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Pre- and Perinatal Regression – Albert Marotta (Is.29)

by Albert J. Marotta MA, CHT


Hypnotic transpersonal regression is a valid expansion of successful therapeutic procedures in a multi dimensional reality. This article suggests that any trauma experienced in pre and perinatal periods (Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) can have life-long negative effects as reflected in research, case studies and personal experiences.

The goal of this article is to introduce just one of several different levels or dimensions found in hypnotic regression work and perhaps provoke some new thought.

Throughout history, in any field, the desire of a few to manipulate and control others is legendary. They have effectively employed guilt, shame, fear, intimidation, religion and budget manipulation for suppressing any new perspectives, thoughts or concepts while ignoring or denying new information in order to maintain the status quo. It took the medical profession 50 years to accept the concept of germs. Washing of hands was not a standard medical practice in the early 19th century. Doctors were considered gentleman, and a gentleman’s hands were always clean. (Mitford, 1992, p.35)

Traditional thinking and training has become increasingly limited in relation to a non-physical or a spiritual sense. Any growth or progress is both scientifically limited or outwardly rejected. Fact: we are multi-dimensional beings in a multidimensional reality. In a March 2002 radio program, theoretical physicist Michio Kaku stated, “Theoretical physicists at Princeton are presently working in the 11th dimension to prove the 10th dimension exists.” It is the quantum sciences that are moving us away from the old outdated ways and into the dynamics of expanded thinking, discovery and advancement in multidimensional realities.

Amid much controversy, pre- and perinatal psychology was officially introduced in the early 1970’s as a legitimate scientific therapy in Oslo, Norway. “Pre and Perinatal memories are transpersonal, transcending all expected boundaries of consciousness during intra-uterine time and birth…” (Chamberlain, 1999, p.86).

The unborn are feeling, recording and aware beings from conception. Everything experienced in-utero through both the mother and her environment, molds and shapes the personality. Fears, frustrations, ambition, limitations, future relationships and even career choices are frequently in place at or before birth. Fetal recall is memory or energy stored at the cellular DNA level. The body contains all memories and traumas of everything ever experienced in this phase of development. Traumatic uterine and birth experiences remain imprinted as adopted survival patterns that resist change.

If at any time in-utero, one’s life was literally in jeopardy, those survival patterns were adapted and locked in as the only way to respond to life’s situation. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation happen when negative repressed energies and memories are transformed and released.

The fact we may not recall an experience doesn’t mean it never happened or was never recorded in the subconscious mind. Inability to form relationships, fear of sexual intimacy, sexual deviation, autism, depression, suicide, drug, food and alcohol abuse plus numerous other related life problems have been found directly related to pre- and perinatal experiences (Journey to be Born, video). Intra- and interpersonal relationships, physical and mental health even spiritual evolution are all effected by our own pre- and perinatal experiences.

Pre- and perinatal therapy is very powerful in the grand scheme of assembling the therapeutic puzzle of reality. Remember a puzzle has many interrelated interlocking pieces.

In 1971, amid great skepticism, the International Society for the Study of Prenatal Psychology was established to promote the study and understanding of the unborn…and effects of the womb experience (Gabriel, 1992, p.38). This therapy stands today on over half a century of established research and documented results. It is an established scientific fact, the unborn are feeling, aware beings from conception.

“Many subjects in regression report vivid … experiences on the cellular level of consciousness
that seem to reflect their existence in the form of sperm and ovum at the time of conception.
Stanislav Grof

During the gestation period, the mother’s emotions are influential in the developing prenate subconscious, influencing core personality traits and survival coping patterns. Definite fears, attitudes, self-imposed limitations, inter- and intrapersonal communication styles, are often in place at or before birth. Emotion is the key to opening the subconscious mind, that brings everything into the conscious mind. Both the healing and destructive powers of the mind are startling (Modi, 2014, p.42).

The dynamics of internal and external stress and stressors experienced during pregnancy are historically well documented. ‘Stored’ negative energies or imprints at the cellular, DNA and spiritual levels, have far reaching ramifications. All trauma: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or psychic, is stored in specific physical areas of the human body. The determining factor of how or why is still a mystery to me.

In regression therapy, negative imprinting can be altered, by transforming or removing those original negative emotional traumas. Subconscious memories rooted in the three-dimensional materialistic world of the five senses are changed, e.g. traumatic uterine life and birth experiences are imprinted as survival patterns and initially resistant to conscious change. While lacking the powers of speech in the womb, the fetus is emphatically absorbing the mother’s emotions, and the emotions of others that have influence on the mother. The prenate has no barriers to emotional energies. All emotions are generally accepted as their own. Infant interconnectedness with the mother often reflect her negative feelings of guilt, blame, anger, shame, resentment, and failure, as well as any positive emotions. So, any unconscious, undealt with material on the part of the mother has the potential to get into the psyche of the child (Gay Hendricks, Journey to be Born, video).

Jane, a psychiatric nurse, after experiencing her own prenatal regression, reported experiencing her mothers’ despair and exhaustion during fetal development. Jane also recalled accepting the guilt for her in-uterine presence.

At the conclusion of the session, Jane stated, “It’s all very real. You think at first, ‘Oh I just made that up.’ You’d like to say it’s just play acting but the actuality of it is so terribly real and frightening… You’d like to pretend it’s not a part of you. You’d like to use that kind of denial and you just can’t” (Star Foundation, 1986).

There is no separation between the mind and the body. Many regressions reveal the original problem is usually based in the mother’s poor self-image and/or the parents disharmonious dynamic. “It hurts in my solar plexus. My father doesn’t receive my mother’s love, so he pulls away and blames himself. It doesn’t make sense. He hurts emotionally but she sees him as weak… in her anger, she uses me against him” (Gabriel, 1992, p.65).

Many problems have been directly related to pre- and perinatal experiences including, the inability to form relationships, fear of sexual intimacy, sexual perversion, autism, phobias, eating disorders, depression, suicide, substance abuse, chronic physical pain, compulsive behavior, physical abuse, learning difficulties, suicide, and many other problems. Unless these patterns of thoughts are broken or replaced, “We are all prisoners of our history, controlled by a forgotten past” (Gabriel, 1992, p. 11). Every emotion has a physical response.

My Introduction to Pre- and Perinatal Regression

I attended a Past-Life Conference in 1984 or ’85. Ed, a middle-aged psychologist, encouraged a group of us to share a very “dynamic video” he had brought with him. Thinking it might be good for a laugh, I reluctantly attended.

Ed’s client, a young man in his early 20’s, presented as desirous of understanding why he felt rejected by his aloof father. Ed had worked with him for several sessions having no real success. This session, Ed felt, would be his last attempt at resolving the issue.

“Midway through the session,” Ed stated, “I felt like I’d hit a brick wall and just sort of sat there. I had exhausted all known approaches to his problem.

Suddenly, I heard myself say, ‘Go back to your conception and look into your father’s face.’ I don’t know where that suggestion came from, but no one could have been more shocked than I to have heard it come out of my mouth!! Watching the video, I noticed the young man physically respond to Ed’s suggestion with a slight movement. In an amazed voice the client blurted out, “Oh my God! My father is my uncle! Now I understand why we are so close. Dad knew this all along!”

There it was on tape… unbelievable? Impossible? Why couldn’t it be possible?

Suddenly my mind opened up to the possibility. Old beliefs quickly faded. The video left a profound impression. I could not dismiss what I had just seen and heard. The lesson for me was powerful!—don’t believe everything you think.

“The fact a person doesn’t recall an experience,
doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or wasn’t recorded.”

Thomas Verney

 Case Studies

In 1588, a French invention called Iron Hands was introduced into the medical field. Today they are referred to as forceps. One third of all American births (1980’s) were completed with the use of forceps. While many doctors may consider forceps a great aid, a greater percentage of forceps deliveries might disagree. The following eight case studies are a small sample of pre- and perinatal regressions I’ve conducted since 1986.

Case study 1: A few weeks after my initial introduction to Ed’s pre- and perinatal regression, Mary, a woman in her mid-fifties presented as never having passed a written examination in her entire life. Mary explained that when handed an exam, she would immediately experience a ‘blinding headache’ recalling nothing until after the exam was handed in.

When asked to describe her headache, Mary reported, “My head feels like it’s in a vice.” It was discovered that she had been a high forceps delivery. She experienced her left eye and the area behind her right ear as being crushed during the delivery process. Somehow any written exam would subconsciously trigger that painful, traumatic birth memory. Intellectually Mary would black out with no recall during the exam.

The most perplexing aspect in this regression, was Mary’s repeated references to, “The X’s are coming to get me.” She described the “bright X’s and the brown X’s and the painful grabbing onto my face and head.”

I finally realized she was referring to the forceps. The clean bright ones and the blood colored ones. After this revelation, the session flowed quickly to an effective conclusion.

The stored birth trauma in Mary’s head and face from the delivery was released. I received word that she passed her very first exam ever. This case was so memorable because Mary’s exam was the final in the last course required to complete her Bachelor’s degree.

Even before the brain is able to interpret experiences. Our body records and holds on to all emotional responses experiences, real or imagined. Many hypnotized clients describe living through physical and emotional changes experienced while transitioning from a fertilized egg to a fully formed prenate ready for birth.

“Fetal recall (imprint) is a body memory. The body remembers in its own way and that 
stored knowledge is no less valid than intellectual recall.
Arthur Janov

 Case study 2: Donna, a forty-year old woman, presented with panic attacks every time she attempted to climb her attic stairs. “It feels like the walls are closing in. I panic and cannot breathe by the time I reach the third step.”

In regression it was discovered, Donna had been a forceps delivery. During the birthing process, her nose was smashed into her face. She experienced a heavy pressure on her sinuses and on the back of her skull. She reported the attic walls were, “The exact same color green as in the delivery room.”

Subconsciously the color of the attic walls reactivated the traumatic birth memory of suffocation, pain and panic.

Immediately after the session, she excitedly ran several times to the top of the attic steps and back down with ease, laughing the whole time. No further problem was ever experienced.

Case study 3: Charles, in his late twenties, presented as seeking a long-term relationship. The longest he had ever experienced was only two weeks. A third date was a rarity. In regression this is the story that emerged: Charles’ mother, while in college, was studying to become a concert pianist.

She had a one night stand with a ‘blue collar’ pickup. She realized almost immediately, she was pregnant and had to marry the man, sacrificing her life dream. Full of resentment and anger, she focused it all on both her husband and the developing little one.

When Charles was asked where in his physical body he stored all his mother’s negative hostility, anger, rage, and resentment directed at him, he responded, “In my right leg and right hip.” This was the constant theme from conception, throughout his entire intrauterine life and beyond. Charles reported deliberately delaying his birth for over three weeks knowing what he was coming into. His deliberate birth delay only intensified the mother’s anger and resentment towards him.

Charles’ childhood was a continuation of emotional, physical and mental abuse. As a child, he continued storing his mother’s negative emotions and angry outbursts in his right leg and hip. At age 12, he was diagnosed with polio located in his right leg and hip.

At the session’s conclusion, Charles gained insight into his relationship situation. If you are not accepted by your own mother, how can you really trust any woman?

Charles lived on the East coast. I never heard from him again for any follow up. In retrospect, I would further inquire into the planning stages, asking (1) What was your purpose for choosing this specific family dynamic? (2) Were there any Karmic ramifications or past life carryover in relation to your mother? General information can easily be obtained from the “in-between” life stage and/or the Akashic records.

Case study 4: A recent pre- and perinatal regression started out simply enough:

“Could we find out what my attraction to sugar is?” When asked where that attraction was centered, April responded, “Perhaps in my circulatory system…centered in my intestines.” When asked if there were any words or phrases attached to those feelings, April responded, “Healing from birth… when we eat sugar, we feel better.” To clarify, I asked if these were pre- and perinatal issues.

April responded, “Yes. The walls of my mother’s womb are squeezing in, forcing everything out of my colon and stomach…when I eat sugar, it makes them (intestines and stomach) relax from that tightness.”

Checking the mother’s attitude towards pregnancy, April responded, “OH GOD!! She’s upset and blaming my father. I’m two or three months in-utero.

It’s like that sourness… her sourness came through that tube connecting us.

My belly button… that sourness (bitterness) is from her.”

April reported all of her mother’s sourness, unhappiness, and blame were focused towards both her and her father. All of these negative emotions and feelings were stored in April’s abdominal area.

The fourth and fifth months were reported as even worse. Her mother’s attitude in months seven to nine were reported as “I don’t want to have this baby. This baby is going to be bad for me. I wish it never existed.”

April emotionally responded,

I’m not an it!!… It (feels) like a line that just went up from the pelvic area, where all my intestines are stored… all the way up through my head and into my throat, back into the back of the neck. It’s like I’m holding on for dear life through my neck and occipital region. My shoulders and intestines… I can’t breathe. Right now, that whole pelvic area is like acid being poured down there.

As the fears and emotions from in-utero were compounded by similar experiences over time, the responses became a physical habit, in April’s case, her attraction to sugar. Once those feeling are understood and the emotions released, recall of the memories become neutral leaving no emotional impact or negative carryover. This is accomplished with simple inner child reprogramming and reintegration procedures.

“It isn’t just what happens to the body, it’s what the mind does with the experience.”
Barbara Reid Findeisen

Case study 5: While conducting a transpersonal training class, Jane volunteered for a demonstration. When asked what I could do to make the quality of her life better, she stated, “I think I was born angry, I can never remember a time when I wasn’t angry. Help put an end to my anger.” This was her presenting issue. In her interview, Jane went on to mention, that her entire family lineage as far back as she could remember, were all angry, resentful, abusive, and hate filled. She felt it was time for a change. She had had enough of it. Interestingly, Jane was currently working professionally with the homeless—street people, alcoholics, and addicts.

In regression, seeking the origins of that intense anger and hatred, she spontaneously found herself in the planning stages of this current life. Jane discovered that she had already preselected her parents, her ethnicity, and other aspects of her chosen life. She was now ready to claim that life.

Suddenly it was like they [unclear who they were] grabbed me by the neck and told me ‘No, you need to be here’ and they threw me into this family. I was so angry!… Wow, I really was born angry!

In working through and transforming those negative energies at and before birth, it was suggested to Jane, she ask the guides why there was a last-minute override of her choice (free will)? What was her purpose in this current lifetime?

Why was she directed into such an angry family?

The answer received was surprising. Apparently, she had been ‘selected’ to assist in transforming this family’s current negative attitude, putting an end to a long standing, self-perpetuating anger and resentment. Interestingly, almost immediately, her whole physical and mental composure shifted. She became calmer, less tense and accepting of her role.

Until this client, my understanding was that individuals chose their own family. This was done of their own free will. Apparently, there are exceptions made for the highest good that overrides personal choice. Over the years, I have only experienced two similar situations where an individual’s free choice was overridden. I heard back from Jane several years later and experienced a much softer individual.

“The two most important days in a man’s life
are the day when he was born,
and the day he knows why.”
Mark Twain

Insights into the Abortion Issue

“A person has a right to start in the present to acquire some maturity,
so that the future may be better than the past.
Dr. John A. Schindler

Abortions are an emotional minefield. In dealing with abortions over the years, there are four absolutes I have found (to date), that stand out. I present no official stand, but am merely reporting the findings and results of my work as reported to me by my clients.

  1. The mother and the little one are frequently affected both physically and emotionally; experiences are all recorded at the subconscious level.
  1. The spirits of the aborted are frequently present and angry. They want an explanation for being rejected, or not being permitted to live.
  1. The spirit of the aborted often attaches to a specific part of the mother’s body that was key in their own physical death during the procedure.
  1. The spirit, or soul is a continuous and eternal. It cannot be destroyed, and can be communicated with at any time.

Case study 6: While conducting a public demonstration, I experienced an unexpected case of prenatal recall, which proved both interesting and fascinating. Carol was a young dental assistant in her early twenties. The presenting issue was, “I’m afraid and frightened all the time. I would also like to know why I can’t seem to form a relationship with my father.”

In order to regress her back to the origin of that fear, a great reluctance was encountered. Shifting tactics, it was suggested she regress to the happiest time she ever experienced. With a great sense of euphoria, Carol responded, “I was just conceived a few moments ago.” I was shocked. The element of surprise, curiosity, and doubt caught me by surprise. I asked, “What are your parents doing right now?” she responded, “Oh, they’re still making love.” I quickly suggested that she move forward to just before the incident we needed to view in order to understand the origin of her presenting issue. She quickly moved to the end of her first uterine trimester.

There was a physical shutter as Carol reported her parents were arguing.

“How,” I asked, but before I could rephrase the question, she answered, “In German!” When asked if she understood what was being said, she responded, “Yes. My father wants my mother to get an abortion and mother adamantly refuses!” I asked what she was experiencing at that exact moment, Carol replied, “Very frightened and all alone.” I asked if this feeling was similar to her presenting issue. She responded, “No, it’s exactly the same. Now I realize why I’m so close to my mother and why dad is indifferent.”

With some inner child work, i.e., reframing and reintegration, the problem was quickly resolved. Experiencing the abortion argument, was the underlying subconscious event and the core of her issue. A one-month follow up validated a complete life transformation free of fear. Interestingly, Carol declared, she really didn’t believe any of her experiences, yet was at a loss for her sudden life transformation, no fear. Total session time, including interview to completion, was less than 45 minutes. 

Case study 7: Jan presented with severe headaches that prevented her from studying and completing required class work. She described the headache, “As if my head is being crushed in from the sides. The doctors are not able to help me get any relief.”

Regressing to the origin of that first headache, found Jan having an abortion in her early teens. The spirit of the aborted was discovered. It admitted to attaching itself to the mother’s head and was intentionally causing the headaches, “In order to get my mother’s attention.” When asked for what reason, it was stated a full explanation as to, “Why it was abandoned and not permitted to live.”

Realizing what was happening, Jan was directed to immediately give a full explanation to the little one, as to why it had been aborted. After listening, the little one’s response was a nonchalant, “Oh, I see.” It was then quickly ready to transition into the light, harboring no ill will, anger or resentment.

Realizing for the first time there was life and conscious intelligence in the developing little one, Jan became very depressed, sad and guilty over her actions.

I had the little one explain to the mother there was no resentment or ill will on its part, and it harbored no judgment. All was fine and Jan should forgive herself because her actions were based in ignorance as opposed to malicious intent.

With the aid of the little one, Jan released all negative feelings and emotions from her actions. She described a great sense of peace, release and relief. They hugged each other good bye. It was pointed out that the little one was never more than a thought away, which the spirit (or consciousness) confirmed as it transitioned into the light.

Jan reemerged from the session feeling clear and light, with a great sense of relief, guilt free and at peace.

Six weeks later Jan returned commenting on her greatly improved study ability, class achievement, and free from her headaches. However, she now complained of severe backache in the small of her spine.

Following the same basic regression format. It was discovered that she had had a second abortion, in her early 20’s. This spirit was attached to Jan’s spine, also seeking an explanation as to why.

Techniques Used: working through the process of explanation, understanding, spirit releasement, releasing negative emotions of anger, abandonment, and dialoguing. I suspected the headaches and the lower back pain experienced by the mother had something to do with the procedures and techniques used in the abortion procedure by the medical doctors. All was satisfactorily completed with the second little ones transitioning; the mother released all negative feelings of emotional guilt, shame and mental anxiety.

“Consciousness predates time.”
P.M.H. Atwater

Case study 8: I received a phone call from Pat, a young woman in her late 20’s. She had attended a lecture I gave on hypnosis and regression therapy.

She mentioned her life was a depressed mess and falling apart. Pat was ordered to see the company psychologist or lose her job. Recalling my presentation, Pat mentioned she preferred to work with me because, “You made so much sense.” We did one extended session of three hours with excellent results.

Story: I regressed her to just before the incident we needed to look at that set her problems in motion. It all started with her first abortion. Pat had been promiscuous in her younger years. She had six abortions by the age of 21. We worked through the six individual attached spirits, plus, a seventh aborted spirit that had attached to Pat one day while walking past an abortion clinic.

Once the session was completed she sat up and reported feeling wonderful, relieved, physically lighter, and having a sense of being in control of her life.

I saw Pat about five years later. I almost failed to recognize her. She appeared younger, happy and there was an inner tranquil glow about her. She reported after our session she did see the company psychologist, which she found more amusing than helpful. She later quit her job and went on to more satisfying employment. She now had a fiancé and was truly happy for the first time in her young life.

Techniques: Regression, grief resolution, spirit releasement, and remote therapy.

Note: Interestingly with the seventh little one who sought the same explanation of, “Why wasn’t I permitted to live? Why was I rejected?” Pat became the medium for successful resolution between the mother and little one.

Abortion: A Third Perspective

It is obvious abortions can and do have major emotional effects on both the mother and the aborted entity as well. Guilt and shame for most of the mothers is already there; and feelings of anger, rage and abandonment for the little one.

Pre-abortion counseling with a spiritual foundation and understanding eliminates much potential emotional and mental pain. I consider direct fetal communication as an overlooked third perspective to a difficult issue.

Note: It has often been reported that spirits of the little ones may frequently stick around after the fact to help placate a mothers guilt, shame grief, and depression.

In the 1980’s, Gladys McGarey, M.D. in a taped lecture stated spontaneous miscarriages can be induced through a simple spiritual process. She designed a six-step process for her patients.

  1. Meditate and pray on the situation
  2. List all the pros and cons of pregnancy
  3. Have a direct dialogue with the little one
  4. Explain fully to the little one the situation, all pros and cons
  5. Use dream state and prayer for receiving messages
  6. Arrive at the final decision

In lecture, Dr. McGarey mentioned that some patients had a change of mind.

Dr. McGeary reported approximately an 85% spontaneous miscarriage rate. If the mother still insisted, then Dr. McGarey used medical intervention.

Interestingly the women reported feeling free of any guilt, grief or shame using this process. It is interesting to note that a fetal dialogue can be conducted at any time because the spirit or soul is a continuing, eternal consciousness that is indestructible.

“When working with prenatal consciousness,
psychology and spirituality become impossible to separate.
Steven Raymod R.N.

For What It’s Worth

Inter- and intrapersonal relationships, physical health, and spiritual evolution are all affected by our pre- and perinatal experiences. Regression therapy is one area that helps put it together so that we may understand, focus and transform negative experiences and memories to gain greater insight and control in our own life.

 “Because all science expands one type of knowledge,
it need not denigrate another.

All great scientists have understood this.
Margaret Mead



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