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Creative Source Therapy in Past Life Exploration – Errol Schubot (Is.4)

by Errol Schubot, Ph.D.

Again we have a striking innovation in method presented by Errol Schubot. Those of you who attended his workshop at the Fall Conference in Sacramento were moved by his powerful and loving method of working through personality tie-ups initiated in past lives. In considering both the article and the work, we are confronted with a common difficulty in clinical research. Which variables were responsible for the successful outcome of the experience? Was it the loving energy generated by the group? Was it Errol Schubot’s strikingly creative use of transformational imagery? Or was it his skillful method of contacting the Creative Source? Probably all three contributed to Ginny Pryne’s resolution. Be sure to read the open and heartwarming account of her experience, which, on request, she contributed to the section on Experiential Data.

I have been exploring a unique and powerful pathway to uncover and heal past-life experiences. This approach has not only been successful with the majority of my clients, but has also convinced many resistant and skeptical clients of the usefulness of exploring their past lives. To understand this approach, the concepts and methods of kinesiology and the “Creative Source” must be understood.

Behavioral Kinesiology (Diamond, 1979, Callahan, 1985) is a procedure in which the body’s energy system is shown to have weakened when exposed to specific stimuli. This is demonstrated by an immediate loss of muscular strength of the client. For example, the client is asked to stand and place one arm extended with the palm facing down. The tester then places the palm of his hand over the wrist of the extended arm and the other palm over the client’s opposite shoulder. The tester presses down on the wrist with about fifteen pounds of pressure while the client is resisting. “Testing in the clear” refers to the results of pressing the arm while the client is not thinking of any particular stimuli. The arm should remain strong and capable of resisting the push. In contrast, when the client thinks of upsetting thoughts and images or tastes particular substances such as sugar, the arm weakens and is easily pressed downward by the tester. (Diamond, 1979)

The Creative Source is my name for that inner source of wisdom that is most often accessed in spiritual, creative, or deep trance states. Similarly, past-life therapists (Reid, 1986; Bolduc, 1986) have guided their clients to access their higher selves in order to answer questions when exploring past lives. I have found that this source of information is a powerful, reliable, and compassionate guide in doing work with past lives.

I use the Creative Source and Kinesiology to determine whether I should focus the client’s work in the present or in the past. While muscle testing I have the client say, “To work on this conflict (emotional block, problem, upset, etc.) I need to focus on now,” and “To work on this conflict I need to focus on my past.” The statement in which the client tests strong (the arm stays steady and straight instead of bending with the pressure of my hand pushing downward) determines the direction of therapy. Again, I trust the intuitive wisdom of the Creative Source, which I believe knows the optimum path for healing.

If the Creative Source guides the client to look back into the past, I repeat the muscle testing with an additional series of statements. While testing the arm, I have the client say sentences such as, “The source of my conflict was before I was thirty; before I was twenty; before I was fifteen; before I was ten; before I was five;” etc. When the arm becomes weak I know I have localized the source of the conflict.

The entry into past-life exploration began when I was using this time-tracking process. I was searching for the age in this life in which a problem began. After checking several times, it became clear that the beginning of the problem was before both the client’s birth and experience in the womb. I was puzzled for a few minutes and then asked the Creative Source whether the source of the problem was before this life. The answer was “yes.” A new door was opened for me and my clients as we began exploring past lives using this approach.

Through Kinesiology I have been able to pinpoint the precise date when the past life occurred. Then I am able to determine whether the client was male or female in that lifetime. I use a world map and locate the exact place where the client lived. I use the Creative Source to find the entry point, the exact age in that life at which the exploration should begin. Again the answers are all given in the same way. I use the muscle testing to determine the truth or untruth of every item.

One of the philosophies that guides my work is that the conscious mind is a relevant and essential part of the healing process. That is, throughout the procedure, as answers emerge, I ask a client what he or she thinks about what is occurring. This allows me to deal with resistances during the exploration phase. I never insist that the client accept these past lives as reincarnation. The client may prefer to view these experiences as relevant metaphors to help work with inner conflicts.

Once the overall format of the life is discovered, I am often amazed that many specific details of the past life are generated very easily. The events emerge either from my own intuition or from images or ideas that come to the client during the testing process. Gradually, through the confirmation of muscle testing, the full picture of what happened in the past life is revealed.

Often this procedure seems to bypass any of the client’s defenses and open the way to powerful emotional experiences. One male client who did not believe at all in the existence of past lives was informed about a past life in 1200 B.C. in which his wife was murdered as a result of a decision he had made as leader of his group. On the way home from the session, he suddenly had to pull over to the side of the road as wave after wave of deep sobs emerged. He returned to the next session very eager to explore this past life. His experience made him more receptive to the possibility of the existence of reincarnation.

I continue gathering information until the client has a clear understanding of what happened. Before I begin the process of healing, I check with the Creative Source to determine whether sufficient information has been received. Then I am ready to begin to use the muscle testing to communicate with the Creative Source for the purpose of establishing a plan for healing the past life.

My fundamental philosophy in working with past traumas, in this life or a past life, is that the person in the past is “real,” but exists in a different time and space dimension. It is the responsibility of the client to use his or her abilities and resources to go back to that time and heal the person in the past. In the process of the healing, relevant experiences for the client are created that begin profound, and I sense, lasting changes. Also, I am discovering that the person in the past life often becomes an ally to the client and offers reciprocal gifts of healing.

To make this procedure clearer I have chosen one of the first past lives I explored with a client named Fran. At a time in which I was still learning to trust the Creative Source, this exploration convinced me that I was not making up the information but that it was coming from a higher wisdom.

Fran, a forty year old woman, is a research scientist who did not believe in either the existence of an afterlife or past lives. Fran was out of touch with her deeper emotions and had never had any prior trance experience. She had a very pragmatic and rational view of life. The experience of working on Fran’s past life continued over a four week period.

Using the Creative Source, Fran discovered that she had a past life between 500 and 600 B.C. on the big island of Hawaii. In that life Fran was a male. The entry point for this life was at the age of 51. The Creative Source indicated that up to age 51 this man led a vital and satisfying life. The man had a wife, children, and grandchildren. He was a shaman for his tribe. He lived in harmony with his family, nature, and the gods he worshiped. He was energetic and loved to dance.

Suddenly one day his world changed. While he was away from the village on a spiritual retreat, there was a major volcanic eruption. Many people in the village died, including the man’s entire family. He saw the eruption and ran down to the waters edge, where he met the other survivors. He wanted to go back for his family, but realized that they were hopelessly engulfed in the flowing, hot lava. He left in a boat with the other survivors and lived for the rest of his life on another island. He never returned to his old home.

The man lived until he was 83 years old, but from the time of the disaster the world that he cared about had ended. He felt a great rage over what had happened, but it was a repressed rage, experienced mainly in the heaviness of his spirit. (It is important to remember that these details of his experience were brought out one at a time, as I channeled possibilities while Fran was completely awake and aware).

After all the details of the past life were revealed, the Creative Source determined the exact type and length of the trance required for Fran to meet with the shaman. The plan that emerged was for Fran to meet the man as a water spirit, not as herself. She was instructed to come out of the water, light a fire, and place before him a black ebony statue of a man and a woman which she had brought back from Tanzania. She was to instruct the man to fast for a week and then to dance all night on the last night of his fast. Fran would meet with him on the eighth day. Fran went into trance and was able to follow all the instructions easily. The ease of the flow with a client who never had experienced trance or past lives convinced me further of the incredible intuitive abilities of the Creative Source. The Creative Source also told Fran that her inner experience would consist mainly of feelings and energy experiences rather than clear images.

Fran was instructed to dance also on the night before her next session while her counterpart was dancing- At the beginning of our next meeting we again used Kinesiology to elicit an overall plan to continue the healing of the shaman. Then, in trance, Fran went back and made contact with the man. She sensed that he had exorcized his rage, but now was experiencing the tremendous sadness of his loss. She lit a fire and gave him food to break his fast. After he had eaten, Fran placed her hands over his heart to transmit healing energy.

At the next session, the Creative Source proposed that Fran was to bring some thing to the man. I began to suggest many possibilities, but all of them tested weak. The Creative Source indicated that the object existed in reality and was not imaginary. Finally Fran’s arm remained strong when she said, “The object is in my home.” Working strictly through arm response in my office we tested every room until the Creative Source indicated that the object was in the closet in Fran’s bedroom. At this point a chill went through my body, because I knew that I could not have made up that idea. I had a strong and clear sense of the independent existence of the Creative Source. Further testing revealed that it was an object made by Fran’s boyfriend who had moved out several months before and that it was on the shelf in the bedroom closet. Fran could not recall anything in her closet that would be relevant to a man who lived about 2500 years ago.

During this session, Fran returned to meet the man on the island. She was aided by a deeper and longer trance that was determined by the Creative Source. She emerged from the water and walked up to the man. He seemed changed from the previous contact, no longer sad or troubled. As she did not as yet know the correct gift she was to bring to him, she decided to use a hemp and turquoise necklace which also had been made by her former boyfriend. As Fran placed the necklace over the man’s head, she had a very strong sense of his energy and intensity.

When Fran arrived at her next session, I was curious about whether she had searched the nearly empty shelf of the closet. She discovered to her amazement a small primitive, wooden carving of a man, approximately four inches tall. She did not remember seeing the carving before. Using the muscle testing the Creative Source indicated that the small statue was indeed the object to be brought to the man in her past life.

The Creative Source indicated that now she needed a deeper trance of twenty-five minutes. The instructions were to bring the object to the shaman. After the trance induction Fran went to meet him. She saw the shaman walk to edge of the water to meet her. When he saw the carving he immediately wanted it.

Before giving it to him, they danced a simple dance together. The moment came and she knew it was time to give the wooden carving to him. Fran sensed that he was exalted. He was triumphant, satisfied, and totally happy. Fran said that she felt his happiness very strongly. She felt that the wooden carving returned something to him that he had lost at the time of the volcanic eruption. When Fran came out of trance the Creative Source indicated that this was the end of Fran’s contact with the man in Hawaii. Fran gave the wooden carving to me at the end of this session as a gift, and I have made it the symbol for Creative Source Therapy.

By providing the discovery process and healing procedures while the client is fully conscious, and including the client in a dialogue about what emerges, all resistance and confusion is dealt with in advance. Client questions can be handled by asking the Creative Source for further clarification. Then when the healing work begins it typically proceeds very smoothly often with minimal interaction between the client and myself. I often see myself as the travel agent helping to create the itinerary. Once the inner journey begins, the client has the knowledge and skills to explore the past life and to complete the healing; only asking for help if a barrier is met. The client follows the healing plan, but is free to improvise and to be creative in the moment.

I have used the Creative Source in every aspect of my therapy work, but I am particularly excited by its applicability to past-life exploration. The main advantage of the Creative Source approach is that a unique pathway of exploring and healing emerges for each client. Sometimes, the Creative Source suggests that the client need only review the past life, whereas other times it emphasizes the need to make contact and heal the person of the past life. Sometimes, the Creative Source encourages the client to make contact at several points in the past life, while other times healing at the original entry point is sufficient. For some past-life explorations the experience of the time of death is essential, while for others it is not necessary. Through this process, most clients develop their own ways of communicating with the Creative Source. In every case, when I have followed the guidance of the Creative Source, I have been amazed by its intuitive wisdom, loving compassion, and healing abilities.



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