JRT Topic: Karmic Patterns

Past Life – Twin Souls Reunite – Dorothy Neddermeyer (Is.24)

by Dorothy Neddermeyer, Ph.D.


 It is believed that Twin Souls need to reach the highest level of independence to be ready to reunite. My research of Twin Souls aka Twin Flames reuniting has revealed only personal accounts. These personal accounts of Twin Souls reuniting are believed to be brought together with the help of divine forces. In my many years of working in Past Life Regression this case is the first, to my knowledge, of a therapeutic intervention to prepare Twin Souls to reunite. Twin Souls do not necessarily recognize their twin half at once when they meet. However, when recognition is realized it is an intense moment. In this case of Twin Souls reuniting, one half of Read the rest

Karmic Patterns in Family Relationships – Dree Miller-Dunlap (Is.5)

by Dree K. Miller-Dunlap, Ph.D.

It is within the context of the family that our experiences and knowledge of life in a physical body begin. The framework and interactions of the family provide the basis for a substantial amount of learning and are frequently the focus of psychotherapy. It therefore seems highly probable that the family plays a significant role in past-life therapy as well.

It is within the family that the human being goes through the stages of development that bring one from birth to adulthood (and beyond). Consider the possibility that the stages of development observed in the human being may be a reflection of the stages of development of the spiritual being. In looking at how … Read the rest