JRT Topic: Spirit World

Can We Establish An Ethical and Scientific Basis for Regression Work? – Jan Erik Sigdell (Is.23)

by Jan Erik Sigdell


In a European group much controversy recently arose about questions of ethical and scientific aspects of regression and even “elitist” claims in that respect. The discussion about this concerns everyone everywhere who works with regressions and needs to be taken to a public level in the professional community. I herewith wish to give answers to criticism and outline a basis for our work.

What are souls?

One point of criticism is that everyone speaks about souls and even soul fractions and yet no one seems to be able to define them. If there is no self that survives the death of the body, there is no reincarnation and past-life regression is nonsense. The only valid … Read the rest

Past-Life Report: Therapy in the Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorders by Kardecist Healers In Brazil – Stanley Krippner (Is.12)

by Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

Dr. Krippner originally presented this topic as the keynote speaker during the banquet at the October, 1993 convention of the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapy in San Francisco. The importance and scope of his address were such that we asked him to share his comments, observations, and research with our readers.

The emergence of past-life report therapy is one of many harbingers of what many philosophers have called the “postmodern age.” “Modernism” or “modernity” holds that the methods of “objective” natural science will reveal “the external world” and lead to unanimity of belief regarding “natural laws” and their implications. However, this glowing vision has never been actualized. The search for “objective” methods has revealed … Read the rest

Spirit World Of The Native American – Lewis E. Mehl (Is.8)

by Lewis E. Mehl, M.D., Ph.D.

The Native American, says this author, does not hold to a linear, wheel-of-karma, reincarnational logic. Rather, he (or she) embraces the concept of a free-roaming spirit that can cross time and space boundaries, mingle with other spirits and enter other lives. His world view is as direct and simple as that of the child whose imaginary playmates are still real. For the culturally intact Native American of today, spirit communication is a practical, everyday experience. Dr. Mehl offers a detailed account of a ceremony in which a woman of mainstream culture experiences and incorporates the Native American way of perceiving.

The Native American world, though sparse in developed theory, is rich in experience, … Read the rest