Book Reviews

23 Aug: Inner Healing Journey – A Medical Perspective by Peter Mack, M.D., Ph.D

Reviewed by Andy Tomlinson
in IJRT  Issue 28, 2016


Find out how medical doctors from three continents have guided their patients with regression therapy to the source of their problem to clear deep-seated emotions that underlie medical conditions and relationship issues.

The book is full of the patient stories of what happened including what appear to be past lives. The physicians show the amazing transformation that can take place by working with the emerging information. It is written to be an absorbing read that brings new hope to the public, and to inspire medical professionals, available in English and soon in Portuguese.

Peter Mack, M.D., Ph.D. received his undergraduate medical education from the University of Singapore and undertook postgraduate … Read the rest

01 Dec: The Spirits of Amoskeag: The Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills by Lois A. Hermann with Peter Paulson

Reviewed by Albert J. Marotta MA, CHT
In IJRT Issue 28, 2016


This book is a historical expose of the late 16th and 17th century manufacturing and abusive child labor practices in the New England weaving mills. It is a 21st century promise to tell this story, with the effective use of transpersonal hypnotic regression in the research needed to validate their stories, and keep that promise.

Lois Hermann’s book is well-documented dynamic historical adventure showing a dark side of humanity and big business. It is emotional, poignant, and fast paced. Hypnotic regression techniques are used to access earth bound spirit testimony. The spiritual dimensions do not detract or overshadow the storyline but rather add a deeper … Read the rest

01 Mar: Der Sinn von allem was einst war – Das holographische Modell der Regressionstherapie by Erika I. Schäfer

Reviewed by the Editor
In IJRT Issue 29, 2017


The sense of all that has been – The holographic model of Regressiontherapy
In her third book “The Sense of All that Has Been“, Erika provides insights into her work and lays down her roughly 40 years of experience in Regressiontherapy.

She encompasses case reports, explains the therapeutic process and provides us thus with an easy-to-read textbook on Regressiontherapy.


256 pages, hardcover, 35.-Euro; published by Synergia in the German language.
Therapie-, Lehr- & Forschungszentrum Eisenbuch – Eisenbuch 8, 84567 Erlbach
Mail: [email protected], Tel.: 08670/986699, Fax: 08670/9187971
Web: www.erikaschaefer.deRead the rest

01 Mar: Hello Me! by Sheela Jaganathan

Reviewed by the Editor
In IJRT Issue 29, 2017


Hello Me! is a non-fiction book, find out how Kalina, a ife and mother-of-three, skeptical of alternative therapies, transforms her current life with lessons from her past lives.

Reconnecting with Sheela after moving to Singapore, Kalina hears about regression therapy—a self-inquiry method done through moderate trance. Her curiosity piqued, Kalina decides to try it out to find answers to her recurring life challenges.

The true-to-life stories in Hello Me! chronicles Kalina’s outer and inner journeys as it does Sheela’s own subtle transformations over a period of three years. The learning curve for both the therapist and the client was steep but the end result was extraordinarily fascinating and deeply life-changing. … Read the rest

01 Mar: Through My Looking Glass: a Personal Journey into Vaster States of Awareness (Book 1) by Winafred Lucas

Foreward by Joanne Garland
In IJRT Issue 28, 2016

When Dr. Winafred Blake Lucas began to write her three-volume memoir she fully intended to complete it during her lifetime. She employed a secretary in California and this copyeditor in New England, both of whom had worked closely with her for years.

With the Internet not yet in widespread use, Winafred’s chapters crisscrossed the country by mail as they underwent repeated editing and revision. Photocopies of all materials provided a back-up in New England, lest any be lost in the mail.

Once her second volume had reached completion she visited here for several days. We kept ourselves warm by the woodstove in the basement as we moved through each chapter of … Read the rest

01 Mar: Transforming the Eternal Soul; Further Insights from Regression Therapy by Andy Tomlinson

Reviewed by Bernadeta Hodkova
Edited by  Andy Tomlinson
In IJRT Issue 28, 2016


This book is on my shelf of my most read books and represents one of the best-written books on techniques for regression therapy. As with other Andy Tomlinson books (Healing the Eternal Soul, Exploring the Eternal Soul) it is very easy to read, easy to work with and can be used as a textbook.  When I need inspiration for working with a client, I consult this book.

Transforming the Eternal Soul contains various techniques and approaches contributed by regression therapists from all over the world—graduates of the Regression Academy. The techniques that have been developed by these therapists, can help any therapist to expand knowledge and … Read the rest

15 Mar: Rapid Entity Attachment Release: A breakthrough in the world of spirit possession and releasement by Athanasios Komianos

Reviewed by Richard Stammler
In IJRT Issue 28, 2016


The world of Shadows and Hades is not the best place to be. Not any of us are either willing or able to ‘mind-walk’ in the shadowy areas of this cold and rather unfriendly realm. Yet, if we do not walk through there, then therapy may be superficial and not lasting.

This is a chart book in the world of spirit possession and entity attachments. This book extends beyond the easily digestible approach of angelic invocations and therapies sending discarnates to the light. It is not only addressing the world of ‘metaphysical’ phenomena infiltrating in the everyday world of our distressed clients, but it also illuminates the neglected influence of … Read the rest

11 Oct: Demons on the couch: Spirit Possession Exorcisms and the DSM-V by Michael J. Sersch

Reviewed by Todd Hayen 
in IJRT Issue 31, 2020


Michael J. Sersch’s Demons on the Couch: Spirit Possession, Exorcisms and the DSM-5 is an immaculately researched and referenced treatise on possession and exorcism presented through the lens of modern psychotherapy and the DSM-5 (the diagnostic bible of the mental health field.)

Sersch states in his introduction:

In writing this book, I hope to answer why demonic possession has held a cultural fascination for over two millennia as well as how clinicians can successfully and ethically deal with patients who legitimately believe they are possessed by a spiritual force. There is also mounting evidence that integrating a patient/client’s worldview into clinical practice, including their spirituality and faith practices, increases their … Read the rest

31 Jan: Ending the Endless Conflict: Healing Narratives from Past-Life Regressions to the Civil War by Joseph Mancini, Jr., PhD, CCHt

Reviewed by the Editor
In IJRT Issue 30, 2018


The author takes the reader on multiple journeys to the Civil War, believing it to be the primary source of the polarized thinking that haunts America today. He provides the potential for healing on both the individual and collective levels by investigating the Civil War in reference to past lives of seventeen individuals living today.  He shows how limitations create intense anguish for both the present and past-life personae through an insistence on one-dimensional, stereotyped perspectives about self and other; failure to acknowledge and integrate the Shadow side of the psyche; inability to hold seemingly incompatible perceptions together while staying grounded; and profound lack of empathy for warring internal dimensions … Read the rest

31 Jan: The Present Power of Past Lives by Joseph Mancini, Jr., Ph.D., CCHt

Reviewed by the Editor
In IJRT Issue 30, 2018


In late 2013, Joseph Mancini, Jr., PhD, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, conducted a series of radio interviews on VoiceAmerica with experts in the field of past lives, past-life regression, and consciousness studies.  In this book, created from that series of interviews, the author first relates his own past-life protocol, as well as tips for achieving a successful past-life regression and finding an appropriate regressionist. He then interviews three of his clients about the healing that past-life regression can provide.  Next, he discusses the positive and negative implications of what he calls the “old,” time-bound, cause-and-effect notion of Karma that tends to focus on what amounts to predetermined punishment for transgressions committed … Read the rest