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Future of Regression Therapy – Some Personal Views – Andy Tomlinson (Is.29)

by Andy Tomlinson


Andy has been a Regression Therapist for over twenty years and is an international trainer for the Past Life Regression Academy and author of three books on regression therapy. He shares his thoughts and experiences about changes in regression therapy and the opportunities that are becoming available in the future includingvworking with the new vibrational energies coming into the planet.


I remember when I was doing my four-year psychotherapy training in the 90s being told there was no need to go to the source of a client’s problem to resolve it, and a past life was dismissed as simply a metaphor. I was told hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) were the future of … Read the rest

Reincarnation, Quantum Physics, and Spirituality – Todd Hayen (Is.20)

by Todd Hayen

Reincarnation has never been taken very seriously by the scientific community due to the insistence of our current scientific model that all events in the natural world take place within the confines of the Newtonian paradigm. Quantum physics has changed all of that, as we are just beginning to see the physical world in an entirely different light. Several eminent scientists of today suggest that it is just possible we have been looking at the problem from the wrong perspective. From the world-view of quantum theory, a new model of reincarnation has been developing. Combining these theories with the idea that time and space may simply be a human construct, reincarnation becomes not only plausible, but a Read the rest

Professionalism and Spiritualism in Past-Life Therapy: A Call for Witch-Doctors – Hans TenDam (Is.12)

by Drs. Hans TenDam

Where battles rage forever, eternal treasures are to be found. Where colleagues are worlds apart, interesting and valuable bridges can be built. Between professionalism and spiritualism is an everlasting tension, as there should be. When such tensions manifest themselves in, so to speak, the same family, we live in what the Chinese call “interesting times.”

To understand the tension between professionalism and spiritualism we need to understand the tension between intellect and intuition. Our intellect is like a plodding housewife, doing things step by step, in an orderly and well-known and above all reliable fashion.

Our intuition is more like a femme fatale, leading us straight to the top experience of being right at the stroke … Read the rest

PLT: Illumination and Transformation – George Schwimmer (Is.12)

by George Schwimmer, Ph.D.

From my first knowledge of past-life therapy (PLT) it became clear to me that there were two basic approaches to PLT: the metaphysical (or “spiritual It) and the clinical. The metaphysical view of past lives has been around for thousands of years, of course, and in this country it predated the clinical view by at least forty years.

I have no idea who the first clinician to use past-life recall was. What I do know is that past lives were brought to public view in the U.S. first by Edgar Cayce, then by A. R. Martin, then by Morey Bernstein, then by Dick Sutphen, and a host of lay writers. Although a few past-life therapists … Read the rest