JRT Topic: Spirit Releasement Therapy

Report of a Study: Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spirit Possession Syndrome – William J. Baldwin (Is.10)

by William J. Baldwin, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Baldwin is no stranger to our readers. The concept of spirit possession is controversial. The term itself can evoke rapid reaction. It is a subject of intense and continuing investigation and exploration by many, including Dr. Baldwin, who shares with us the results of his research. The information contained in this article formed the foundation of his doctoral dissertation in clinical psychology and was submitted in the spirit [No pun intended! Ed.] of sharing both his theories and his research with us, and inviting further comment and investigation.


The ancient concept of spirit possession may be quite valid, though largely ignored in modern, scientifically oriented, materialistic society. Clinicians in various countries … Read the rest

ONGOING RESEARCH. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders of Vietnam Veterans: A Proposal for Research and Therapeutic Healing Utilizing Depossession (Is.5)

Submitted by Maurice L. Albertson, Ph.D., Dan S. Ward, Ph.D., & Bill Baldwin, D.D.S., D.Min.

Summarized and Critiqued by Nanette de Fuentes, Ph.D.

This proposal, currently in the process of formulation by the Rocky Mountain Research Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado, will investigate the healing potential of releasement from human-attached consciousness in Vietnam Veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Edith Fiore, a practicing psychologist, in her book The Unquiet Dead, has described signs and symptoms which indicate such attachment. An early formulation of this research proposal is presented here in order to share with Journal readers the difficulties and evolving clarification of a research study in areas of paranormal healing and past-life therapy.… Read the rest

Freeing Stalemates in Relationships by the Resolution of Entity Attachments – Edith Fiore (Is.5)

by Edith Fiore, Ph.D.

Since before recorded time men have been healed of their complaints by having spirits removed from them by priests, shamans, healers, and through concerted prayer. Throughout history and across all cultural levels the belief in spirit possession as a cause of illness, physical and mental, as well as misfortune, has persisted. Now at the end of the twentieth century, respected therapists are openly using and examining techniques that purport to remove the spirits of the dead from living people. Because of these healers’ successes, they are being taken seriously by greater numbers of their peers, and therapists are learning and using these techniques in ever-increasing numbers.

In my clinical practice I have found that almost … Read the rest

Spontaneous Remissions – Winafred Lucas (Is.4)

by Winafred Blake Lucas, Ph.D.

In her ground-breaking book about releasement The Bright Light of Death, Anabel Chaplin, a conservative but innovative social-worker came to feel that physical symptoms that could not be reversed by allopathic medical procedures were at times the result of what she called “shadowing.” By this she meant that entities who had experienced sudden death or who were tied to persons still living by strong feelings such as anger and dependency, not knowing where they were, tended to hover around and influence those they were tied to. This shadowing had many consequences, the most pervasive of which was physical weakening and chronic fatigue in the individual shadowed. Chaplin’s work was primarily with entities who had … Read the rest

A Case of Possession in a Past Life Resulting in Physical Problems – Hiroshi Motoyama (Is.4)

by Hiroshi Motoyama, Ph.D.

Dr. Motoyama relates the process of resolution of a severe intestinal condition in a man who in a previous lifetime had drawn the attachment of an angry feudal lord. Working through the karmic relationship and releasing the attached spirit restored the suffering man to health. Dr. Motoyama outlines the necessary steps in transcending such karma.

I will describe a case in which I was asked to intercede, which is a clear example of a serious ailment caused by a past karmic action or event. In November of 1982 I was telephoned in Tokyo by a Mrs. Y. who was at a hospital in Akashi City, 380 miles away. Mrs. Y’s husband had just undergone his … Read the rest

Clinical Depossession: Releasement of Attached Entities From Unsuspecting Hosts – Louise Ireland-Frey (Is.2)

by Louise Ireland-Frey

Through the ages the belief has persisted in many cultures that disembodied spirits or psyches can enter and take possession of a living person’s body and dispossess that person’s mind. In the Catholic priesthood the occurrence of possession is taken for granted and priests are taught how to exorcise the invading spirits.

In modem times more and more therapists, especially hypnotherapists, are turning to this once common assumption that discarnate entities can and often do invade living persons. Sometimes this change in therapists’ attitudes is due to the spontaneous complaints of clients and sometimes to the suspected presence of an invading entity from various clues presented by the client, who himself may be entirely unsuspecting.… Read the rest