JRT Topic: Childhood

Induction to Childhood: Principles of Induction and Transformation – Henry Leo Bolduc (Is.7)

by Henry Leo Bolduc

Present-life regression can be every bit as powerful and as healing as regression to a past life. If there is any secret to present-life regression, that secret lies mainly in simplicity rather than in any complicated techniques.

One key to this simplicity is a careful explanation made to the subject before the session begins. Such advance preparation greatly facilitates recovery of material. Particularly important is the subject’s understanding of the various methods that individuals employ to process memory. In order to determine which method a subject will feel most comfortable using, the subject may be given an opportunity first to process a happy present-life memory. Whether this memory is an event that occurred five minutes before … Read the rest

Principles and Techniques of Regression to Childhood – Irene Hickman (Is.7)

by Irene Hickman, D.O.

Depressed feelings and thoughts often arise from other lifetimes, but they can also originate in the childhood of the subject’s current life. The process of recall and healing is the same, both for traumas originating in childhood and for those involving other lifetimes. Even if the source of a trauma is not found in a current lifetime, review of childhood memories is often helpful as a springboard to recall similar traumas from other lifetimes. This review is especially useful in the case of subjects who in their waking consciousness object to the idea of exploring past lives. Because of the trepidation often expressed by such subjects, I avoid beginning with past-life exploration and ask only … Read the rest