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Can A Past-Life Character Speak In a Foreign Language A Weight Loss Case: A Past-Life Regression Case of “Mei Ling” Who Spoke in Mandarin – Dr. Casey Chua (Is.23)

by Dr. Casey Chua


Joan (not her real name), a former Australian who now lives in an island off the coast of Australia, was desperate to lose body weight. Weighing in at 160 kg, she was in dire need to lose weight. She flew from her home town to Singapore for hypnosis.

This article describes the case in which a past-life personality influenced the client’s behavior in regards to food. During the course of a past-life regression the client spoke perfect Mandarin; the language of her past life personality. It is an excellent example of xenoglossy as the client has no knowledge of the Chinese language.


Joan (not her real name) is a national from an island off the coast of Australia. She was born in Australia and was 62 years old at the time she saw me. She is the wife of a businessman. She needed to lose her excess body weight and sought us out from the internet. At the time she saw us, she was 160 kg (352 lbs).

Family Details:

Johnny, her husband, is a very successful business mogul on an island off Australia. They immigrated to this island and are now nationals of this island. They have lived on this island for more than 20 years. They have one daughter Lilian, who is 24 years old as reflected in the genogram below.

Life Trauma:

(i) Habits

Joan works as General Manager in her husband’s company. She usually accompanies Johnny for all his lunch and dinner appointments. Official or otherwise, they seem to be eating all the time. Apart from the fact that they have big insatiable appetites, they do not seem to want to stop eating. There is always something to eat. And there is always somewhere to go to eat.

Just like Johnny, she is now worried about her health. That is the reason why she is travelling with him to see me for therapy.

(ii) Family’s predisposition

Joan is 62 years old. By all comparison she is overweight at 160 kg (approx 352.73 lbs). Their daughter is also obese at 125 kg (275.57 lbs).

Joan and Johnny want to rid themselves of this problem and they want to return to normal healthy living. She is seeking help from me. Her husband is also seeking redress for this issue.

Symptoms Related to the Problem:

(i) Thoughts

Even though Johnny is a very successful businessman, Joan is quite embarrassed with her body weight as well as her husband’s weight. She laments continuously about not getting into her old clothes and unable to buy clothing from the regular places.

Because the husband has an unstoppable appetite that he does not seem to be able to control, this has invariably affected her eating pattern too. This has also lowered her self esteem substantially. Travelling has also become an expensive affair. She is also forced to travel business class.

Sometimes whenever she meets with her friends, she would wonder as to what her friends might say about her weight issue.

(ii) Feelings

Like her husband, she also wants to desperately get rid of this very negative and empty feeling. Is life all about eating?

Just like Johnny she believes in her having a past life that could have resulted in her eating like a glutton.

(iii) Physical Symptoms

  • Low self-esteem
  • Low self confidence
  • Not motivated to exercise
  • Breathlessness
  • Easily tired and fatigued
  • Becoming very unsightly in her looks

(iv) Physical Pain

Joan is often breathless and cannot walk long distances without stopping for breath. She is now afraid of the complications.

Therapy Objectives:

(i)       to establish the cause of her overweight (if any)

(ii)      if established, then to work out a plan for her to lose weight

(iii)     by way of this, she will encourage her husband to also lose weight

(iv)     to be able to start her exercises again

Number of Sessions:

Preliminary discussion centered on 2 sessions. This was agreed with the client. I explained to the client that each session will last approximately one (1) to one and half (1½) hours.

Process before session:

(i)       Consent was obtained for therapy

(ii)      Consent to touch was also obtained

(iii)     Sessions paid in advanced

(iv)     Explanation of hypnosis and past-life regression entered into with client

(v)      Got client to empty bladder



Date: 12 Aug 2008         (Tuesday)    Session 1

Possible Focus Area

  • Obesity means that she is not good looking. She still wants to make heads turn (her own words)
  • Disturbing thoughts such as the obsessions or repeated desire to eat nonstop
  • The corollary feelings of anger and guilt and unexplained physical fatigue, lethargy, and tiredness
  • Wanting to set an example for her daughter to lose some weight too

Embodying the Character and Overview of the Past-Life Story


14th century China. In past-life regression, Joan was a miniscule 6 year old girl. Her name (given to me in past-life regression) was Mei Ling.

(Mei Ling spoke to me in perfect Beijing Mandarin accent. In her current life, Joan does not speak a word of Mandarin. She only speaks English and has never spoken a word of Mandarin in her current life.)

The story has her hiding in a box for a period of approximately three days. She was able to hide in a box because she was very tiny for her age. She was hiding from the invading forces (she thinks it was the Manchurians) that have massacred her entire village. Her family members were decimated; no one was left alive. Most of the women were taken away to be sex slaves.

She was frozen stiff and frightened with fear. She finally managed to come out of her hiding place when she was sure that everyone had left the village. Through a hole that she created herself from the inside of the box, she was able to peek through the safety of her hiding place.

As she surveyed the area, there were lots of rotting bodies all over the place. All forms of animals (including that of pigs and chickens) were apparently taken away by the invading forces. There was nothing to eat.

Mei Ling was able to go back to her own hut and found to her dismay her parents and siblings piled on top of each other; rotting. There was nothing to eat. There was some substance like rotting bread that she was forced to eat. What else could she do?


The thought bridge that I used to obtain some information from Mei Ling (ML) was as follows. (The following conversation was done in Mandarin)

CC:    “As you continue to take a deep breath, tell me what is happening now?”

ML:    “I am very hungry. I am looking around and there do not seem to be any food around for me to eat.”

CC:    “Now Mei Ling, it is OK, let us go around to the neighbor’s hut to see if there is anything for you?”

ML:    “OK…(some time passed)…There is nothing to eat…Jing Xi’s is also empty.”

CC:    “And who is Jing Xi?”

ML:    “She is my best friend. She is slightly older than me and I can see her lying on top of the table and she is also dead. I think they abused her.”

CC:    “Can you tell me more?”

ML:    “I can see dry blood on her legs…It is horrible!”

CC:    “OK, I can hear you…would you like to continue?”

ML:    “There are so many dead bodies around. It is really horrible.”

From the above conversation I was able to establish that Mei Ling:

(a)      was at the point of starvation

(b)      that she was very frightened

(c)      that she was very lonely

From the emotional bridging, it was easy to establish that Mei Ling is very insecure, hungry, frightened, and very lonely.

In the body sensation bridging, I was able to obtain from Mei Ling her sensation. All she could feel was the shivering she feels whenever she thinks of food. She was able to relate that to her hunger. She is able to relate to the present day Joan. Whenever Joan is hungry she would be eating.

Death Point

It was not easy to find the death point here. After starvation over three days, then four days, five days, and on the sixth day she was very weak. There was no clean water for her to drink. All she could drink was some of the water that has been collected with containers.

The death point was difficult and painful. It was death by starvation. In her words she said, “What an irony?” She was also able to see herself leave her body.

Current Life Memories

As best as Joan can remember, every time she eats something, she almost always has the impression and lingering sense of eating like a child.

Prior to this past-life regression therapy she was under the impression that she was eating because of an illness. She attributed this illness to that of the Prader-Willis Syndrome (PWS); a genetic disorder that causes a myriad of symptoms in the patient one of which is obesity. To this end, I reassured her that she was not a PWS patient. (There were no clinical symptoms presented in her to akin her to that of a PWS patient.)

Only with this past-life story were we able to link it to her eating. I suggested that Joan was actually experiencing compensatory eating on behalf of Mei Ling.

Spirit Realms Resolution Techniques

In the spirit realm, I guided Joan to call on her spiritual teacher to help her reconcile with the pains of Mei Ling.

The spiritual teacher reassured her that she is not to blame for the eating habits, but can be remedied if she wants to. At this juncture, she started to consider the benefits of going on a weight management program.

Her husband was also there in the spirit realms with her daughter. In this phase, the entire family pledged to wage war against excess body fat.

Physical Release of Body Memories

The spiritual teacher was able to assist Joan to release Mei Ling back into the past. With this release, Joan is feeling better as evidenced by her weight loss.

Spirit Attachment

There was only one spirit attachment in the form of Mei Ling. We managed to get Mei Ling to release Joan from this “curse” of compensatory eating.

Mei Ling eventually relented to this without any conditions.

I was convinced that I could get Mei Ling to work out something with Joan. So I started with working with Mei Ling for some kind of association. I managed to get Mei Ling to link to Joan.

This was the conversation with Mei Ling (also in Mandarin).

CC:    “Mei Ling, are you still there?”

ML:    “Yes, I am still here!”

CC:    “How are you related to Joan of 2009?”

ML:    “Well, I am Joan in my future life!”

CC:    “Do you really see yourself in Joan right now?”

ML:    “Yes, I can see myself in Joan.”

CC:    “OK, good. There is something I want to ask of you right now, is it ok?”

ML:    “OK, what is it that you want to know?”

CC:    “Can you tell me how is Joan feeling right now?”

ML:    “I know that I am always very hungry. I am sure she is also looking around for something to eat.”

CC:    “Go on.”

ML:    “There is one thing that is different.”

CC:    “And what might this be?”

ML:    “That she has a lot of good food to eat, but I have nothing to eat right here!”

CC:    “Go on.”

ML:    “And she is eating and eating…”

CC:    “So how does that make you feel?”

ML:    “I feel envious of her.”

CC:    “And what would you do then?”

ML:    “I want to stop her from eating too much. I am just jealous of this amount of food that she has!”

CC:    “What would you do?”

ML:    “How can I stop her?”

CC:    “Do you really want to stop her?”

ML:    “Yes, but I do not know how?”

CC:    “Do you want me to show you how?”

ML:    “OK”

CC:    “Are you sure Mei Ling?”

ML:    “Yes, I am sure. I will not hold you to it!”

CC:    “OK, then, can you imagine that you have scissors with you? And make your fingers like you have a pair of scissors with you with your dominant hand’s right index and middle finger.”

ML:    “OK.” (At this point, Joan formed a pair of imaginary scissors with her right hand, index finger, and middle finger.)

CC:    “And when I count to 3, only at the count of three, would you cut the ties with Joan of 2009? Not before I count to 3, is that ok with you?”

ML:    “OK.”

CC:    “OK, one…get ready…lift your right hand up…get ready to cut …2…getting reading to cut…but not yet…and…(drag for one to two seconds) and (drag the count) 3, CUT (say loudly)!”

ML:    “Oops. It is cut.”

CC:    “Now, how does that make you feel to cut off the ties with Joan?”

ML:    “It feels good.”

CC:    “And say ‘Goodbye Joan.’ Go on.”

ML:    “Good bye Joan!”

CC:    “And thank you Mei Ling. For helping out in getting rid of Joan’s eating frenzy!”

ML:    “It is ok. I am happy to see that I can help her, maybe even helped myself too.”

CC:    “And can we say goodbye, Mei Ling?”

ML:    “OK then.”

CC:    “OK, then Mei Ling Goodbye!”

ML:    “Bye…glad to be of help!”


At this juncture I thanked Mei Ling for co-operating with me for “cutting off” the soul-ties with Joan.

I can see from Joan (in the recliner) that she gives a huge sigh of relief! Joan flopped into the chair as if a huge weight is taken off her.

Emotional scan was done. She was very much relieved.

Body scan of her body was also done once. There was some unfinished business. Joan was able to feel some pain over her left knee. This was attributed to the fact that Mei Ling was in the box hiding with bent knees. This was slowly resolved with a body scan. Joan slowly applied “hypnotic cream” (which I suggested to her since she was already in trance) over her affected knee and eventually found relief.

Integration Activities

Joan is now able to integrate her progress with the affirmation given to her (in hypnosis) to be positive.

Client Feedback Following Therapy

Joan, with the full knowledge of Mei Ling and the fact that Mei Ling has already released her, is continuously working on losing the body weight vis-à-vis exercises and better eating habits.

With support from her husband and daughter, they started a diet with hypnotherapy. She started using self hypnosis too.



Date: 14 August 2008 (Thursday)     Session 2

Hypnosis session done

There were parts mediation and igloo therapy done in tandem with seeking out negative spirit attachment for release. As the reader may know, “Igloo Therapy” is a therapeutic method used during hypnosis to allow the client to release negative feelings harbored towards any individual. In brief, the hypnotherapist instructs the client to imagine himself seated inside an igloo facing an empty chair. The hypnotherapist would then invite “the individual” in question to sit in the chair opposite the client. This would be followed by a dialogue driven by the hypnotherapist in the attempt to allow the client to forgive and release the negative feelings towards the said individual. After which, the client would be allowed closure to the issue and trance terminates.


There was completion to the issues at hand.

Integration Activities

Continuing with the positive affirmations given to her to work on her other issues corollary to that of the weight loss. She remains positive in all that she does. To this end, she can relate to the positive changes that are taking place in her life post first session.

Client Feedback Following Therapy

NOTE: On 2nd October 2008 she emailed me to tell me she lost some 36 kg. As of the writing of this case study (July 2009), I received a phone call from Joan stating she has lost 68 kg in total.


This is a rather unique case of a past-life regression in which a client in her current life speaks a completely different language than the one spoken in past life. The past life character displays a firm position and confidence even in the language that is alien to the current life character.

While English was the language spoken in the current life, Mandarin was used in the past life.

Additionally, in this unique case, the soul-ties to the current life were recognized by the past-life character. The cutting of the soul-ties between Mei Ling (of the past life) and Joan (of the current life) was very important and instrumental to break Joan’s current lifestyle.

I was fortunate that Mei Ling recognized that Joan was her “future” life. There was immediate connection between the two. However, from my experience in past-life regression, this may not happen so easily for the therapist. If this happens, the therapist has to resort to an alternative approach vis-à-vis the spirit realm or by way of seeking the master’s assistance.

The cutting of soul ties is important. The past life character has to decide on making the move to cut the ties. Only when this is done will there be resolution.

Advice to Regressionists:

If in the event as a therapist you experience a past life character that speaks a foreign language in which you are not familiar (i.e. a language that you as the regressionist are unable to converse), there are two ways to address this. In the first instance, the therapist can summon help from the spirit realm to do the translation. In the second, ask the past-life character to internalize the language for transliteration into English or a language that you are fluent in. This is usually “do-able” from the client’s perspective. My experiences with past-life characters who speak an alien language usually entail help from themselves.