Healing Traditions

01 Mar: Eleusinian Mysteries and Regression Therapy: Relating the possible benefits of ancient initiation experiences to modern regression practices – Athanasios Komianos (Is.28)

by Athanasios Komianos, B.A., CHT, CRT

Two and a half thousand years ago I would have been put to death by any Greek city state for publishing this paper. Releasing, publishing, or revealing the truths of the mysteries to the uninitiated, faced the ultimate of penalties, namely that of death. Disclosing of the content of the Eleusinian mysteries was a disgraceful act and was unaccepted even in the democratic state of Athens. This is an attempt to break this old tradition and the code of conduct the initiates held and reveal what was taking place in one of the most important yearly initiation practices witnessed in human history. I do so to assert that today’s regression therapists did not Read the rest

31 Mar: Enkoimisis: The Healing Tradition in Ancient Greece – Athanasios N. Komianos (Is.27)

by Athanasios N. Komianos, BA, CHT, CRT

More than three thousand years ago an impressive practice took place in the lands of the Ancient Greek world. A form of therapy unknown till then, and probably unprecedented, called Enkoimisis. Modern scholars accept that this kind of therapy should be considered the predecessor of modern psychotherapy. It seems there are elements that resemble, in a sense, today’s trance hypnotherapy.

The Ancient World of Greece

Since the time of written records there are notations of Enkoimisis  in the temples of the god of Medicine, Asklepios. One of the first such reports is in Homer’s Iliad (written in the 8th century B.C. but refers to the 13th century B.C.) in which … Read the rest

01 Mar: A Road Less Traveled – Albert J. Marotta (Is.26)

by Albert Marotta


The author calls to the therapists/readers attention the importance of history and expanded thought in the therapeutic processes. He presents a series of timely suggestions based on research, experience and historical information encouraging the expansion of transpersonal regression therapy.


“For in the past, nothing is irretrievably lost,
but everything irrevocably stored…”
Victor Frankl

The provocative information illustrated in this article distinctly alludes to parallels in ancient healing knowledge and techniques that have existed for thousands of years. Perhaps our present day knowledge and healings, (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are an attempt at playing catch-up with the timeless wisdom, which is limited by ego based observations, based on materialism and our five senses, of the … Read the rest

03 Oct: Folk Healing Traditions and Past-Life Therapies – Stanley Krippner (Is.4)

by Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.                                                                                                               

The author describes four healing procedures that are shared by Western and native healing approaches: a world-view shared by practitioner and client, the personal qualities of the practitioner, client expectation, and variation in modalities of healing. He discusses the various sorts of karma associated with illness and the conviction of the folk-healer that body and mind are a unity and disease is a part of a larger energy field and cannot be treated in isolation.

Western and native healing procedures appear to agree on four essential healing principles. First, therapeutic communication between the practitioner and client is facilitated by a shared world view. Second, healing is enhanced by the personal qualities of the practitioner. Third, … Read the rest