JRT Topic: Hypnotherapy

Past-Life Therapy in the Netherlands – Rob Bontenbal (Is.7)

by Rob Bontenbal, M.A.

Ten years ago past-life therapy was still an almost unknown form of therapy in the Netherlands. Books by past-life therapists such as Thorwald Dethlefsen, Morris Netherton, Edith Fiore, and Denys Kelsey had become available, and hypnotherapy had grown increasingly accepted, bringing many hypnotists into contact with past-life material, but in general few members of either the public or the professions had yet become aware of the potentials of PLT for solving mental, emotional, and physical problems.

This situation existed in part because most hypnotherapists did not know how to work with past-life material. Whenever a client revealed experiences he could not relate to this life, the therapist either neglected the material or worked with the … Read the rest

Rescripting in Past Life Therapy: Personal Experiences – Chet Snow (Is.5)

by Chet B. Snow, Ph.D.

There is no doubt that the concept of “rescripting,” or client intervention within the regression therapy process to alter seemingly “fixed” past life events and/or attitudes, is both controversial and exciting. Borrowed from the lexicon of hypnotherapy where such intervention into “real” or “imagined” events from the client’s current childhood is commonplace and often quite effective in leading to symptom removal, rescripting takes on new philosophical dimensions when applied to a past-life scenario. It seems to call into question such fundamental human issues as free will, karma, or the law of “cause and effect,” and even the chronological order of time itself. With such important matters involved, it is not surprising that this technique … Read the rest

Rescripting: An Opinion – Hazel Denning (Is.5)

by Hazel Denning, Ph.D.

Rescripting is a comparatively recent concept introduced by hypnotherapists to describe an intervention with clients who have painful memories. Suggesting that they rewrite the unpleasant event in their past, clients imagine the event to be as they would have liked it to be. For example, if their mothers rejected them at birth, they create a story in which they were lovingly accepted. This technique has been adopted by some past-life therapists to deal with traumatic events in a past life. Clients may or may not respond favorably to this suggestion, but when they do create their own version of the experience, there is often a feeling of relief and satisfaction.

I had not favored this … Read the rest