01 Apr: Creative Source Therapy: Pathways for Healing the Inner Child – Errol D. Schubot (Is.7)

by Errol D. Schubot, Ph.D.

The Creative Source is the inner wisdom and guidance that is most often accessed in spiritual, creative, or deep trance states. In a previous article in The Journal of Regression Therapy (Schubot, 1987), I demonstrated how Creative Source Therapy can be a very effective pathway to uncover and heal past-life experiences. This article further elaborates the procedures for using the Creative Source and demonstrates its effectiveness in healing the Inner Child.

Creative Source Therapy uses the methods of Behavioral Kinesiology (Diamond, 1979; Callahan, 1985). It is a procedure that gives instant feedback of the body’s response to a stimulus through muscle testing. The client holds his arm out to the side with his palm … Read the rest

01 Mar: Healing Relationships Through Past-Life Regression: A New Paradigm – Clyde H. Reid (Is.5)

by Clyde H. Reid, Th.D.

Past-life therapy often deals with issues that involve interpersonal relationships. Connections with mothers or fathers, relationships with children and spouses or with good friends, are often influenced by the information and insight that emerge from a past-life regression. However, the literature on past-life therapy tends to focus on intrapersonal material rather than relationships, which is surprising considering how many people seek therapy because of problems in a relationship.

Conventionally, tracing current relationships to past lives is done with one person, and I will present some examples of this approach and its effectiveness. Following these I will describe a personal experience where several parties to a relationship were regressed together and shared the past-life experience … Read the rest

03 Mar: Freeing Stalemates in Relationships by the Resolution of Entity Attachments – Edith Fiore (Is.5)

by Edith Fiore, Ph.D.

Since before recorded time men have been healed of their complaints by having spirits removed from them by priests, shamans, healers, and through concerted prayer. Throughout history and across all cultural levels the belief in spirit possession as a cause of illness, physical and mental, as well as misfortune, has persisted. Now at the end of the twentieth century, respected therapists are openly using and examining techniques that purport to remove the spirits of the dead from living people. Because of these healers’ successes, they are being taken seriously by greater numbers of their peers, and therapists are learning and using these techniques in ever-increasing numbers.

In my clinical practice I have found that almost … Read the rest

01 Mar: Core Issues In Relationships – Trisha Caetano (Is.5)

Trisha Caetano, B.S.

The Structure of Core Issue Patterns

A core issue is the result of an incident which causes an individual to form a viewpoint, feeling, or emotion that originates a pattern of behavior. Core issues are basic: anger, fear, control, worth, loss, guilt, etc. There can be one primary core issue active in a specific lifetime, with other issues associated with it or derived from it, or there can be more than one primary core issue in re-stimulation in a lifetime. For example, fear and guilt could be inexorably linked in the present, but could have originated in different lifetimes and therapeutically, must be dealt with individually. Core issues underline behavior, which is why, at best, behavior … Read the rest