and stomach be removed for observation. Nothing was found. There were discussions as to possible/probable nerve surgery (lobotomy). He was in dire straights and bed ridden seemingly on his death bed wishing he would die.

Pain killers had no effect and lobotomy and cutting of nerves were being considered. In my interview I determined he was a normal human being, well educated and of no non-sense.

In my notes I discounted normal stomach ailments and looked to body-brain malfunctioning. To me that meant there needed to be thought transmissions that were in conflict.

The pains had started the year before.

I considered marital and betrayal difficulties, and soon crossed those things off the list.

He was asking for relief of the pain and I did hypnotic suggestion to eliminate pain, but to leave the discomfort enough to let him know he was only pain relieved to some extent.

He was so pleased with the relief he attained that he considered settling for the discomfort, provided I would treat him on a regular schedule that prevented his feeling the pains again.

I assured him the pains were still going on, but I had only diminished their effect on his consciousness. We needed to find the source of their issue, I explained to him. The relief gave him cause to be able to think more clearly. I questioned him in detail about his life and business efforts of the year before, looking for any information that could help. Although he was active in many things, nothing was revealed that was a clue to the unbearable pains in his stomach area. I had not much of anything to go on at that point. All I had was:

  1. The intense pains in the stomach area reflected a probable Karmic issue.
  2. Pains were consistent for over a year and were lessened slightly by drug treatment but persisted.
  3. Two exploratory surgeries on the stomach area revealed no disorders.
  4. Except for the loss of sleep and constant pains the client was well and fit for his middle years.

I regressed him to the source of his problem and discovered a life time as a mercenary in China. At that life he was an emperor’s personal executioner who disemboweled any one that plotted against the emperor. He had disemboweled over two hundred of the emperor’s enemies.

This lifetime could explain why he was now suffering intense pain, however at the time he was feeling no guilt.

It was his duty and job. Something that caused his guilt for those deaths would have to have transpired and there was no evidence to reveal that. He died peacefully with great honors in that lifetime.

In reviewing his life at this time I found a fair, honest individual who was kind and concerned of his fellow beings. The key to all surfaced when I said to him “You told me you are Catholic in religion, yet your name is Jewish. Would you explain that?”

“Oh sure,” he said eagerly, “Last year I became a Catholic in deference to my son’s new wife being Catholic. He became Catholic also.”

“So you took the religious vows in ceremony?” I asked him.

“Yes, of course, we all did, it was beautiful.” He answered me joyfully and his wife concurred.

Image credit: David Haith – Photographer

“Do you remember the vows you gave?” I asked him.

“Yes, we had to memorize them and I can repeat them now.”

I asked him, “Do you recall the part that says, ‘I shall pay for all my sins?”

He suddenly doubled over in intense pain. At the same time he said, “Oh my God!” He stared at me with tears of pain saying “That’s it–This is it!”

I nodded in agreement; we had found the cause. He was “paying” for man’s inhumanity to man.

The dilemma was now what to do about the vows he had made. He would not rescind them, as that, he felt, would be harmful to his son’s marriage.

As the therapist I was then faced with how to get around this lifetime as the Chinese mercenary and his disemboweling job. This case was a challenge of discovery. With some effort I found a lifetime after the one of the Chinese emperor’s executioner where the client had saved all the lives (several hundred) of people in his village. The problem then was that as a humble holy man he refused to accept the praise and honor the village wished to bestow on him.

At this stage I used a rescripting of the event and had the holy man accept the honors and gifts of the entire village as payment for any disservice ever done by him. This served to balance out the debt of the disemboweling as the mercenary.

That process with the client erased, or one might say “served as dispensation” for the past violations and the stomach pains ended. He was free of the karma, having been absolved or received absolution.

I present this case history to point up the issue and discoveries the therapist might have to pursue or unfold to have a successful completion of what turned out as a complex set of issues that needed solving:

  • In this case, the physical condition of the pains in the stomach, although giving cause for two expensive exploratory surgeries and hospitalization, had a psychological foundation.
  • The acts of the family in desiring a perfect marriage circumstance for the son set in motion retribution on the body of the father for something done two thousand years earlier.
  • Standard methods of dealing with the symptoms needed to be considered and then overlooked.
  • The therapist had to have training or background knowledge of religious rituals.
  • The therapist had to have training or background knowledge of past life access.
  • The therapist had to have training or background knowledge of karma.
  • The therapist had to have training or background knowledge in rescripting events.


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