Author: Constance S. Rodriguez

Constance S. Rodriguez*, Ph.D. is a dream tender, and mythmaker who loves soulmaking by bridging the natural world and the realm of the imagination, where old ways fade, and innovative ones emerge. She has a doctorate in Depth Psychology, and Jungian theory. She is certified in ISST: International Society for Sandplay Therapy, and IARRT: International Association of Regression Research and Therapy and in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. She has led dream circles and taught workshops for over 15 years in the United States as well as Great Britain, the Caribbean and Mexico. Her newly released book: Sacred Portals: Pathways to the Self, explores healing through the subtle body and the multidimensional fields of the universe. You can read more about her work on her website: * Bios are listed here as they last appeared in the latest publication of the Journal of Regression Therapy.