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The mission of the International Journal of Regression Therapy is to further the professional and academic development of regression therapy around the world.

  • It publishes articles on the empirical effects and theoretical implications of regression therapy.
  • It provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and practices.
  • It supports the development of a theoretical framework for regression.
  • It pays attention to related developments in the fields of transpersonal psychology and the study of consciousness.
  • It translates interesting articles in other languages into English.
  • It stimulates research.


Dear therapists, you are more than welcome to submit your insights in the form of an article for our relaunched Journal.

Following the World Congress for Regression Therapy (WCRT7) in the Netherlands in 2021, we plan to launch WCRT8 in 2023 as another step in the continuing promotion of regression therapy throughout the world.

At this stage we are interested in exploring a potential location for the event and also a possible partner to work with EARTh to help organize and support it. If this interests you, and you would like to see WCRT8 being held within your own country, then please register your interest by email to [email protected]

We will be happy to discuss the possibilities by email or by skype.

We hope to hear from you.