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27 Apr: Gunjan Trivedi

Gunjan Trivedi has pursued wellness for over a decade in conjunction with his corporate life with P&G across some of the biggest economies and countries (the US, Japan, Singapore, China & India).  Gunjan has a Master’s Degree in Marketing (MBA) and Computer Engineering (MS) from Michigan State University, USA.  He is also a Certified PMP (Project Management Professional), Certified NLP Trainer (ANLP India, ECNLP), Advanced Life Coach, Trainer in Sound Healing (using Himalayan Singing Bowls) and a Certified Yoga Instructor.  He conducts Naad Yoga (Sound Healing), Life Coaching, Regression Therapy, and Emotional Well-being workshops.  He studies well-being, energy, lifestyle and disease, physiology and emotions and also coaches entrepreneurs in strategy, technology, goal setting and emotional well-being; integrating his vast global … Read the rest

27 Apr: David Furlong

David Furlong BA (Hons), MSc, PhD, is the Director and Founder of the Spirit Release Forum (SRF), incorporated in 2011 in the UK. As well as providing a platform of information and articles, the SRF runs online training courses in spirit release, attracting students from across the world. With a life-long interest in spiritual healing, David was involved with a group of healers and doctors in establishing the College of Healing, founded in 1981. When Director of the Wrekin Trust, in the late 1980s, he was responsible for bringing Dr Roger Woolger into the UK to run programmes in Regression Therapy and did some initial training with him. During the 1990s, David established his therapeutic practice, ran training programmes, … Read the rest

27 Apr: Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri

Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri was the first female psychiatrist in Suriname; completing her studies in 1981 at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Suriname prior to specialising in psychiatry in 1983. Post completion of her specialisation (partly in Belgium) Kamla settled in the Psychiatric Center Suriname, where she has been working since 1989. In 1990 she presented the findings of her graduation topic ‘Sexual Child Abuse Within the Family’ at a symposium of the Association of Medici; leading to a period of great social engagement around this previously taboo subject, and an intense devotion of time aiding victims of child sexual abuse, whilst also offering training in this area. She also co-founded and was the first chair of … Read the rest

27 Apr: Jenny Cockell

Jenny Cockell  has wide-ranging direct experiences of many of her own past lives and is a well-known and celebrated author, researcher and advocate within the field of reincarnation studies. She first recounted her experiences in ‘Yesterday’s Children’ (1993), a very detailed account of her life as Irishwoman Mary Sutton who died in 1932 leaving behind eight children. This foundational book chronicles the authors in-depth research into Mary Sutton’s life and Jenny’s reunion with her past life children – all of whom verified her memories as being those of their mother. A movie on Yesterday’s Children was also made, with adaptations, starring Jane Seymour (Cole, 2000). Further books include ‘Across Time and Death: A Mother’s Search for Her Past Life Read the rest

27 Apr: David Pye

David Pye lives near Glastonbury in Somerset.  He encountered the work of Dr Helen Wambach several years ago and regards it of such high importance that he set up a website dedicated to her pioneering work (See http://reincarnation.me.uk). He also gives talks about death and reincarnation which include Dr Wambach’s ground-breaking research. David spent 20 years as a research scientist and is currently an IT consultant. He also holds a Master’s degree in digital media production. Over the last 20 years David has set up several UK companies, and successful local charities which specialise in energy efficiency and organic gardening. David is a member of the council of the International Vegetarian Union where he serves as treasurer, he … Read the rest

22 Aug: Diane L. Ross

Diane Ross’s interest in altered states of consciousness began in 1970, when she first started meditating. It was at that time that she began experiencing the power of the unconscious mind.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in 1971 and her Master’s degree in 1974, graduating cum laude from California State University at Long Beach. In 1983 she moved to Orlando, Florida, where she currently has a private practice in hypnosis and teaches meditation. She also conducts sessions in group hypnosis in the hopes that more and more people will experience the benefits of expanded states of consciousness. Author of Meditations for Miracles, Diane also recorded more than 60 self-hypnosis and meditation CDs. She is certified through the National Guild of … Read the rest

29 Jun: Gunjan Trivedi

Gunjan Trivedi MS, MBA, PMP has pursued wellness over a decade while pursuing his corporate life with P&G across some of the biggest economies and countries (the US, Japan, Singapore, China & India). Gunjan has a master’s degree in Marketing (MBA) and Computer Engineering (MS) from Michigan State University, USA. He is also a certified PMP (Project Management Professional).
Gunjan is also a Certified NLP Trainer (ANLP India, ECNLP), Advanced Life Coach, a Trainer in Sound Healing (using Himalayan Singing Bowls) and a Certified Yoga Instructor. He conducts workshops in Sound Healing (trained >200 Sound Practitioners and Master Practitioners in multiple countries), NLP, Life Coaching and Emotional Wellbeing. His interests include studies in the area of wellbeing, energy, physiology and
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29 Jun: Riri Trivedi

Riri G Trivedi is the co-founder of Wellness Space and SEE-Society for Energy and Emotions.  She is a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Graduate of the Past Life Regression Academy, Member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and Professional Member of EARTh.  She is also an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, provides Inner Child Integration Therapy, and trained at the International Association for Integration Therapy and Training, USA.  Riri also holds a Certification in Yoga Teachers Training and a Diploma in Yoga Therapy from SVYASA Singapore.  She is a Certified Mentor and Coach from Heart Math Institute, USA, a Certified Gestalt practitioner and member of IMDHA (International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association). Working extensively with kids and young adults, she uses her … Read the rest

27 Jun: Peace Roan

Peace Roan, Ph.D. owns and directs a learning center in Temple City, California. This center is unique in the United States because it combines developmental and perceptual skills with academic work, integrating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic training with reading and imagery. Her dissertation dealt with the experience of birth mothers. In 1983 she began a successful search for her own daughter, Rebecca, and in the spring of l988 she and Rebecca met. Currently, she is in a Clinical Psychology internship at the Open Quest Institute in West Hollywood. She is a Life Member of APRT

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