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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Dieter Hassler

Dieter Hassler, Dipl.-Ing. TH – graduated 1966 as communications engineer of TU Darmstadt, Germany. He worked 4½ years in industrial development in Munich and afterwards in industrial research for medical devices in Erlangen, Germany. After his early retirement 1995 he began to engage in private reincarnation research represented on the internet under He first struggled to find cases of the reincarnation type (CORT) in Germany culminating in a German book on CORT and in an English article about a New European CORT. He then learned to regress people into previous lives and used this ability for research purposes. As a result he recently published another book in two volumes on verified cases of regression into previous lives. In 2006 together with Wolfgang Eisenbeiss he published an English article about the mediumistic communication with a Deceased Chess-Grandmaster as Evidence for Survival.