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Glowing Catalysts for Change: The Children – Christine Alisa (Is.23)

by Christine Alisa

Glowing Catalysts for Change: The Children describes a therapeutic technique of regression therapy that can be used with children and adolescents. Ms. Alisa offers the reader an overview of her work and the importance of eliminating past pain in children’s lives. If children can heal the past life pains or early life difficulties they will have the abilities that the future will demand. Her message is to give children the opportunity to develop into remarkable human beings with clarity of spirit, who then have the opportunity to guide the new changes into the world.


While adults work through their past issues of trauma and gain insight into their lives and patterns, children deserve the same opportunity. They are the building blocks of our future. The challenges that lay ahead for our world need healthy spirits free from past trials. By being in touch with their true selves at an early age, our future adults have an opportunity many of us never had and what the world demands now: to be present in the moment and have the tools to create.

I have spent my adult career working with children and adolescents as their teacher, healer, advisor, and celebrator. As a therapist, I have carved out a process to help them obtain the memories of past hurts that enable them to “clear,” early in their lives, the affects of the traumas they no longer have to carry into adulthood. By the use of the mediums so useful to play therapists, I have incorporated sand tray, clay, puppets, drawing, painting, acting, and anger work into Regression Therapy. Children and adolescents “play out” through figures in the sand, expressing with the clay, drawing the “story” on paper or white board the trials of the past. They open their consciousness to the reasons why they feel depression, anger, or fear in their lives here and now. Any destructive behaviors begin to evaporate as they express the deep feelings of fear, shock, lack of love, and pain.

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