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Past Life Exploration – Henry Leo Bolduc and Marjorie V. Reynolds (Is.19)

by Henry Leo Bolduc, C.Ht. and Marjorie V. Reynolds, M.Ed., C.Ht.

The following script for working with regression is a combination of earlier scripts written by Henry and Marjorie individually. As with any script, it is meant to be adapted to individual clients. The first part, before formal trance work begins, could be the basis for a discussion to provide background information and some understanding of the work of regression.


Basic Script

Introduction and Background

Thank you for completing the Intake Form regarding your background information. You say here that…(refer to items listed). What else is important? (Have the client add any additional information). Thank you for signing permission.

You state here that you would like to have this session in regression work to get background information related to the issue of…(To gain clarification of the issue discuss it in detail; sometimes there is an underlying issue). When we get started, you will be able to search the soul’s history to find the source—the root cause. We will talk about the experience afterward.

Before starting, it might be good for you to have some background about regression work. You may ask questions at any time.

You are familiar with the word regress. We usually interpret the word regression to mean to go back to or to return to something; yet, it is something more. It is more like a regression equation used in statistics. (Use an example of a line graph). It means looking at your projected future in terms of your past behavior. An event or a behavior that occurred in the past could be repeated, in essence, with minor, predictable changes. A philosophy or an attitude upon which a behavior is based might change only slightly over many lifetimes. Even when the philosophy begins to change, it takes awhile for behavior to catch up. Any repeated negative behavior pattern usually leads to problems. If you keep doing the same thing in the same way, you can expect the same results.

Regression work is related to hypnosis but other terminology can be used to discuss it. Regression work can be done using such techniques as creative visualization, reverie, etc. Actually, it is a reflection upon the soul’s journey. Your reflection upon the past can bring meaning, understanding, and insight to the present and it can reveal implications for working with related issues in the future.

Over the years that past life work has been done, people have found very valuable benefits from individual sessions. Help and healing have come in a variety of areas such as spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and even economic or financial. Hypnotherapists have found that such inner work goes far beyond working with the symptoms of the presenting problems; it goes to the root cause. From the Cayce information, before the topic of reincarnation was introduced, Cayce shocked everybody, especially himself, by stating that the cause of the medical problem started in a previous lifetime.

 Soon you will get an opportunity to work with visualization and imagination. It is possible that you might go back many years or several lifetimes to find the root cause. You will be able to scan the present life, too.

Past life recall comes from long-term memory banks. The soul’s history is stored in the Akashic Records, which you are able to contact through your unconscious mind. In this session, you will have an opportunity to gain access to your record, particularly to the section related to (the presenting issue). It will be easy for you to gain some spiritual insights and find ways to apply them in life’s experiences. The overview could prove to be quite significant in understanding the root cause of the behavior you are researching at this time and in this way. Lessons from the past will come to your awareness and, when you observe a pattern of behavior, you will be able to develop a way to take corrective action.

Our focus today is going to be the reviewing of another life for the purpose of finding attitudes or events related to your current issue. You also might find your reason for coming to earth—then and now. Everybody comes with a purpose in mind. We will focus on your need to understand how this issue of…got started and how you handled it in another life. To get started, it is good to focus on an issue because the unconscious mind, for the most part, tends to respond to words and images that carry an emotional charge. Remembering such things as your previous name, the place where you lived, and what you did for a living—whether you were royalty or a slave are of only minor importance. Should such information arise spontaneously, that will be fine; otherwise, the seeking of such data need be done only when it is important to the understanding of the situation. The important learning involves your spiritual progress. It might seem as if you have a memory archeologist who is guiding you to dig through the strata and substrata of the soul’s memory and, as you seek, you gather the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical potsherds.

The session will go beyond the creative visualization work. Your unconscious mind has had the information stored in symbols for a long time. Now, some deep memories are ready to be processed at the conscious level. Bringing those memories to conscious awareness is only the beginning of the process. During and after the trance part of the session, you will gain some insights and you will be able to identify a pattern of behavior. You will deal with the concept of forgiveness—forgiving others and forgiving self for any perceived or misperceived hurts. You will be able to make a choice to take deliberate action to make changes in your life. After today’s session, you will realize that you have a lot of knowledge, understanding, insight, skills, strength, and support.

In hypnosis work, we use positive affirmations to help you to focus your attention on achieving your goal. What affirmations would you like me to repeat to you? (If the client does not have affirmations prepared, then it can be done at this time).



Before we start the creative visualization/reverie for memory retrieval, you might like some suggestions for relaxation. For you to be able to recall easily, it is important to have some deep, pleasant relaxation. You know that sometimes you try to recall something; then you get a good night’s sleep and you recall it as soon as you wake up. Alternatively, perhaps you start to do something else—something more relaxing and it pops into your mind. You have heard the term “altered state.” Your state of mind has been altered because it is relaxed; it is changed from the busy state of normal daily activity. It is a different state of mind. That is why we call it altered.

I will guide you with some suggestions for enjoying the process of relaxing. You are in control at every step of the way. I am just a guide. If I make a suggestion, which you believe is not right for you; you may adjust it in any way that seems appropriate. The process of relaxing and enjoying the bringing forward (as on a computer screen) of another stage of the soul’s journey is safe, smooth, and easy. All you have to do is allow your imagination to do its best job to get you started. I will be making some notes as we go along. As you can observe, the whole session is being recorded on tape that you may take with you. Any questions?


Get into a comfortable position so you can relax easily. Take a long, deep breath. Exhale slowly.

That is good…and as you breathe normally, just become aware of the rhythm of your breathing.

Prepare to enter a level of relaxation that is right for you at this time. When you relax the physical body and have the electrical activity of the brain at an alpha level, the creative mind can be very alert. It is like the period between sleep and awakening, when dreams are quite vivid. It is a creative time. When you quiet the physical body and keep the mental body alert, you quiet the critical/analytical factor and allow the creative factor to function at its best.

Hold your hands in a comfortable position. Please sit comfortably. Adjust your body as necessary for your comfort. Keep your back as straight as possible to keep the chakras or spiritual centers aligned…and when you are ready; just close your eyes.

Take a deep breath; exhale slowly. That is good…and as you breathe normally, just become more aware of the rhythm of your breathing. Become aware of your hands as they touch your body. As you rest there, become aware that you are beginning to experience a sense of comfort, calmness, and inner peace.

Become aware of the texture of the chair (or the floor). It is just right for your purpose. Become aware of the temperature of the room. It is just right for this experience and it can help you to gain access to what you are seeking at this time.

Become aware of the sounds around you. Those sounds contribute to your accessing what you want to experience now. Those sounds, whether loud or barely audible, are cooperating in helping you to relax and to be at ease and at peace. The sounds are easing you into deeper and deeper relaxation. They are a part of all things; they belong there. It is normal. Should you hear a telephone ring, you will be able to blend that sound, too, into your experience. The sound of my voice will go with you as a guide. Should a fire alarm ring or should there be any other indication of an emergency indicating a need for you to respond consciously, you will become alert immediately and you will be able to respond appropriately.

Your eyes are closed and your eyelids are beginning to relax. Allow the relaxation to increase—becoming increasingly relaxed. If, at any time you sense some movement in your eyelids, you will know that it is called REM—Rapid Eye Movement—and that it is a normal part of this experience. It is similar to the state of dreaming.

Now, please take a long, deep breath and allow the muscles in the eyelids to relax. Good. Allow that feeling of relaxation to move to the whole facial area. Now let it spread to the neck and throat, to the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers. Take a long, deep breath and, as you inhale and exhale, allow the chest area to relax. Allow the relaxation to flow along the spine, relaxing all areas as it moves along. Let the relaxation spread to the hips, legs, and feet—all the way to the toes. That is great. Now, take another deep breath and realize that the whole body is becoming increasingly relaxed.

Now please take another deep breath, exhale slowly, and continue breathing normally. Each breath is a gift—a gift of life. Please focus on appreciation for the gift of life. Focus on the opportunity you have for expressing who you are. Now, please focus on your awareness of your divine origin.

Focus again on the rhythm of your breathing. Observe the deep inhaling and the slow exhaling. As you continue to be aware of your breathing, you continue to relax…and, as you breathe, you realize that you are experiencing spiritual energies. Sense an inner balance.

As you flow with the rhythm of your breathing, you are becoming aware that, as you breathe, your body becomes increasingly relaxed and seems to be lighter.

You feel lighter and relaxed. Lighter and relaxed. And you are becoming very comfortable, calm, and peaceful. You are entering a very pleasant state of relaxation. You might feel that your body is asleep but that your mind is alert. That is good. Very good. The most important thing now is your own inner reality.

Some people like to ensure further protection by surrounding themselves with a White Light. If you choose, you may do so now. You may use any form of further protection that you choose. A protected, safe, rewarding experience is in process.


You are much more relaxed now. In a moment, I will count rapidly from ten to one and with each descending number, you will relax deeper and deeper and you will be more centered. At the count of one, you will reach a level of relaxation that is right for you at this time and for the present purpose. I will begin by counting downward. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

You are nowat your own level of relaxation and, from this level, you are able to function as you choose. You are in control at every step of the way. You feel safe and protected. The experience is something that you want, here and now.

Trance State

(Throughout the trance state, acknowledge responses and ask questions as needed).

 Getting Ready

Sometimes, it is good to have a kind of shorthand communication with your facilitator/guide. The usual is a finger signal for yes and for no. Which finger will you raise for a yes response? Thank you. Which finger will you raise for a no response? Thank you. That is good.

Stored deeply in your unconscious mind are memories of other times and other places. You are able to retrieve those memories. At this time, you will be able to gain access to the record of the soul’s journey. By looking deeply into your unconscious mind, you can see, hear, feel, or sense—perceive in some way—scenes from the past. Those memories can be processed to provide you with new understanding and insight. Later, you can apply your insights to understand yourself better. Now, you are going to begin a process of recalling some memories. Whatever you recall will be just what you need at this time.

The Memories

You may begin by moving yourself to a time when you were in your teens. You will find that it is very easy to do. Choose a memory of that time. Choose a scene or an event that you would like to relate from your teen years. Bring the saliva to your mouth and let your lips become moist so that you may speak easily and now, you are in your teens. Describe what you are experiencing—what are you doing, or seeing, or hearing, or feeling, or sensing.

That is good. Now, continue moving back to a time when you were about three or four or five years old. Again, choose an experience and focus on the memory…You are now three or four or five years old. What is happening?

You are doing well. Now continue to move beyond that time. Move to the time of your birth. If you want to do so, you may pause to note the time of your birth. (Ask any question which seems necessary). Now, move beyond the womb experience. Move to the place where you were before you entered the body. Some people refer to it as a Blue Mist. It could be something a little different for you. It is abounding space; a room without walls or ceiling; a timeless place. It is a place of inner peace and gentle rhythms.

The Blue Mist—this timeless, spaceless place—is really the avenue of the heart to the Infinite. You feel very comfortable and happy; yet, you must follow your plan to go beyond that comfortable place to bring to your memory scenes or events from one of your other lives on earth. You are guided to a horizon. You perceive a light. You realize that the light is good and you move toward it. You travel with your feelings.

Now, you are beyond the Blue Mist. Light surrounds you and protects you. You feel energized for an inner adventure and you are ready to recall or to revisit some scenes or events from your other lives on earth.

Take a deep breath. Feel, see, or sense yourself being drawn to earth. As you move toward the earth, you place your feet firmly there. The movement is happening automatically. Just allow it to happen…and as your feet touch the earth, wherever it might be, you know, at the soul level, exactly what your purpose is. When your feet reach the earth, you may raise your yes finger to indicate that you are ready.

You are doing well. As you step firmly onto the earth, trust the impressions that you receive. If necessary, use your creative imagination to get the process started. Just allow the story to unfold. What do you perceive?

(Here are some suggestions for people who are hesitant in responding. Use as needed. Add other questions as needed). What are you feeling? What are you wearing on your feet? Note the clothing that you are wearing. Note whether there is anything on your head. What is the color of your hair? How old are you? What are you doing? What is going on around you? Describe your home or dwelling place. What is your favorite food? What is used for transportation?)

…And now, find a time when you were with other people. Find somebody with whom you have a strong connection.

Now please move to the time of an important event fairly early in that life. What is happening?

Now, move to another significant time perhaps around the middle part of your life or, maybe a little later. What is happening?

Now move along to the events close to the end of that life. You may choose to dissociate from it and view it as if on a screen. You may remember it by sensing what happened. Use your own choice of the method of recall. Detach yourself as necessary. Note the circumstances that led to your death and now note the death experience itself. What are your final words either to yourself or to another person?

When you are ready, move gently and safely above that body and go, again, to that timeless and spaceless place of inner peace and gentle rhythms. It is a place to review the life. For a moment, just enjoy the peaceful relaxation there.

Soul Review

From this higher perspective, you are able to assess that life.

  • First, identify a pleasant scene or event in that life.

Which person or persons contributed to making the event pleasant?

  1. What was there about that person’s life which made that person pleasing to you?
  2. How did you show your happiness at that time?
  3. Identify another pleasant event.
  4. What does it have in common with the other event that you selected?
  5. What insight can you gain regarding the type of events that tended to make you happy?
  • Identify a difficult experience in that life.
    1. Which person or persons contributed to making that event difficult?
    2. What is there about that person’s life which could have led to such action? Use your imagination, if necessary.
    3. How could you have handled the situation differently? Examine the role you played.
    4. Perceive whether that person had any pain or suffering as a result of your discomfort.
    5. What regret, if any, did the person express for having done that painful action? Recall the words that he or she said.
    6. Perceive, in any way you choose, as the person explains the cause of the action. Realize that the person’s explanation helps you to understand the situation.
    7. Which positive characteristics have you developed as a result of having struggled with such feelings of hurt?
    8. Decide whether you are ready to forgive that person. Realize that the act of forgiveness is for your self. It will change how you feel. It will set you free from entanglement. The other person makes his or her own decisions. Any physical involvement of the other person would mean an act of reconciliation; right now, you are working only with your own part in forgiving that person.
    9. If you are ready to do so, give the person your forgiveness. In your imagination, look into that person’s eyes and send universal love and compassion and as you take that important step of forgiveness, bless that person, release him or her, and let the person fade. Allow the veil to drop slowly. A full healing is taking place. Take any amount of time that you need and indicate with your yes finger when the process is complete.
    10. By processing the issue with forgiveness, to what extent were you able to dissolve the emotional impact?
    11. Remembering the facts of the event is acceptable. It is important that you learn something from the experience. Consider it as a lesson, which it was necessary for you to learn. Just place that life experience into a step in developing spiritual growth. In order to learn to overcome an issue, you need to have an issue to overcome. Your offender provided that opportunity. You can pass a test only if you take a test.

Every challenge that you face and overcome will provide an opportunity for you to be closer to recognizing your own origin in divinity.

  • Identify another difficult event. In which way is it similar to the event that you have just processed? How could you have handled the situation in a different way? (or) What is the best thing you could have done at the time? Examine both events and look for a behavior pattern. What insight can you gain which could help you in similar situations in other lives?
  • By processing the issue with forgiveness, to what extent were you able to transform or to dissolve the emotional impact?
  • Determine whether you need forgiveness for one or more of your actions in that life. If so, then, perceive in any way you choose that you were forgiven, completely. You were forgiven a long time ago. Now you can become aware of being forgiven and you can accept the forgiveness and live your life accordingly.
  • What was your ideal in that lifetime? How successful were you in attaining your ideal?
  • How did you gain spiritually?
  • Enjoy the freedom—the freedom from entanglements. As you change your behavior in accordance with your new insights, begin to enjoy a much more pleasant experience.

Trance Exit

That was good. Now you are ready for the journey back to what is called the present time. You may bring back with you anything that is helpful and beneficial; a gem of wisdom to guide you as you continue with life’s journey. If you choose, you may release some feelings, memories, and impressions and retain in your conscious mind only that which is positive and helpful. The choice is yours.

Now, slowly, you are returning through the Blue Mist, traveling on the avenue of the heart, through a comfortable and safe place, through the levels of your mind. You may bring back the information you have chosen. Slowly, come back through the years into what we call the present life, the present day, and the present location

As you return, you realize that yo have done well. You have remembered the past in trust and in thankfulness. You have received a special gift, a treasure from the past. There might be a surprise gift. You might find that, as a result of applying deep memory skills, your general and specific memory skills have improved.

In a moment, with a count from one to ten, you may reorient yourself completely to the present time and to the present day. At the count of ten, you will be refreshed and feeling great. Counting slowly,

  1–stepping firmly into the present

  2–feel total normalization

  3–feel the life energies returning to your extremities

  4–you may wish to move your hands, neck, or feet

  5–remember what you have accomplished

  6–realize that you have done well

  7–coming up to full strength



10–Slowly, open your eyes. You are wide-awake, alert, feeling refreshed and feeling great.

Welcome Back

Debriefing: Processing at the Conscious Level

  1. In what way were the issues of that other life related to your present concern?
  2. What behaviors in that past life were similar to some actions in your current life?
  3. What patterns are you observing?
  4. What insight or understanding did you gain that can help you at present?
  5. How can those insights and understandings be applied, in a realistic manner, to make some changes in your projected future?
  6. What specific changes are you making in your life?

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