Regression therapy is one of the ways to access deeply hidden traumatic events that devastate the lives of millions of people worldwide.

By the application of “altered states of consciousness” we can havε access to the root trauma and accordingly we can alleviate symptoms and bring people back to a healthy and balanced life.

The mission of the International Journal of Regression Therapy is to further the professional and academic development of regression therapy around the world by following studying and publishing on the developments of the field.

The International Journal of Regression Therapy is the annual peer-reviewed Journal, published since 1986.

All these years the Journal published articles on the empirical effects and theoretical implications of regression therapy.

As of 2021 the Board of Editors has decided to give access to all articles that have been published in the last 35 years of the Journal. So in this new era where the Journal has come under the wings of the Earth Association for Regression Therapy – playfully called EARTh- interested researchers and therapists from all different approaches will have access to this wealth of information shared by the experienced pioneers of the field.


Through all these years shifts in direction, in leaderhip, in content and in elements have taken place. Regression therapy, like everything in life, is subject to changes as well. However, no matter how changes affect us, we will always adhere to the high quality standards and principles our predecessors advanced. We will keep the clarity and straightforwardness that brought us up to here, while on the other hand we will try to adapt to the new standards that technology is amply offering us. Our intention is to stay in tune while we still have a broad vision and a clear focus.  
So the Journal will still:

  • publish articles on the empirical effects and theoretical implications of regression therapy.
  • provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and practices.
  • support the development of a theoretical framework for regression therapy.
  • it will also pay attention to related developments in the fields of transpersonal psychology and the study of consciousness.
  • it will still stimulate  research on our field.

In the new digital era where key words and topics are the food for the crawling search engines,
you can always find a theme that is relevant to your search and thus be led to the respective articles of your particular interest.

More than one hundred and seventy authors have contributed all these years to our Journal.

Most of them pioneers of Regression Therapy, experienced psychotherapists who ran into spontaneous past-life recollections  but were open minded enough to look after the well-being of their clients instead of sticking into the rigid framework of their mainstream education and training.

This client-oriented professional stance opened the doors to otherwordly dimensions that were difficult to cross. However, by retaining their intellectual integrity they managed after all to come out publicly and share with the rest of us their bizarre and often provocative findings.


You are more than welcome to submit your insights in the form of an article for our relaunched Journal.