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ONGOING RESEARCH. Healing Prenatal Memories – Clara Riley (Is.4)

by Clara Riley, Ph.D.

It is important to develop new paradigms of healing through experiential learning and clinical research. Therapists have demonstrated that re-experiencing one’s birth in its physical manifestations can be useful in the relief of symptoms, including depression, panic attacks, and other difficulties. Currently we are exploring whether disturbances can be healed at an unconscious level by directed meditational imagery combined with relaxation and stretching. This study attempts to answer this question by comparing responses to a cassette tape for directed meditation as measured by changes in the Cornell Medical Index. Recording of demographic data and diagnosis will be followed by administration of the tape with the following instructions:

“Many people have benefited from participation in relaxation and visualization as part of on-going therapy. Studies have shown that many of our current problems are related to our prenatal and birth experiences. Because these relationships are often at an unconsciouslevel, they can be addressed through symbolic means. Whether you remember consciously or not, you can begin to heal your unconscious mind and therefore begin to feel better in the present.”

At the end of four weeks the Cornell Medical Index will be readministered. In the interval data is collected from therapy sessions and self-reports.Results of the study will be reported at the Conference for Pre-and PerinatalPsychology in Boston, 1989 and submitted to the Journal of Pre and Perinatal Psychology for publication.