Article: Past Life – Twin Souls Reunite – Dorothy Neddermeyer (Is.24)

by Dorothy Neddermeyer, Ph.D.


 It is believed that Twin Souls need to reach the highest level of independence to be ready to reunite. My research of Twin Souls aka Twin Flames reuniting has revealed only personal accounts. These personal accounts of Twin Souls reuniting are believed to be brought together with the help of divine forces. In my many years of working in Past Life Regression this case is the first, to my knowledge, of a therapeutic intervention to prepare Twin Souls to reunite. Twin Souls do not necessarily recognize their twin half at once when they meet. However, when recognition is realized it is an intense moment. In this case of Twin Souls reuniting, one half of the Twin Souls has the behind the scenes transformation, knowledge of their journey, and Past-Life history from beginning to present.

 In Twin Souls, authors, Patricia Joudry and Maurie Pressman state that the masculine part of the twin soul incarnate as a man and the feminine part as a woman. This phenomenon is further substantiated in the incarnations of these Twin Souls.

 Joudry and Pressman posit that the feminine part of the soul develops the Yin side and the masculine part the Yang side. Thus, the twin reunification can only take place if the man is firm and full in his masculinity and the woman in her femininity. A really strong woman, according to Joudry and Pressman, feels strong and happy in her femininity and comfortable in her secondary masculine nature. So does a man. By reuniting, both forces are balanced and this will accelerate the progress to a perfect unity.

 Working with Bridget has reinforced the important and profound role PLR practitioners play in the emotional and spiritual healing process. It is also abundantly clear we need to embrace what might seem unreal or delusional to assist the client to heal. Working with Bridget has affirmed the Buddhist belief that all humans, animals, birds, reptiles, and creatures are intricately connected. Simultaneously, the universe is aligned in every way necessary for each soul in body or disincarnate to create peace and harmony on this planet and/or other realms.

 My narrative of these Twin Souls’ Past Life healing to reunite is both third and first person, as I am part of this soul group – an interesting and compelling phenomenon, but not unusual.


Twin Souls, aka Twin Flames or Twin Rays, are the other half of your soul. This phenomenon is based on the belief that we are all parts of the Divine Being, God, All That Is, Source, Spirit, or Creator.

In order for the Divine Being to experience Itself, It divided into many souls, each in turn divided into many others and many others. The final split of the many neutrally gendered souls created male and female halves of a whole – The Twin Soul.

Each soul evolves and reincarnates through many lifetimes, gathering emotional and spiritual development, strength, and courage. On some level we are all soul mates with one another, learning and growing from each other – teacher and student. Emotional and spiritual growth is manifested in loving and comforting lessons in forgiveness and unconditional love. Sometimes it is a case of “victim,” or “darkness” that brings the opportunities for growth.

Twin Soul/Twin Flames meet only when lessons of love, loss and forgiveness are complete, thus the heart is made resilient and strong through pain and loss and is ready to face the intensity of being with the other half of their soul. You can live a lifetime in joy and harmony with a resonant soul mate, and this is a beautiful, albeit, rare gift. It is no coincidence that many people refer to their spouse as, “My better half.”

The Case of Bridget

In the many years I have conducted past life regression work, there were no out of the ordinary experiences to write about until Bridget (not her real name – names have been changed). She was advised by her psychic herbalist that the delusional thoughts she experienced were not caused by the detoxification herbs she was taking.

The herbalist stated he believed she experienced a flashback to a previous life. He recommended that she contact a PLR practitioner at the earliest convenience because the flashback could be the key to healing her severe mold allergy she had experienced for several years.

In the flashback, as she now understands as real and not a delusion, she learned her and her husband’s name and many events that are historical. She searched on the Internet using the names she remembered from the flashback. She found the events she experienced in the flashback. She was astounded and yet she continued to hold a tight grip on the belief that she might have made it up. Even though she knew she had never read anything about the extensive details that surfaced in the flashback, she did not want to be one of those “way out there people.”

Her herbalist suggested the past life could be Twin Souls/Twin Flames seeking to reunite. Although, she did not believe in a past-life phenomenon, she researched Twin Souls/Twin Flames and realized there was a strong connection to her first love in high school. Being a highly intelligent and analytical person, she concluded there had to be an explanation for what she experienced and why now.

August 2009

 Bridget came to me having found me on the Internet. In the first session Bridget stated she did not believe in past lives, guardian angels, spirit guides, or anything that was outside linear thinking. However, in the flashback to a life in England, she could not deny the extensive details she learned that were substantiated by the research on the Internet. In addition to her name, her husband’s name, and the era, she learned the number of children she had, where she lived, and many event details, including memory that she had died in a room with mold on the walls. H-m-m-m, of course, my antenna went up. The past-life death scene is particularly fruitful for finding root cause of current manifestations as well as discovering what needs to be resolved in both lifetimes. In her life in England, she died in a room with mold. In this life she has severe systemic mold allergy and there is no evidence to disbelieve this poignant connection.

To my relief she went into a trance easily and had an amazing session. She readily accessed the events in great detail leading up to her death in her opulent home in the room with mold. I breathed a sigh of relief. However, that is not to say everything has been smooth sailing as she grappled with the torrent of information in subsequent sessions and the intricate juxtaposition of those lives to her life today.

During the first session, Bridget’s voice became stern and demanding. I gently asked, “Who is speaking?” “Charlene,” the voice coming out of Bridget’s mouth snapped with agitation. “You don’t know who I am?” “I apologize, I don’t recognize your voice. Please, tell me about yourself,” I stated. It became clear as she spoke about the details of her life and death, she was speaking of the lifetime in England that had come through in the flashback.

In the next session, I learned the reason Charlene thought I would recognize her voice; I was her best friend, Georgia. This was a lifetime I have not explored, but a lifetime that explains a lot about my life now.

Bridget’s work is focused on five past lifetimes. The first lifetime she was a female cave dweller of the species known as Australopithecus Afarensis. This species is an extinct hominid that lived between 3.9 million and 2.9 million years ago BCE. They were the first “hominid” or human-like beings to walk on both feet and not live in trees. The four subsequent lives Bridget explored are female lives in Japan, Italy, Native American, and the life time that came through as a flashback in England – 1744–1818.

In the fourth session, a deeper more authoritarian voice began speaking, giving me direction on how the session needed to be focused. I asked, “Who is speaking?” Einstein, the voice retorted. “Oh! Thanks for speaking with me. Are you, Einstein of E = MC2 fame?” “Bingo,” the voice snapped. At least he has a sense of humor, I thought. Not wanting to sound like a gushy school girl, I said, “Tell me more.”

Einstein continued, “You were chosen to work with her because ‘we’ know you could handle it. I and others will be helping you. You need to follow ‘our’ instructions.” “I will do that,” I stated, hoping that I didn’t sound like a school girl. “We know that,” he stated briskly and went on with more details of the plan for Bridget’s work. I asked him, “Who else will be working with you?” “You will know soon,” he said, impatiently. Now I was chagrined because I sounded like a curious school girl. Wanting to vindicate myself I said, “One of my endearing qualities is being innocent and curious.” “We know that,” he intoned, “that is why you do excellent work. You are curious and ask many questions. We have watched you since you were born.” I wondered who was among those who watched me since my birth, but I did not ask. I wondered how he watched me since my birth, because Einstein died when I was in high school. After the trance work in this session, Bridget stated Einstein was a second cousin of her mother – a soul group member coming to assist in reuniting Twin Souls.

The options Einstein had to watch me were: 1) as his previous life or 2) telepathic communication and astral journeys during his life as Einstein. Einstein was born at Ulm, in Württemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879 and died in Princeton, NJ April 18, 1955. To frame the juxtaposition of our lives, I am second generation German born in the U.S. of both my mother and father.

In the next session, Einstein clarified that Bridget’s herbalist was correct, the flashback she had, was prompted by him. As a second cousin of Bridget’s mother, Einstein had agreed to awaken Bridget to do her past life healing work. It would be difficult if not impossible to reunite with Jim, her Twin Soul whom she dated in high school, without the soul and spirit healing.

“It is urgent to reunite as many Twin Souls as possible before December 2012, especially these Twin Souls,” he emphasized. Einstein explained since these Twin Souls were prominent political figures in a pivotal period in European and Colonial America history their political leadership and as highly cohesive husband and wife will be poignantly valuable in 2012 global transition. “You are among those who will reunite with a Twin Soul,” Einstein stated. I asked, “Me, Dorothy, will reunite with a Twin Soul?” Yes, Einstein replied. My curiosity shot up to a ten, but I did not ask who, when, etc. and he did not offer any further explanation.

As Bridget’s subsequent work progressed she discovered her entire soul group reincarnates with her into each lifetime from her first life as a cave woman. Even though each soul changes roles, their souls do not change gender. For example, Bridget’s mother is the incarnation of one of Charlene’s daughters – role reversal. Role reversal is a fascinating juxtaposition that warrants further research.

Spring 2010

Bridget’s work shifted from her own past life healing to telepathic healing work with her mother and her mother’s previous lives and her Twin Soul, Jim, and communicating his mother, Donna. Donna’s love for Bridget had not waned since Bridget dated him, her son in high school, although they hadn’t seen each other in many years.

It became clear that Donna’s role was to emotionally support her son reuniting with Bridget. She seemed concerned about how this would impact her family and Bridget’s family after so many years of being separated. Donna and I talked Mother to Mother about her concerns, etc, she being the older of the two of us, however, in the same generation.

May 24, 2010

I had an experience I wonder if anyone will believe. After many years of doing past-life regression work, including my own, telepathic work, being clairvoyant and clairaudient, I only believe myself, because, I know I am not clever enough to make it up.

The evening of May 24th, I watched TV propped up on my bed. As I waited with the sound turned to barely audible, while the commercial played, I closed my eyes until I heard the theme music playing. When I opened my eyes I looked straight into the face of a woman standing by the bed near my feet. My first thought was, “How could she come into my bedroom – the doors are locked.” In the next moment I realized I was seeing an apparition. This was not the first time I have seen an apparition in my home, but, this was different – she seemed like she knew me and stood closer to me than any other apparition that appeared before. One of my sisters has come into my bedroom several times, while I was sleeping and woke me up. Yet, this was different – an apparition, that seemingly knows me that I do not recognize.

Her beautiful white hair was either pulled back or cut short. She wore a lovely soft light blue dress with puff sleeves; a perfect dress to wear to lunch in an upscale restaurant. Her expression was earnest, as if she wanted to walk closer and say something. Unfortunately my realization that I was seeing an apparition caused me to gasp slightly. Upon hearing my gasp she disappeared even though I telepathically invited her to stay.

As I pondered this experience this apparition resembled no one in my family or relationships. The next plausible connection was to a client. Through the process of elimination, I concluded that she was someone connected to Bridget; either Bridget’s mother or her Twin Soul’s mother. I did not have long to wait as Bridget had a session scheduled on Wednesday.

May 27, 2010

As is the custom in Bridget’s sessions, I put her into a trance and ask who needs to speak. Sometimes Bridget gives a narrative of what is coming through as I count her into the trance. This time she could see Donna in her kitchen with her son, Jim, (Bridget’s Twin Soul). Donna was standing at the sink doing something. As is the custom, I asked Donna if she wanted to speak. Bridget reported that Donna was walking out of the kitchen. This was the first time Donna had avoided speaking to me. Instantly, I decided to speak to her. Intuitively or knowing, I said, “Donna, I am sorry I gasped when you came to see me in my bedroom on Sunday.”

I had not told Bridget about seeing the apparition. Bridget stated that Donna stopped and turned back into the kitchen. I explained to Donna that I was surprised to see her in my bedroom. However, I wanted to talk with her. I suggested we could talk now. Donna stated that she was reluctant to tell me what she wanted to talk about because she might hurt Bridget’s feelings. I invited her to visit me anytime and we would talk. I advised her that if I gasped that she could stay and I would collect myself. I asked if she had visited me before. She said that she had visited once before but I had not seen her.

After the trance work Bridget was shocked that Donna had appeared in my bedroom. “How could she do that?” she asked. I explained astral journeys. Bridget asked if I wanted to see a picture of Donna on Facebook. There was no mistake; if Donna appeared in a line-up for the crime of being in my bedroom I would have recognized her without hesitation. Case closed.

In the following session, Einstein explained that Donna was concerned about all the doings and details required to reunite Bridget and Jim. Since then I have spoken telepathically to Donna about the details so that she can process the important role she plays. I also reassured her that Twin Souls reuniting to the soul is “common.” In July, Bridget took her two children to visit family in her hometown where she and Jim grew up and their parents were friends. Donna was thrilled to be a surrogate grandmother to Bridget’s children. Bridget’s children bonded with Donna as if she were a grandparent they had not met yet.

Betwixt and between all the healing of souls many disincarnate entities, dark entities, and tricksters were encountered and sent home to the Light. One disincarnate entity was able to catch Einstein off guard and disempowered him to the degree he could barely function. I haven’t heard of a disincarnate entity being able to disempower a master guide. Thus it seems that we have learned something new. I had called to Einstein to assist with the dark energy. Einstein stated he needed time to reenergize and that I was on my own. As I worked with the disincarnate entity, I prayed that Einstein would recover fully and return to work within a few hours. I called for master guide and Archangel Michael came and assisted me in taking this powerful and cantankerous entity to the Light. Much to my surprise, by the end of the session, Einstein had totally regained his energy.

I asked Einstein how the dark energy was able to disempower him. Einstein sidestepped the question – either he was chagrined that he was caught off guard or he did not fully comprehend that himself. Einstein explained there are many “dark” entities who do not want Twin Souls to reunite because when Twin Souls reunite they are highly powerful and create an environment of peace and harmony. Dark entities in Bridget’s work have been disincarnate human, animal, bird, reptile, or creature souls. The Buddhists have it right – animals, birds, reptiles, and creatures have a soul. If the soul does not go to the Light it can become a dark entity that sometimes creates mischief and havoc. Yet, on the other side of the coin, if there were nothing for souls in body to “overcome” such as havoc and mischief, the yin and yang of life, the motivation to achieve emotional and spiritual growth, might be nil.

January 2011

Many levels of healing from the soul group as cave dwellers to their current lives has been accomplished with all the souls in the five past lives including Bridget, her mother, and Jim. Einstein and his team have arranged opportunities for Bridget and Jim to be together. The day Jim will consciously know that he is destined to keep his soul agreement and reunite with Bridget is drawing near.

Another astonishing experience surfaced while telepathically communicating with Jim through Bridget channeling his voice, when he and Bridget terminated their three year relationship his freshman year in collage and her junior year in high school. Although they loved each other dearly, the circumstances were too difficult for young teens to maintain a long distance relationship. He was so distraught with their break up that, while out driving his car, he stopped and considered taking his life; except he did not know how he would do such a thing. So, he sat by the roadside and cried wishing he could simply die and unable to pull himself together to drive back to the dorm.

As I talked with Jim about his feelings as he sat by the roadside, I had a flashback. I could see myself comforting him. It was not my soul from another life; for example as Georgia, Charlene’s best friend, who knew Jim’s soul energy in the life as Charlene’s husband, Gregory. It was me, Dorothy, who heard his anguish and made an astral journey to help him. While this surprised me, it is consistent with the theme of my incarnations, whereby, I hear the cries of people who are in distress and spring into action to rescue them from their plight. It was my astral projected soul who successfully provided Jim the support he needed to move on and create a life without Bridget. Yet, in the transition of reuniting with Bridget, Jim needs to complete his emotional processing.

Unbeknown to Bridget, everyone in her previous lives, including me had made a soul agreement to assist them in meeting and then separating. The separation was part of the healing process for all their incarnations from cave dweller to twenty-first century Twin Souls reuniting.

This is the second instance that I have learned that I have helped a soul group member without knowing them in this incarnation. These experiences indicate that soul group members assist one another in their incarnation even though there is no incarnated relationship – i.e. family member, friend, acquaintance or co-worker.

Comments and Conclusion

In the meantime, I learned I will reunite with a Twin Soul from the lifetime as Charlene’s friend in England – a prominent person in Charlene’s and Gregory’s personal and professional life. He was a politician and Georgia was his biggest advocate. Georgia campaigned for his election and reelection to the Parliament; a role no other woman had taken before. This explains why I am drawn to political matters more than I have time to fully pursue. He had deep respect, love, and admiration for Georgia then and wants to reunite now. When and how we will reunite has not been revealed It was uncanny when I spoke with this Twin Soul, I felt like I was in Georgia’s body – the energy highly like my energy, yet with a strong sense of propriety.

It was revealed that I was also a medicine woman in Bridget’s Native American life; a lifetime I have not explored yet. As a medicine woman, Daisy, I administered life-saving measures to Bridget’s three-year-old son, who was maimed by a crazed buffalo. The buffalo was crazed by a ‘dark energy,’ medicine woman. I could not stop the bleeding and Bridget’s son died. In this same incident Bridget’s husband and father of her son was killed attempting to save their son. Despite, Daisy’s efforts she was unable to save him. Thus, Bridget’s soul in that life lost a son and husband in a few minutes. It is no surprise then that I agreed to be here to help these souls reunite as a way to vindicate myself as a Native American Medicine woman. The theme of soul healing is abandonment since the first incarnation of this soul group beginning as cave dwellers.

Between sessions, Bridget received many messages from her guides – Einstein, et al – as well as from animals, birds, reptiles, and creatures. These messages were needed to continue the healing process of her soul and the souls in her soul group in this life or a previous life. I use two books to fully understand animals, birds, reptiles, and creatures’ messages; Animal Speak, Ted Andrews and Medicine Cards, Jamie Sams and David Caron.

An interesting juxtaposition to my being Bridget’s past-life practitioner is the intricate details of my being in the right place at the right time. April 2003 was Bridget’s first horrific reaction to mold in her home; to the degree that she was compelled to move. Her horrific bout with mold prompted her to seek an herbalist, who specialized in mold detox, who is also an intuitive. Not surprising, he is in Bridget’s soul group as the incarnation of Charlene’s and Gregory’s oldest son. It is poignantly compelling why he chose this role as his soul agreement.

In the meantime, in December 2002, I made a commitment to my children to move to Phoenix within a year. My daughter was the loudest voice in convincing me to move sooner than later. At the time, I had a strong sense that my daughter was also a messenger for another compelling reason in addition to her and her brother and my four grandchildren. I moved to Phoenix November 14th 2003, seven months after Bridget’s first bout with mold. Thus, I was available to work with Bridget when Einstein triggered the flashback of her dying as Charlene in a room with mold on the walls, thus triggering her quest to understand it.

In summary working with Bridget has reinforced the important and profound role PLR practitioners play in the emotional and spiritual healing process. It is also abundantly clear we need to embrace what might seem unreal or delusional to assist the client to heal. Working with Bridget has affirmed the belief that all humans, animals, birds, reptiles, and creatures are intricately connected. Simultaneously, the universe is aligned in every way necessary for each soul in body or disincarnate to create peace and harmony on this planet and/or other realms.


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