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Regression Therapy As An Adjunct To Marriage Counseling: A Case Study – Esther Iseman (Is.22)

by Esther Iseman, Ph.D.

This case study demonstrates the potential benefits of regression therapy in healing troubled relationships. Each of us presumably brings a variety of memories from other lifetimes into current life relationships. These memories, which are beyond awareness and to which we subconsciously react (e.g., those resulting from trauma), can cause a variety of dysfunctional scenarios. Regression therapy can be a valuable tool in retrieving problematic memories so that the role of these memories can be discovered and used to resolve current issues.


“John” (age 39) initially began individual counseling because he had feelings of remorse resulting, in part, from a recent “drunken” one-time extramarital sexual encounter. He revealed that his wife of 17 years, “Melanie,” had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (an almost certain death sentence). Despite his despair, he found himself distancing himself from her. He made excuses for not accompanying her to chemotherapy sessions and made only brief visits while she was in the hospital undergoing various surgeries. He focused his attention on their three daughters (ages 4, 6, and 9), using their care and his job to rationalize not being by her side. Clearly John was clueless as to how to deal with the death of a spouse, which is generally thought to be the number one cause of stress (followed by divorce, separation, and jail). John recognized that he was behaving like a “terrible husband.”

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