JRT Topic: Consciousness

Hypnosis and the Alternate Consciousness Paradigm – Adam Crabtree (Is.31)

by Adam Crabtree

Invited Address Delivered at the 101st Convention of the American Psychological Association
Toronto, August 20, 1993

This morning I would like to talk with you about the evolution of a psychotherapeutic paradigm—by that I mean a way of looking at human behavior and the human mind that makes it possible to work therapeutically with people. It is a paradigm that is very familiar to us because it is behind the psychotherapy used by a very large segment of practitioners. According to this paradigm, our minds are divided. In one part, we figure things out and make decisions with awareness and reflection, and we can account for what we think and decide. In another part, we carry on … Read the rest

Ancient Egyptian Mythology: A Model for Consciousness – Janet Cunningham (Is.16)

Janet Cunningham, Ph.D.

Drawing upon esoteric texts and her knowledge of ancient initiation rites, Dr. Cunningham discusses the diverse ways in which the ancient Egyptians conceptualized the “body.” As she shows us, they recognized not one but a number of interacting “bodies,” each having its unique purpose and necessary to the individual. She suggests that this model is of practical use to past-life therapists today.


 Esoteric teachings throughout time have referred to subtle bodies. The ancient Egyptians have given us clues, through writing, art, and symbols, of their belief in bodies that are separate and independent. This concept can be used as a model in exploring the various experiences of clients in past-life regression and other transpersonal and Read the rest

Energy, Information, and Past Lives Within Consciousness: An Integration – Daniel Weiss Miller (Is.16)

Daniel Weiss Miller, Ph.D.

Dr. Miller, Chairperson of the APRT’s Research Committee, is in the forefront of the field of Consciousness Studies and is developing new models of consciousness. Here he suggests a constantly changing, homeodynamic integration of energy, information, and memory (including past-life memories) that has survival value and that may work well or badly.

Definitions and Basic Dynamics

Reformulating our ideas about how information and energy contribute to the complex, dynamic activity of consciousness can help us to understand their relationship to current memory, past-life therapy and mind-body medicine. What follows may help to clarify how and why this three-legged stool — information, energy, and consciousness — fit so well together to explain the somewhat mysterious functioning … Read the rest