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Soul Detective Regressions – Barbara Stone (Is.24)

by Barbara Stone, Ph.D., L.I.S.W., D.C.E.P.


This article presents an innovative approach to complement regression therapy with trauma desensitization tools from the new field of energy psychology. The “Soul Detective Protocols” developed by the author use muscle testing rather than hypnosis to gather identifying information about past lives and invoke sacred space by asking archangels to form a pyramid of light around the therapy. After a brief description of the mechanics of meridian tapping therapies used for emotional relief and references for research on the subject, the author outlines the three basic steps in the energy psychology approach to therapy: ready–getting centered; willing–clearing limiting beliefs; and able–utilizing one of many energy psychology protocols. The article concludes with a case study in which a client cleared three interference patterns blocking her goals in a single session: one earthbound spirit attachment and two past life traumas.


The Soul Detective approach to regression therapy integrates techniques from the new field of Energy Psychology with traditional regression therapy methods. The first unique feature of Soul Detective work is using muscle testing (clinical kinesiology) rather than hypnosis to gather from the client’s subconscious field enough information to identify the past life and open the soul’s memory of that lifetime.

Muscle Testing

The basic premise of muscle testing is that a muscle will keep its strength when tested following a true statement and it will lose strength following a false statement. A research study (1999) using a computerized dynamometer to measure muscle strength demonstrated that when a subject made a self-referential statement that was congruent, the muscle response had 17 percent greater strength over a 59 percent longer time span than a self-referential statement that was incongruent.[1]

Energy Psychology Trauma Desensitization

The second unique feature is that once the trauma in that lifetime has been identified, the client does an energy psychology surrogate treatment on herself/himself to rapidly desensitize the trauma and prevent emotional flooding. Usually the energy treatment involves gentle tapping on points on the energy meridians that correspond to the emotions involved. For example, everyone knows how the emotion of fear makes the stomach feel as if it is tied up in knots. Gentle tapping on the balancing point for the stomach helps to release fear. One big advantage of this method is that usually a past-life trauma can be located and desensitized in half an hour, rather than the two hours needed with hypnosis.

When I first heard about Energy Psychology methods to rapidly release trauma I was extremely skeptical. I thought the idea of tapping away problems was preposterous and that it sounded far too easy. I had a belief system that the only way to release trauma was to relive the emotions in all their intensity—and even that method would not always permanently resolve the trauma. What convinced me was trying the methods on myself and feeling their direct power to make trauma melt. One very popular energy psychology self-help method is Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT), online at www.eftuniverse.com. The website has a free mini-EFT manual download under EFT Essentials: “Get Started Free” tab. To see a 20-minute video “EFT for War Veterans” of the method working with veterans with PTSD, go to http://www.eftuniverse.com/ &id=5&Itemid=8. We also experienced the distinct emotional relief that came from energy psychology interventions during a 2009 humanitarian trip to Rwanda, working with orphans suffering from PTSD from the 1994 genocide. The statistics we gathered in this pilot study also showed a significant decrease in trauma symptoms.[2] For research on the effectiveness of the meridian therapies that use tapping, see the research page of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) at www.energypsych.org.

I am a trainer in ACEP’s Certification program, and Soul Detective work uses the threefold trauma desensitization method we teach in this program. Simply put, the three parts are:

  1. Ready. Before a treatment can be effective and have lasting results, the energy system needs to be centered and balanced with proper polarity on all vectors of the energy field.
  2. Willing. Limiting beliefs that block the healing process need to be identified and eliminated with energy tapping on the point where the limiting belief is encoded. One example of a limiting belief is that a person who feels guilt over actions taken in the past life might believe, “I don’t deserve to be over this problem.” Someone highly traumatized might incorporate the limiting belief, “It’s not safe for me to be over this problem.”
  3. Able. While Energy Psychology has dozens of methods that will quickly release trauma, I prefer using muscle testing to build a customized meridian point tapping sequence tailor-made for the individual trauma. Several advantages of this system are that it generally goes faster than other methods, it identifies the exact emotions involved, and it is fascinating for the practitioner since each case is different.

Case Example

Franchesca, a middle aged single nurse, felt stagnated. Her elderly mother had so much cognitive impairment that she could no longer recognize Franchesca or respond when she visited. Her life felt empty. Muscle testing indicated that three patterns were interfering with the free flow of her life energy. We cleared all three of these interference patterns in a Soul Detective session that lasted an hour and 45 minutes.

Setting Sacred Space

When working with past lives, we enlist help from the realm of spirit—the intangible part of a person that never dies. When doing this spiritual work in the unseen realm, I like to get spiritual help by whatever name the client uses to access transpersonal energy. Almost all religions believe in Beings of Light called angels that are intermediaries between the Divine and the human realms. Franchesca’s background was Catholic so she was very comfortable with asking angels for help.

First we set sacred space by invoking a pyramid of Light around us with Archangels Rafael, Gabriel, Ariel, and Uriel anchoring the sides of the pyramid into the earth and Archangel Michael at the apex. Then we asked for a mirror pyramid of Light going down into the earth, forming a shape called an octahedron, with Archangel Metatron at the point beneath the earth. Into this octahedron of light we called all the guardians and guardian angels for Franchesca, for me, and for anyone else involved in these three issues. We asked that only what was in the highest good of everyone and everything would come to pass.

Interference Pattern #1: An Earthbound Spirit

Muscle testing indicated that the spirit of Franchesca’s deceased brother Claudio was attached to her energy field, draining her vitality. Claudio had been a troubled man who had psychiatric difficulties during his life. He had died from liver cancer several years earlier and Franchesca verbalized that she still sensed his disturbed presence around her. Franchesca had done nursing care for Claudio in her home during the final days of his illness. The day before he died, Claudio had been angry, yelling at 4:00 am that he wanted more ice cream. Franchesca did not get up from her sleep to bring it to him and later that morning he fell into a coma. He died the next day; however, in his troubled emotional state, Claudio did not realize that his spirit had left his body. We told Claudio that we had some very good news for him—we had figured out that his spirit had left his body and then got stuck between this world and the next one. We were attending to him to help him get ready to cross into the next world. Franchesca added that their 95-year-old mother’s health was failing and she would be coming into the next world soon and would want him to be there!

We cleared limiting beliefs with Claudio and then treated his anger at not getting what he wanted. Since Claudio’s energy field was linked with his sister’s, when she tapped on the meridian points on her physical body to clear rage, Claudio got the benefit and was able to come to peace. Claudio disconnected from his sister’s energy field and his angels carried him into the Light. As his spirit detached from Franchesca, she felt a huge burden lift from her shoulders, both emotionally and physically, as she was released from the imprint of her brother’s rage.

Interference Pattern #2: Past-Life Trauma of Arios

Franchesca’s soul was still carrying trauma from a traumatic death in a past life in the area of Europe where she was currently living. Born in 51 B.C., the happiest time for this young man named Arios was walking through the forest, feeling the sun coming through the trees. When he was 21 years old a revolt broke out. Arios was unjustly executed with a spear, causing incredible pain as blood gushed from his mouth, and this agony had kept his spirit earthbound. After Franchesca cleared the trauma of this pain from her soul memory by meridian tapping on her own body as a surrogate for Arios, he crossed into the Light. Quantum physics teaches that all time is really now and all of our past lives are actually happening simultaneously. When we release trauma from the past we feel the effect in the present. Franchesca experienced emotional relief when Arios made his transition.

Soul Lesson

To be grateful for the Light!

Application to the current incarnation: “To hold the conscious awareness that life is a gift!”

Interference Pattern #3: Past-Life Trauma of Daka

In the year 1625 AD in the area now called Ecuador, a Spanish Conquistador raped a native woman. She conceived a male child from this sexual violation and Francesca’s soul incarnated into this fetus. He was called Daka. Because a fetus experiences all of the mother’s emotions, we first addressed the issue of his mother’s rape—Daka’s earliest emotional wound. When we set sacred space at the beginning of our session, we called in the helping spirits for everyone involved in this issue. Daka’s mother was very much involved in this story. Franchesca felt her presence in the session and her emotional turmoil. We asked her guardian angel to help heal this wound. Franchesca first did a surrogate treatment for Daka’s mother by tapping energy points on her own body to release the mother’s rape trauma. Next Franchesca tapped a surrogate treatment on her own body for Daka as a fetus to release the shame he experienced. Franchesca felt a palpable sense of emotional relief for both parties involved. The happiest moment in Daka’s life was when his mother took him into her arms and nursed him.

In a classic example of blaming the victim the people in the tribe kicked out Daka and his mother because she had born a child by the Conquistadores they hated. Isolated, his mother did the best she could but she could not find enough food. They both died of starvation. Daka’s mother went first. Bereft of his mother, little Daka died alone when he was only three years old.

We treated them both for this trauma and together they crossed into the Light.

Multiplying the Benefits

Each time a spirit crosses into the Light, my Soul Detective protocol adds a step called “Multiplying the Benefits.” We invite the guardian angels of anyone else in the Universe with a similar issue to bring these earthbound spirits into our octahedron of Light. We offer them the chance to couple to the healing that just happened and to also cross into the Light. We did this process for all three patterns—those who had died of cancer like Claudio, not realizing their spirits left their bodies; those who died of unjust execution like Arios and were still writhing in agony; and any others like Daka who had died of banishment and starvation.

Soul Lesson

The lesson of the lifetime as Daka was to learn to be vulnerable, to take what others were putting on him, and to still keep his heart open.

Application for Franchesca’s current life: “What others think of me does not matter. My worth is untouchable!”


Franchesca was very pleased with the results of her session, feeling a burden lifted from her shoulders and an increase in the flow of her life energy. She continued to nurture her own body and soul by adding supportive treatments like massage and Reiki to her daily work routine.


[1] Monti, D., Sinnott, J., Marchese, M., et al (1999). Muscle test comparisons of congruent and incongruent self-referential statements. Perceptual and Motor Skills 88, pp 1019-1028.

[2] Stone, B., Leyden, L., & Fellows, B. “Energy Psychology Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress in Genocide Survivors in a Rwandan Orphanage: A Pilot Investigation” Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, November, 2009 (www.EnergyPsychologyJournal.org).