Life before Life

01 Dec: Past-Life and Interlife Reports of Phobic People: Patterns and Outcome -Thelma B. Freedman (Is.15)

Thelma B. Freedman, Ph.D. Saybrook Institute, 1997

In a study of 37 participants with 81 phobias between them, hypnotically-facilitated past-life and/or interlife reports of people with simple and social phobias and/or agoraphobia were examined when the participant’s “Upper Mind” in hypnosis said they were causal of the phobias. Also, earlier experiences in some participants’ (present) lives that they reported in hypnosis as causal of their phobias were examined. Three participants with 11 phobias between them were unable to reach the required levels of hypnosis, and received no deliberate treatment. Their phobias became an ad hoc control group for Research Question Two. Because many participants suffered from more than one phobia, sometimes of different types, for purposes of analysis the … Read the rest

01 Dec: “Pro-Love” and the Ensoulement Dilemma – Amy Shapiro (Is.10)

by Amy Shapiro, M.Ed.

Abortion is the focus of discussion, debate, and argumentations today perhaps as never before. It is an explosive emotional issue mired in a confusion of politics, theology, ethics, and traditions which, given contemporary attitudes and polemic polarizations, provokes more heat than light. For PLT practitioners, there are several special issues which Amy Shapiro raises for us to consider as she presents some new insights into this old and difficult dilemma.

As Past-Life Therapists, we can play a unique role in the healing process concerning pre- and post-abortion dilemmas. Using our navigational skills within the inner realms of spiritual frontiers, we can guide women to see that the Spirit of the unborn soul to whom they … Read the rest

01 Oct: Life Before Birth: The Impact of Prenatal Experience – Milton Waldman (Is.8)

by Milton Waldman, M.A.

In this article, the author presents his views on the nature of life within the womb and its psychological impact upon the preborn infant. Two case studies are offered in illustration, one of them showing how the energies of a past-life death experience can affect an individual’s birth experience and subsequent emotional development.

The entrance into the prenatal period constitutes a remarkable transition. The soul moves from a nonphysical condition and infuses itself into a body, which then becomes a vehicle for the soul’s growth in the physical realm. The experiences that follow are generated by the life purpose of the reincarnating soul and extend the learning developed in other lives. The conditions encountered within … Read the rest