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Regression Therapy Data and the Notion of Karma – Pavel S. Gyngazov (Is.20)

by Pavel S. Gyngazov, M.D.

This article describes a manifestation of the law of Karma that the author encountered during one of his RT sessions. The manifestation described in the article was not a solitary occurrence of the kind. This particular case and other cases of like kind makes the author believe that a person is free in his choice and bears full responsibility; in both the present incarnation and in future incarnations.

Regression therapy method, which is based upon the study of human past-life experience, has a wide variety of applications: psychotherapeutic correction of behavior, psychosomatic disease (inherited from previous lives) treatment, and harmonization of personality within its environment. The multivariate potential of patient treatment is in many ways determined by one extremely important principle, which is obviously manifesting itself at almost every Regression Therapy (RT) session—the patient’s unconscious brings to the surface incarnations in which problems correlate with the present period of patient’s life.

My personal practice within the field of RT sessions highlighted a rather interesting pattern–when a patient is living through an extremely difficult life (difficult in the whole complex of meanings, that is physically, morally, psychologically and emotionally) it leads to manifestations of various psychosomatic diseases in actual (biological) life, which are practically beyond the reach of medication-based methods. Symptoms relief is only possible via the difficult incarnation live-through; that is via lifting the unconscious up to the level of consciousness. Naturally that kind of regression leads a therapist to the following questions: “Why our unconscious offers this particular incarnation and what’s underneath its surface images?” I usually ask that question after looking through a difficult past life. And my patients do not hesitate to reply, “That’s because in my previous life I…” and there basically follows an indication of some serious misbehavior in the previous incarnation.

That sort of empirically detected cause-effect chain led me, an RT practitioner, to the notion of Karma, which I humbly offer to formulate as: wrong choice of a life alternative in the past that might lead to future tests, while “unfulfilled” Karma follows the offender up to his future lives.

I encounter Karma connected incarnations rather rarely, in about 5% of my cases, and that amount is not nearly enough for any sound generalizations. However, there are descriptions of Karma related punishments as well as benefits in Karma related literature (for example in Past-Life Memories by Richard Webster (2001), published by Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN). My cases justify only the punishment related side of literary descriptions, which might be caused by the trouble shooting character of any therapy, including mine. However, the other side of the coin, positive Karma, might become a topic for future work. The question whether Karma retaliation can only result from deliberate choice of evil or it might follow from non voluntary and unconscious acts as well remains subject for further examination.

The session that I take liberty to offer below is a rather vivid example of aggravating Karma. The patient, a 56 year old woman, suffers from unexplainable pain in her cervical vertebrae. The pain developed 31 years ago and could not be helped by any cure available. It was later diagnosed as osteochondrosis.

Within a few minutes after the session opening we got into one of my patient’s previous lives, the one of Katherine – rich young noble, owner of some medieval castle.

C: Katherine…that’s what he calls me…and my castle…gothic in style…

T: He?

C: A guy…

T: Do you love him?

C: Black hair. No… I don’t love him! He scares me…I’m getting anxious. Perhaps, I was waiting for someone…else? But I’m scared because of his presence here…he scares me…he scares me and I don’t love him! It is so beautiful around here, everything so fresh and green, the lawn has been mowed…I’m wearing some light colored dress. I’ve got long curly hair, blond and nicely combed. I’m looking good…And he makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t need him…He’s well dressed, …has short black pants, a bit over his knees, strange kind of boots, light colored with long noses, white “apache” shirt, with wide sleeves. He really scares me! He’s dark complexion, good looking but evil and that’s why I’m so scared! He’s got evil eyes.

T: Don’t you feel his love? Are you a rich girl? Perhaps he’s after your money?

C: No, I don’t feel his love…I live in the castle. I’m nicely dressed and I’m wearing expensive necklace, the dress is a low-neck kind, its light, fabric is sort of chiffon, lots of skirts as underwear. I’m heading somewhere and he’s behind me, following me…

 After some argument this man pushes Katherine, she falls and breaks the hoop of VII cervical vertebrae affecting the spinal cord.

C: Help! There’s a stone below and I hit it. I can’t get up, my body fails me.

 After this episode Katherine, who is 25, becomes completely disabled, and does not leave her bed. She has no close relatives and depends solely upon her servants who don’t pay too much attention to her needs. More, she always senses danger when servants are around. This and all kinds of humiliation from her disobedient men last until she is 40.

C: I’m lying in my bed…which is where I am staying all the time these days…I didn’t get up after that episode…Nobody comes visiting me, I’m all alone…Here I am, in my bed, not even moving…

C: It’s been a long, long time…My hair got gray…My heart aches, it feels hot, beats too fast, they give me some herbs but it still hurts so much. My heart aches and my left shoulder…Seems like no fresh air left in this room anymore…I’m suffocating. Help! I’m in pain…Please! What she’s doing!? Is that…She is sick of me, is she…She grew old too…What’s she doing now, what does she want!? Oh, my God…She’s trying to hurt me! I’m so scared, she…What’s she up to? She’s trying to kill me…I can’t breathe! Please…She shouts, calls me names, I can’t say exactly what she is shouting…

T: What is the meaning of her words?

C: She’s sick of me! She’s trying to kill, to smother me! I can’t resist, she’s put something on my face! I’m suffocating, I can’t breathe. I can’t move and get rid of this…Oh, my heart…she, she’s killing me! She killed me! There’s some thick blanket over me. She’s not here…and I’m underneath this blanket…I…I’m not…I’m dead…

T: How long are you staying by your body?

C: I feel sorry for myself and do not leave…I can see some candles by my body, perhaps somebody was there and has brought the candles, two candles by my head…I can see my grave and can not leave this place. I’m on guard here. Oh. My God, my heart aches again.

T: Perhaps you are not dead?

C: Yes! But they put me into the coffin! This is the end! They buried me…alive, they buried me! I’m alive! MY…! I… OH Please, please.

 After the separation of her soul from her body I asked the question about the previous incarnation. What is the past-life cause (and it must be a serious one) for such an unfavorable and difficult incarnation?

Both the answer and the imagery were received instantly. Prior to Katharine’s incarnation my patient was a witch, who prepared different sorts of poison on customers’ demand.

 C: I’m a witch…a witch! I can see some pot and open fire. I whisper something and throw something into the pot…pinch by pinch. My lips are moving, I’m saying something. I’m up to something…I look old, dressed in black, black head scarf, ugly face, scary. There’s poison in my pot, deadly poison! It’s not for me, it’s for somebody else; someone who asked me to perform the trick…Why did I agree? I agreed because something was offered to me in return for my services, something wrapped in cloth…

C: There’s an herb in my pot…I take it from tiny bags and I gather herbs myself, I know which herb to put in the brew and when and what to say. When I throw a pinch I mumble something and now I can’t understand a word that I’m saying! And I throw and whisper…Oh my God, what is that for? Steam over the pot, thick and white, almost solid, why is that? A woman’s approaching…she came up to me…I know her. She takes the brew, which is still hot…carries it away. That’s for her daughter in law. Yeah…I’m a witch…an evil one…I can do good but I love to do evil, to do evil! I feel excited just doing that! That is a gift inherited from my grandma–she was a witch and passed me that. She kissed me when…she was dying and that second my mind got clear upon everything! I wanted to obtain the power over people! The good I can perform but somehow I do only evil! And there they come–people after people day after night and they all want to hurt somebody, they all want evil things! MY…my…So many people…

C: Now I’m sick…I’m in my bed…and I feel so sick, and people still come and still asking for evil. I feel I have to pass my skill to someone, to anyone…I feel sorry for doing harm, making only harm…I repent, I do repent. Yes I was asked but I could have refused! I repent for I was a sinner…

 C: My hut…straw roof…I see eaves…I realize that if nobody inherits my gift and there’s no one to pass it to I’ll be suffering without end and will not die…I’m asking to help me…to let me out. They make a hole in the roof…in the roof…two men.

C: I’m not gonna die otherwise, I asked them to make that hole in the roof…for me to die , to rest…Now it’s done and I can see the sky. The hole is not large…I feel better, much better! Now I have to die! I’ll die now…it…it’s the gate for the evil spirit to get through…My God! I came through…Came through! Passed through! So black, black as soot…comes circling around, circling around Earth. My body’s down there and I feel no sorrow. I feel free but still I’m black, black ball as a football, black as soot…

 The above example clearly demonstrates the cause-effect connection which is the essence of our incarnations. Making a voluntary choice for evil (and in the above I underscored words testifying that the choice was voluntary) we bear full personal responsibility for that choice, manifesting in Karma punishment in a future life.

In conclusion I would like to cite Richard Webster: “There’s a harmony ruling in the Universe and the global evil created by the individual gets back to him.”

As for the patient from the session described above, there were positive changes in her life: the pain that was disturbing her for over 30 years and remained unamenable to all cures, was gone.