Author: Marion Boon

marionMarion Boon* heads IPARRT practice post-graduate specialties, creates innovative techniques and practical applications of transpersonal regression work and Energy focused therapies. Starting in 2000 she has been actively involved in expanding TASSO international activities. She is also a trainer in holographic transpersonal regression therapies. Marion is a certified past (and present) life regression therapist (IBRT and EARTh) and is co-founder of the WCRT world congresses and EARTh Association for Regression therapies, where she is a member of the program committee and college committee. Marion brings people together and organizes intensive retreats for specialized IPARRT A.R.T. work—which includes applications of solution-focused regression Therapy. Her many workshops are starting to be presented all over the globe. Enthusiasm about the results constantly ignites more designs and innovations for healing. Original vivid visualizations and guided meditations are designed for retreat-trainings. MENSICS® institute was founded by Marion in 2001 and creates experiential specialties for the corporate world, which can (exclusively) be brought by IPARRT-trained specialists. *Bios are listed here as they last appeared in the latest publication of the Journal of Regression Therapy.