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Conversation with Disease or Affected Organs – Neeta Sharma Kumar(Is.28)

by Neeta Sharma Kumar

Conversation with disease or the affected organs (CWD) is an evolutionary approach to regression and past life regression therapy. This regression technique addresses the disease directly and precisely, thus reducing the number of sessions needed for healing processes. It also provides important insights into the cause and remedy of disease and illness. The author has presented a paper on this technique and conducted her workshop at World Congress for Regression Therapy 5 in Porto, Portugal.

The Genesis

In the author’s view all living things are made up of cells. Each cell is conscious and has ability to communicate. These cells are miniature humans and have all the cellular organelles which are equivalent to organs and tissues in a human body. The cells are in vibratory motion. The vibrating cells of any living being can get affected by various factors like infections, stress, temperature, emotions, belief system etc. leading to blockages which cause diseases. These various factors represent environment. Epigenetics is a branch of genetics that studies the molecular mechanisms by which environment controls gene activity. Genes do not have the ability to ‘‘control’’ life, because they are dependent upon environmental triggers to determine when and how they will be expressed. Scientists have found that genes and DNA do not control our biology. Instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell including environment and energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. Epigenetic alterations, not defective genes, result in diseases and illness.

What is disease?

The author considers that disease is a manifestation of karma. All the emotions causing blockages are the memories from the past carried along by the soul which is expressed in body as mind. As the time for release comes closer, karma shows up as disease. Therefore the author considers karma is the blueprint of the human body.

The Principle
The soul is the basis of this method of regression therapy. It is the carrier of all memories from past lives. The soul needs a body to express itself. The mind is part of the soul that expresses itself in a body. The environmental signals are read and interpreted by the mind’s “perceptions.” The mind is the primary force that ultimately shapes an individual’s life and health. CWD is based on the principle of Mind Theory. Mind Theory states that mind is present in the entire body of an individual. We can communicate with the mind from any cell or any organ in a body. Mind consists of three parts.

  1. Conscious mind: It forms only 10% of mind. Our life is run by conscious mind and it’s our identity. It can move in time, from past to future. It can create positive thoughts and think positively. Conscious mind can be taught. It is has been found that conscious mind is not active in a child till age of six.
  2. Subconscious mind: It forms 90% of the mind. It expresses pre-recorded stimulus-response habits derived from instincts and learned experiences. It’s strictly habitual and repeats same behavioral response to life’s signal again and again. Subconscious is downloading and recording programs picked up from environment. The most powerful and influential programs in subconscious mind are the ones recorded during the formative period between gestation and six years of age. Thus the child has programs put in subconscious before it becomes conscious. Behavior comes from programs picked up from environment. When we are thinking, whatever we are doing is taken over by subconscious program.
  3. Self-conscious mind: This part of mind is self-reflective and observes our own behavior and emotions. It has access to most of the data stored in our subconscious. It can observe and evaluate any programmed behavior we are engaged in and consciously decides to change the program. It can choose how to respond to environmental signals and whether we want to respond to. The capacity of conscious mind to override the subconscious mind’s pre-programmed behavior is foundation of free will and healing disease or blockages and CWD technique.


The CWD technique uses disease / blockage / affected organ or affected cells as a bridge to regression therapy. A person is consciously aware of disease or blockage in his/her body. This technique consciously uses the “self-conscious part of mind” to access the data/information from subconscious mind. Thus saving the valuable time and bringing in important insights into the cause and remedy for the blockage or illness. The disease / blockage / the affected organ or cell already has all the information contained within it, which just needs to be decoded. This technique forms the bridge between physicians and regression therapists as the therapists can use the information in the medical diagnostic reports to help in the regression therapy for treating the disease.

The author uses Hans TenDam’s “personification technique” to invite the cells, organs, disease, and illness into the healing session.*

To use the personification technique in CWD has the client visualize a private space where he or she feels good: (usually a room in the house they live in; living room, bedroom, study or porch.) Asks the client to go to his/her favorite spot in that space and assume his/her favorite position. Have them imagine that it becomes twilight after a beautiful day (twilight, to more easily visualize energies as a kind of light). The door opens and the main cause of the problem: the disease or illness or organ or cells, enters the room.

Just ask very simple questions and the disease, illness, organs, cells are ready to answer questions.

In the healing the cells and organs are integrated with the client as they are part of his/her body at the end of the session. Disease or illness is never integrated.


The cause of any illness or disease is different in each person. So treatment is different in each case and individual. The body refuses to integrate with any extra growth or cellular deposits and considers them an alien or foreign body. These extra growth or cellular deposits are removed by the same method used for foreign energy or spirit release from a person.

Case Study

The CWD technique can be used for all types of disease, illness, blocked organs and cells. The author has used this  technique for treating and healing various  illness and diseases such as cancer, myelodysplastic anemia, kidney cyst, kidney failure, infertility in women and men, fibroid, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, depression, leucoderma, hearing loss, tremor in hands and entire body, pain in body parts, cerebral palsy, heart problem, type-2 diabetes, schizophrenia, sweaty hands and feet, and many more.

Case study examples of the CWD technique

Case Study 1: Myelodysplastic Syndrome/ Anaemia

Myelodysplastic Syndrome or Refractory Anemia is a type of red blood cell (RBC) deficiency which may lead to cancer.

In the session, using the CWD technique, the client spoke to RBC cells, bone marrow cells and tailbone cells.

The RBCs appeared scared, deformed, compressed and exhibited a pale yellowish color due to the presence of revenge seeking blood thirsty entity. This entity was the client’s deceased maternal uncle whose body was never found. After more than seven years of searching for the body, the family had given up.  The uncle was not aware that he was dead. He wanted to seek revenge upon his 3 friends who had killed him out of jealousy. He was so shattered to know that he was dead and thus was troubling his niece. He forgave his friends (who were still alive) after talking to them and receiving apologies from them. His friends showed the place where they had dumped his body. He identified the body by the gold ring in the middle finger of his right hand. The entity then met his family: a son and his wife who performed the last rites and was ready to leave the earth plane. The RBCs had now become healthy, red colored and round shaped cells.

The bone marrow cells were invited next. They appeared like brown piece of sack with holes in between. The bone marrow cells were weakened due to a fall which hurt the tailbone tip leading to the malfunctioning of the bone marrow.  The fall had caused the tip of the tailbone to push inside leading to calcium deposit. The tailbone called the calcium deposit by the name, “Calci”. The tailbone even described the technique to massage the lower back or tailbone area.

In the end of the session RBCs, bone marrow cells integrated with the client’s body. But the client’s body refused to integrate with the calcium deposit and considered it as a foreign entity. The Calci was released like a spirit/entity is released. The client’s hemoglobin (Hb) count has improved and ranges from 6 to 8 for past three years.

Case Study 2: Cyst in the Kidney

The client was a young girl in her late teens. She was medically diagnosed with a kidney cyst. As soon as the healing session began, the client complained of headache and haziness. It was determined that the dark smoky presence which was causing haziness at the heart and the head was due to the black magic performed by the client’s servant five years before. The servant then had lost her job after she was caught stealing. The black magic smoke that the servant had allegedly evoked completely clouded the head of the client, especially the forehead causing persistent headaches and making the client unable to concentrate on her studies. The client’s left ankle was tied to the servant’s wrist and the servant seemed to be enjoying the client’s discomfort. The servant would send negative energy, the dark smoky presence that caused haziness at the heart and the head. This was resolved after clearing the black magic done by the servant.

 Once the black magic, the cause of haziness and headache was cleared, the healing session for kidney cyst began. The kidney said that fear was the cause for the cyst. When asked the reason for fear, the client regressed to a past life in 1888, in a village in the Hindi belt of India. In this past life, her name was Indu, a 12 yrs old girl who was fond of reading. Her parents who worked in the fields were burnt alive by the land owner, Shankar who did not want Indu to pursue her studies. She escaped to a forest nearby but was killed by Shankar after few months. She died with the intense emotions of revenge and fear. Her soul did not go into light and lingers where her body was buried.

The soul of Indu refused to go in light as it wanted revenge. Soul retrieval helped in her healing and her soul finally left for the light. When the kidney was then checked, the cyst was gone. The client integrated with her healed kidney. And an x-ray revealed that kidney was free of the cyst.

Case Study 3: Infertility

The client had two miscarriages in six years of marriage. She also had ovulation problem and clotted blood periods. The client decided to invite ovaries and speak to them first. Both of them were hidden together into one round, whitish-pinkish structure, inside a thick white covering. The ovaries said that it was not the right time for them to talk.

 Next the client spoke to the uterus which replied that clotted bleeding was due to whitish water filling the uterus. This condition resulted in a water element imbalance in her head leading to a hormonal imbalance. Her brain said that the emotional imbalance caused the water imbalance. There was a lot of tension between the client and her mother-in-law as she did not accept her son’s love marriage. The mother-in-law was actually insecure about her son.  The client had also witnessed a murder attempt on her husband by his uncle. After the client cleared up the issue with her mother-in-law in the regression, the water disappeared from her head thus restoring the water element balance.

The client checked with her uterus and found the water had disappeared but in its place appeared white jelly, as hard as an egg shell further hiding her eggs fully inside. When the uterus was asked the reason for hiding her eggs and ovary, the soul of her first miscarried baby answered instead.

The soul of the baby said that it had decided to leave the fetus when it found mother to be emotionally very unstable, angry and lazy. It had decided to abort the fetus in order to save its mother from a total breakdown. It was still waiting to come to her but only after she stabilized emotionally and was able to take care of herself and the baby. The soul would come when it was requested. The soul rushed in the client’s arm and settled in her uterus when she invited it.

The client integrated with her uterus and ovaries at the end of the session.

Case Study 4: Leucoderma / Vitiligo
The client was suffering from vitiligo or white patchy skin for the last 30 years. When the client connected with his skin, the skin appeared as brown and white patched cloth. The white patches represented the client’s unexpressed feelings, replied the skin. The white patch appeared when the client had fallen down and hurt his right knee at age of eight. All the family members showed concern and the white patch soon faded away.

The discolored patch of skin reappeared on his knee when he was 13 years old. He was youngest and the favorite of the family. Suddenly his brother was married without family consent and was ostracized by the client’s family. His family was also shunned by the community. The white patch suddenly increased and spread to cover his entire body when the client failed in his fourth semester in the college and dropped out for a year.

The client appeared to be struggling with the emotion of shame, the shame brought to the family by his brother as well as shame due to his own failure at college. This led to depression. The white patch that covered his body made the client feel exposed. Each patch represented the stare and negative thoughts directed at him by others. He felt eyes staring at him. Each stare led to the formation of the white patch and made him feel naked. The pent up and unexpressed grief of the client speeded up the white patch formation.

The family members were invited and asked to make eye contact and hug each other including the client. For all these years he had missed this family energy which acted like healing medicine to the white patches on the client’s skin. The patches started to shrink and fade during the first session.

After a series of therapy sessions for release of pent up emotions, the leucoderma condition seems arrested.*


* Ed. note. A similar approach was used by Gestalt Therapists and applied to regression therapy as described by Claire Etheridge in: Lucas, W. B. (1993). Regression therapy: a handbook for professionals, Vol. II: Special Instances of Altered State Work. Crest Park, CA: Deep Forest Press, p. 44.



TenDam, H. (2014). Deep healing and transformation: A manual of transpersonal regression therapy. Utrecht, Netherlands, TASSO Publishing.