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Shoes on the Highway—A Silent Witness
 – Marion Boon (Is.30)

by Marion Boon

Again, there was a shoe laying on the highway.

This time it was a greyish-white sneaker. The type of sneaker a teenager would wear—or maybe a young man. It was used and no doubt the owner’s favorite shoe for a long time. It lay there with the tip headed crossing the road, almost toward the oncoming traffic. The shoe was opened, as if the owner’s foot had slipped out of it while running. But where would he have run to? There was nothing. This place is a silent swath of concrete highway, with flat meadows bordering both sides. In the distance there is a mountain ridge. Other than that, nothing, absolutely nothing anywhere closer than a few … Read the rest

Elemental! – Shirley Johnson (Is.29)

by Shirley Johnson, MA


I was initially reluctant to share these findings, despite the fact that past life regression therapists are, of necessity, practised in suspending disbelief. A life as an elemental seemed perhaps a step too far. I had thought that fairies were delightful creations of the imagination and although I wished as I child that they might be real, it never seemed to me, as an adult, that this might actually be so. But the boundaries are constantly being pushed outwards and now I have found that, not only is belief widespread, but that sightings are numerous and quite well attested. The three lives as elementals I have encountered (one of them my own) is a … Read the rest

A Wonderful Healing Story – Ann Merivale (Is.29)

by Ann Merivale

Since most of most people’s previous lives tend to have been rather boring, it is fairly unusual either to regress someone to, or to find oneself in, the life of somebody famous. Roger Woolger once did a session with a client who was filled with guilt as he was convinced that he had been the captain of the Titanic. The author of this article, who is a writer as well as a Deep Memory Process therapist, was initially surprised to find that she had once been well known as the ex-fiancée of a great English composer. She was later astounded when a reader of her book on this topic contacted her to say that he believed himself … Read the rest

Soup or Natural? – Todd Hayen (Is.28)

by Todd Hayen, Ph.D.

On an excursion into the ruins of the Ancient Puebloan People of the American Southwest the author encountered two spirits who guided him to an expanded and more heartfelt understanding of the region. This article also addresses questions regarding the true nature of reality and the effort to make a conscious integration of what is known in common parlance as “supernatural” with the current materialist worldview.

I woke with a snap, like a flash of light buried deep in my brain that was so powerful it seemed I could see it with the back of my eye. It was as if I could hear it as well, and as my senses began to turn inside … Read the rest

The Samurai – Diane L. Ross (Is.28)

by Diane L. Ross, M.A., Certified Hypnotist*

The following is an account of one man’s past-life regression as an ancient samurai. This regression was extremely important to him, as it reminded him of the energy work he had done in the past and confirmed his proclivities toward the martial arts. It also reinforced his belief in his own integrity and solidified his desire to be his ideal self in his current lifetime.

I changed some of his personal details to protect his identity, but the following text is pretty much verbatim, as he spoke in hypnosis. I have done several regressions with “N. U.” and they have all been fascinating. He continues to see me several times a year Read the rest

So Many Lives Lost – Bernadeta Hodkova (Is.28)

by Bernadeta Hodkova

A unique case is presented involving what appeared to be a typical past life regression but in reality included a few interesting surprises. During a regression with a 36-year-old French-speaking farmer the author encountered an unusual spirit from America who makes an unexpected and profound appearance.

Our work becomes a big discovery when healing happens. We never know what is going to occur in the sessions. First of all we investigate, we ask, we tune in, and we ask again. We tune into our client’s energy and their thoughts and feelings. At some point we become one with our clients, and we both know what to do and how to solve and heal the problem the client … Read the rest

Past Life Therapy & Shamanic Healing – George Schwimmer (Is.28)

by George Schwimmer, Ph.D.

The author describes the three major shamanic healing practices of the Peruvian Q’ero shamans—illumination, spirit releasement and soul retrieval – and shows how these very ancient practices differ from Past Life Therapy and spirit releasement therapy in practical application

I first began doing Past Life Therapy (PLT) in 1984, taking part in the training offered by the Association for Past Life Research and Therapy, eventually becoming the first graduate of that program. I was very impressed both with what I was learning and with the results I was getting with my clients. During the same time, I learned to do spirit releasement therapy, acquiring that technique from the work of Dr. William Baldwin. Back then, … Read the rest

Another Great Experience – Albert J. Marotta (Is.27)

by Albert J. Marotta, MA, CHT

Sunday November 11, 2001. It was my great pleasure to attend the Master Summit with Hazel Denning, Ron Jue, and Winafred Lucas. Dr. Lucas conducted an experiential Past Life Regression with her group of 80 plus attendees.

As the door opened to my regression experience, I saw a small rolling hill that overlooked a beautiful green pasture with many large trees in the background. When the door shut behind me the scene quickly became a WW1 battlefield; gray, overcast and mud everywhere, devoid of all life. Leading three other soldiers, I walked up over the small hill and was immediately shot (my impression, I was an English soldier). While dying in the … Read the rest

The Simplest Regression Therapy Imaginable – Hans TenDam (Is.27)

by Hans TenDam

When we do regressions, we do that usually for a clear reason: to solve a psychological or psychosomatic problem. When we hit a past life, we hit the story in a traumatic situation that is directly related to the problem the session is about. Often, we want or even need to know a bit more of that life, if only to understand reactions, options, and circumstances. How did one become so submissive or withdrawn or cruel?

Also to enhance credibility or to satisfy curiosity, we may explore a past life more as a complete story, though usually limited to a number of highlights. We also may have clients look back at their life, to find new insights, … Read the rest