Article: Baby Casus – Marion Boon (Is.31)

by Marion Boon


A baby was born with active past life terrors. He comes to peace after his father works remotely for him. On June 3, 2020 the author conducted a remote session of Holographic Regression Therapy with a client who resides abroad. The client and I used either Zoom or Whatsapp to perform this remote session for his baby son.


On terminology and techniques:

The term Holographic Regression Therapy was introduced in the early 1980’s by Hans ten Dam (2014). I prefer to use this term to describe the modality I used in this case. Regression therapy uses modified states of consciousness and when I refer to TRT or HRT (Transpersonal or Holographic Regression Therapy) I am referring to advanced techniques for inner child work, spirit releasement, soul fragmentation retrieval and integration, detective work on consequences and inner postulates, past life and inter-life explorations, primordial trauma, spiritual emergencies, extraction of foreign energies, cathartic understanding and release, integrations and reconnection, IPARRT special techniques for DTM (Deep Tissue Memory) release and OOB (Out of Body stages) and more.

This solid approach is a process of self-healing that doesn’t seem to have limitations. I prefer to use Holographic Regression Therapy, which also includes the present, rather than Reincarnation Therapy. This term, I believe, might scare people away. Past Life Therapy was indeed sometimes practiced without addressing the present, which is not solid enough; Transpersonal Therapy includes psychological frames and Ken Wilber’s connotations, where the true depth and healing of our specific issues is not adequately represented. Regression therapy is practiced as well by ‘mainstream therapists’ who often work very mentally and within a restricted frame—either present life only, or without any knowledge of spirit attachments, soul fragmentation, or parasitic thought-forms. Some practitioners seem to accept every image and past life experience as being the client’s own, which is a poor understanding of this therapy, in my opinion. I believe to be discerning and to practice detective work is a necessary skill that not all schools of therapy are familiar with.

In this case study my remote client is an 8-month-old baby boy. His father is the substitute for the patient and performs the session. This man is familiar with the TASSO work (International Institute for Transpersonal Regression Therapy, headquartered in the Netherlands) which is why he realized this approach could be helpful for the baby’s condition. The baby suffered from intense irritations and accompanying pain and was scratching his skin obsessively. Nearly every morning his parents found him soaked in his blood. The father told me that his wife had a dream twice where she saw a man on the electric chair. Her interpretation of the two dreams was that they could perhaps represent a past life of her baby son.

After settling a date for the session, the father asked what he could do before we met online. I described a technique where he could scan the aura field of the baby, and remove what he would find, according to the professional approach of TASSO TRT—which he was already familiar with. However, after concluding that technique with his son, he did not report any result. It was only after we had finished the full session, and were in a closure conversation, that he told me that he did perform the intervention I had suggested before doing the session. He had then indeed seen an electric chair execution—in the aura field of his baby. “But it could not be true,” he said, “because I saw Chinese people around him. And the electric chair is something American.” I surmised he had not trusted himself and didn’t take his experience seriously. Also, what he saw was too horrific to view more. Here you see that practical experiences are necessary to build a solid therapist. He probably would have done more, if he had believed what he had seen or perceived.

We started the session in a different way than the client had been taught to practice. I did this to distract him and avoid his anticipation of the sequential steps in the technique he was familiar with. In short this is how the session was conducted:

T = Therapist (Marion Boon), S = Substitute, the father of the baby who worked with me, C = Client, the baby himself at a distance.

T instructs S to imagine how he is bringing the baby to his bed and to imagine himself standing near the door opening, waiting until the baby is sleeping nicely. T instructs S to silently turn toward C and look at him. T tells S to let time proceed until the moment something happens. S reports to see ‘Blitzen,’ which is German for lightning, in the aura field around C’s face. Soon the experience unfolds, and reliving occurs in association, which means that S, the father, is totally identifying with the past life of his baby.

We then find the past-life as a young man living in a village surrounded by green hills and meadows. He is about 22 or 23 years old and has a good life as a farmer. He has a girlfriend, and everything is peaceful. Then a kind of suppression is in the air. It is as if everyone knows it and feels it, but does not speak about it, because they don’t understand it. It is scary. A group of men come and summon all of the young men to come with them. They have to come. They don’t want to, but there is a threat of violence.

The men who come are armed. They are all dressed in blue. S describes what they are wearing as a kind of uniform, but it is not in fact a uniform—yet all blue. The next episodes are a description of what seems to me as the therapist guide to be the time of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) in China. S does not seem to know much about this history, and reports that he has to fight and that the struggle is for some kind of idealistic war. He does not want to fight, but he has to. The fight is ongoing. At some point he is brought to a kind of army base, and he is desperate. He decides to run away. It is not a well-prepared escape, and he just runs into the forest. There are soldiers in the forest, and he is soon recaptured. In order to present him as a frightening example for the other prisoners, the soldiers decide to do something unusual to him. He feels it is terrible. There is quite a long and painful silence and the soldiers laugh about their evil plans. They have devised something new and frightening to try out.

S is brought to a room he describes in much detail. He is then strapped to a special kind of chair. S reports that he does not understand how the chair functions. It is horribly frightening to him. One of the men, the very last man to leave the space where S is strapped to the metal chair, grins at him, hardly suppressing his anticipation regarding what is going to happen. This is sadism. What follows is a horrible failure of the execution. Several times the switches are turned on and off. They are prolonging the death of S. Their first intention is to torture even more, but then it becomes even too disgusting for the soldiers. They decide not to continue their sadistic torture. S’s body’s melting skin is sticking to the metal chair.

S’s spirit is already out, and in the session we use this awareness to get overview and a logic impression of what was done to him. S and T spend quite some time restoring the body, getting the vital energy out of the flesh, and getting the awful smell out of the nose and memory. An intense healing had to be done. When S looks back in time to the death scene, he sees the location is being cleaned by workers, who are vomiting due to the smell and the sticky flesh. The soldiers cannot use this as an example to frighten the other prisoners and throw the remaining body away. T instructs S to look back and respectfully heal and end this experience properly.

Then, at the after-life Place of Overview[1], the past life young man is restored and comes to his senses. His healthy self from before he was taken prisoner—to fight as a soldier for a cause—was integrated with the man who had been killed.

After this, we used the ‘personification’ technique to call the past life into the present room.

Then the past life young man was asked about the last thing he saw before he died in the chair: the sadistic eyes and grin of the man who left the room in anticipation. We then released that man and the vision of him as a karmic attachment—even as a karmic obsessor to the baby of the present. The past life of the baby became vivid and vital immediately. All the power came back. Decisiveness. Vigor. S is very happy: “I was so angry! Now I can finally act! I can do something!” The father is slowly returning to be himself again and discern from the identification with his baby’s past life. He becomes more radiant and reports feeling very good.

Then the therapy turned to integration and consolidation work—this was a reunion of the past life with the baby that he is now.

A detail that S liked very much was the instruction for the energy of the past life to join the present incarnation, the baby, while the very image of the past life young man could go with his loved ones, who came to collect him. That was a very powerful intervention which gave S a lot of energy.

T chose this technique, because I imagined that a young farmer who was kidnapped and terrorized must have truly longed to go back home and be with his loved ones. Therefore, the explicit instruction was given, and it was very liberating for S as the one reliving it.

The blue color ‘uniform’ was identified with the standard issue uniforms of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution (however, the client did not mention this awareness). The baby’s father was surprised and very happy with the results of the therapy.

It was a solid reliving with unexpected twists, emotions and insights, as Holographic Regression Therapy (HRT) sessions usually are.

The session took the typical time of two and a half hours (with additional time for relaxation or induction). In that time, we dealt with the phenomena of:

– a pseudo obsessive past life—it is your own but active in obsessive mode because it is not finished

– inner child work in the past life

– integration of fragments of the past life—mentally, spiritually, very physically, and emotionally

– healing the past life physical body, retrieval of vital energy

– releasing the persistent obsessive presence of a past life opponent. Spirit release and healing

– undoing karmic transactions, including thorough energy work

– retrieval of fragments that went out in terror (OOB)

– extraction of authentic energy that was left behind in the torture location and tools (the electric chair in this case)

– allowing the stored layers of suppressed anger to come up, following the release of huge grief

– finishing the past life by insights, understanding, and a proper farewell to the family

– after this, integrating in the present

– tracing the mental program that is still going on‑—the past life took the decision to run for freedom, but it ended in a horrible death. Consequences of that choice could be a hindered ability to make decisions in the present life, or those decisions could be charged. Another consequence could be the fear of making an important decision.

– finishing the powerlessness of the past, by finally being able to do something

Pleasant side effect:

This young father has seen it all, witnessed and felt it, and felt the huge power of vital energies coming back in his son. The integration happened spontaneously, and this man has a very good feeling now on being the father who has protected and helped his baby in need.

It brought healing and it gave client back his potential to act, his vital force, and the joy to live. At the time of this intervention this client was a baby, but just imagine how severe this impact could have been for the baby boy’s later life. We can praise the father for having done the session for him now.



The substitute-client mentioned the sensible silence of collective fear, a blanket of suppression and threat of something invisible coming, which nobody understood. This is all a similarity to the current time, where we face the Corona COVID19 threat, in collective fear.

Perhaps the similarity was a trigger and made the father’s experience worse? I hope to soon finish a thesis on this, named Collective Consciousness and the Corona Blues.

A remark is suitable here:

Many scientists and doctors are challenging the WHO (World Health Organization) findings and their advice regarding SARS-CoV-2, ‘corona’. Collective fear is intensified by collective uncertainty, when this episode in the world is over, we will have to help many clients!  Collective fear hangs over the cities as if we are all in a submarine in an ocean of charged energies, beyond our control. When this Covid event first started, it was exactly as my client described the invisible ideology that killed so many people in China.

Here is a letter written by the Baby boy’s father describing the results of our therapy:

Received: June 10, 2020. Session date: June 3rd

This is the letter, is written 6 days after the session.  Permission is granted to use his case as a case study in the journal. Translated in English it reads:

Ever since his birth our baby was ‘weak-ish’ a bit ‘holding back’, and not so present. . His sleep was superficial and restless. He woke up often in the night and started scratching himself intensively. Since he was one month old the consequence of his scratching was seriously inflamed skin. This inflammation spread out from both sides of his cheeks, almost covering his entire face. At the age of 6 months, his bedding was often fully covered in blood and wound liquid.

His doctors gave him prescriptions, about 8 different ointments, of which only one antibiotic crème showed a little effect. A homeopathic treatment gave no effect at first, but the doctor’s opinion was to give the treatment another few weeks of time.

After our Session done with myself—(the father being a substitute for my baby)—the condition began to calm down. The wounds in the face started to heal, the sleep became deeper and the scratching decreased. Today almost nothing is visible from the inflammation, and my wife and I feel that this problem is now resolved.


[1] The Place of Overview is a technique used to end ongoing programs of the past life, and thus complete the past life experience. Restoration of the body is a part of that procedure. Clarity follows regarding what has really happened.



TenDam, H. (2014). Deep healing and transformation. Raleigh, NC:


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