JRT Topic: Subtle Energy Fields

Aspects of Past-Life Bodywork: Understanding Subtle Energy Fields Part I: Theory – Roger Woolger (Is.3)

by Roger J. Woolger


A striking aspect of much past-life therapy, when seen for the first time by an observer, is the obvious physical involvement of the client in the story that is being relived. In many sessions the client doesn’t just sit or lie passively recounting an inner vision of a past life with his or her eyes closed. Instead he or she may be subject to the most dramatic convulsions, contortions, heavings, and thrashings imaginable. One client may clutch his chest in apparent pain as he recounts a sword wound, another may turn almost blue during a choking fit as she remembers a strangulation, while yet another may become rigidly fixed with arms above the head as … Read the rest

Aspects of Past-Life Bodywork: Understanding Subtle Energy Fields Part II: Practical Aspects – Roger Woolger (Is.4)

by Roger J. Woolger, PhD                                                                                                          

The author demonstrates the inter-relationship of the mental, emotional, and etheric levels as they operate across lifetimes. He illustrates the application of these levels in several case studies: of acute sinusitis, of sexual frigidity, and of panic attacks connected with public speaking. He demonstrates the importance of working with all levels of functioning involved with the symptom.

In the previous part of this article (Woolger, 1987a), which discussed theoretical aspects of bodywork in past-life therapy, I noted how the three subtle bodies or energy fields affected each other. Using this perspective it is often quite simple to see how a thought (from the mental field) can influence feelings (in the emotional field). “I’m a … Read the rest