Past-life Experiences

01 Nov: The Navajo Mountain Way Myth as a Metaphor for Past-Life Experience – Kathleen Jenks (Is.6)

by Kathleen Jenks, M.A.

The Mountain Chant is a Navajo ceremony collected and translated in 1883-1884 by Washington Matthews, an army doctor stationed at Fort Wingate, New Mexico. The origin of the myth itself is unclear, but the resulting ceremony, based upon the requirement for specific items of ceremonial paraphernalia, can be dated at least as far back as the 1700’s. The ceremony can be celebrated only in the winter when rattlesnakes and bears are hibernating; it is sung to treat mental disturbances or uneasiness, which are considered “bear sickness,” and also fainting spells, as well as kidney and stomach problems attributed to a variety of mountain animals such as bears, snakes, weasels, and porcupines.

The myth begins in … Read the rest

01 Dec: Treating the Core Issue – Trisha Caetano (Is.9)

by Trisha Caetano

Core issues underlie behavior, says this author. When using past-life regression therapy (PLRT), she advises, it is important to address the client’s case from an overview position, using the client’s response to a theme to focus the session on a search for the core of a behavior pattern instead of the surface presenting problem. The purpose of PLRT then is to remove the subconscious reactive part of a traumatic past-life experience, putting the individual in present time in a position of conscious choice instead of reactive programming.

A core issue may be defined as a viewpoint or feeling that motivates behavior. A core-issue incident is an experience that causes an individual to form a viewpoint, feeling or … Read the rest

01 Oct: Two Cases Of Spontaneous Regression – Barbara Lamb (Is.8)

by Barbara Lamb

Editor’s note: Spontaneous recall of past-life experiences has been well documented. The memories may surface readily in childhood, in dreams, in meditation, or during activities that facilitate a hypnotic state. Dr. Marshall Gilula (Journal of Regression Therapy, Vol. 1, No. 2) has described his experience of reliving past lives while running. The author of the two reports that follow demonstrates that such recall is also possible when visiting geographical sites where one has had important experiences in former incarnations.

Learning Trust in the Forbidden City

I had heard of people in extreme distress turning themselves over to an unseen power, but the thought had never occurred to me that I might one day do that myself. … Read the rest

01 Mar: EXPERIENTIAL DATA. Loneliness From Another Lifetime – Barbara Lamb (Is.5)

by Barbara Lamb, M.F.C.C.

In a demonstration to an APRT training group in March 1986, Dr. Ronald Jue regressed me into a past life which dealt with a current life problem concerning inappropriate grief. After the breakup of my first marriage I had adjusted and begun to enjoy my freedom as a single person, believing that I would probably never marry again. I had just become comfortable in this set when at a California dinner party arranged by friends, I met Warren, the man who is my current husband.

Warren was then on an around-the world business trip from his home and office in London. As he entered the doors and we were introduced, we each experienced a powerful … Read the rest

01 Mar: EXPERIENTIAL DATA. The Roots of Becoming a Therapist – Edward Reynolds (Is.5)

by Edward Reynolds, Ph.D.

A philosophic thread runs through most of my past lives. The less I have been involved with others, the stronger and clearer this seems to be, so my task seems to be to gain the ability to hold onto this thread while being involved with the world. Also, in looking over these lifetimes, it seems as though I work on one facet at a time, holding onto each facet as well as possible while going on to something more difficult. It sometimes has appeared that the earlier lifetimes were the more harmonious, but scrutiny of them shows that there were fewer challenges, and staying centered and philosophical was easier.

In an early life in Rome … Read the rest

03 Oct: EXPERIENTIAL DATA. Past-Life Recall While Running- Marshall Gilula (Is.4)

by Marshall F. Gilula, M.D.

It is not necessary to have a formal hypnotic induction or sitting meditation for recall of past-life material. For me, my daily hour and a half running has proven an excellent time for recall of such material. One lifetime recovered while running related to a lifelong respiratory problem which began with severe childhood asthma and frequent pneumonia and caused me to seek an activity such as running in order to free myself from the problem. Several years of psychoanalysis during psychiatric training did not do away with this problem, nor did several other types of treatment and self-investigative techniques, including daily regular meditation.

It was while meditating during the early Seventies with different types … Read the rest

03 Oct: Dialogue with Cancer – Hazel Denning (Is.4)

by Hazel M. Denning, Ph.D.

This article documents the continuing case of a woman who, over ten years, released and healed several illnesses, including cancer, by regression work. The study is a classic example of past traumas being retained in the body tissue and the importance of treating symptoms as well as working on remote causes. It also illustrates how tenaciously a symptom is retained in spite of medical intervention if the psychological cause is not found and resolved.

This history began ten years ago when Ruth Larson became a participant in the research project designed to test the hypothesis that the mind can heal the body of illness[1]. She came because her entire body, except for … Read the rest

01 Mar: Death Comes to Marie-France – Chet Snow (Is.3)

by Chet Snow, Ph.D.

During the years I have been commuting between the United States and France I have made friends and lost track of many Parisians, but an exception was Marie-France, who remained a valued friend for over twenty years. As a well-known pianist she followed the vagaries of my changing career from graduate student at the Sorbonne, to researcher for the U.S. Air Force, to regression therapist and researcher into past-life experiences.

Marie-France had undergone a lengthy psychoanalysis and from her long experience in introspection became interested in the idea of other lifetimes and the survival of the soul beyond physical death. This interest led her to do a session with me in which she discovered a recent … Read the rest

01 Mar: The Psyche and the Body: Partners in Healing – Barbara Findeisen (Is.3)

by Barbara Findeisen, M.A., M.F.C.C.

The mind-body dichotomy has been entrenched in Western thought for so long most medical doctors have felt little need to concern themselves with the psyches of their patients. Conversely, traditional psychotherapy has shown little concern with physical problems. Recently the popularity and effectiveness of body therapies have prompted the acceptance of a concept of partnership between body and mind and a realization that they are not separate entities.

The majority of my clients enter therapy for psychological reasons, only to discover that change in the psyche affects the body, also. Conversely, colleagues who practice physical therapies frequently tell me that body work effects emotional breakthroughs and psychological insights. The two modalities are emerging as … Read the rest