Age Regression

01 Mar: Experiential Data: Karmic Case of Polio – Garrett Oppenheim (Is.3)

by Garrett Oppenheim, Ph.D.

Late in 1986 I asked a colleague of mine to do a past-life regression with me to find out, if possible, why I was afflicted with polio. This conspicuous handicap has been with me since the age of 14 months—which is to say, longer than I can consciously remember. It affected both legs and the lower spine and entailed the use of two leg braces and two crutches to enable me to get around. As I look back on it from today, there is no doubt that it has had a profound effect on my life history.… Read the rest

03 Apr: Time Travel – Henry Leo Bolduc (Is.1)

by Henry Leo Bolduc

Time travel, or age regression, is a tool for better understanding one’s self, for obtaining greater insight into soul origins, life purposes, and skills. With greater self knowledge it is possible and relatively easy to put the past to work in building a brighter, more rewarding future. Many excellent books written by nationally known psychologists, counselors, therapists, and physicians who use past life research to discover the origins of patients’ fears, anxieties, habit patterns, and health problems, are now available. Past-life therapy is being used more every day and is becoming an innovative and important tool in the field of mind sciences.

Even people who do not believe in past lives can achieve results and insight … Read the rest