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The Clients Experience Survey: Does Regression Therapy Make a Difference? An Earth Research Report – David Graham (Is.32)

by David Graham

Abstract – The Client Experience Survey was a very wide based research study that sought to explore a range of effects and outcomes as a result of clients’ experiences of regression therapy.  Data was collected via an on-line questionnaire and included questions about clients’ original motives for engaging in regression therapy, the benefits achieved, whether any other treatment, therapy or medication was being taken for the presenting problems or symptoms, and further basic client details including: age range, occupation, religion, marital status and education. One hundred and fourteen cases of regression therapy were collected from 29 different countries, with submissions dominantly from women (79%) compared to men (21%). Data analysis determined that 51% of survey participants’ original … Read the rest

Project Completion Report: Regression Therapy for Generalised Anxiety and Associated Depression -Gunjan Y Trivedi and Riri G Trivedi (Is.32)

by Gunjan Y Trivedi and Riri G Trivedi

Abstract – In this Project Completion Report, Gunjan and Riri Trivedi, co-founders of the Society for Energy & Emotions, Wellness Space, Ahmedabad, India share the research methods, procedures and outcomes of a research study that sought to explore the impacts and outcomes of regression therapy and self-hypnosis techniques as applied to generalised anxiety and associated depression.  Their research study was funded and supported by the EARTh Research Committee.  Before and after measurements were taken using the GAD-7 to assess levels of generalised anxiety disorder, and the Major Depression Inventory (MDI) to assess levels of depression. The research results indicated statistically significant reductions within both cohorts of study respondents – regression therapy (N-108) … Read the rest

Transpersonal Restorative Justice: The Transformational Effects of Meeting Perpetrators In Regression Therapy – Paula Fenn (Is.32)

by Paula Fenn

Abstract—In this article, Paula Fenn explores the term ‘Restorative Justice’ from within the criminal courts system and re-purposes this traditional terminology by extending and applying it to the transformational process of victims/clients meeting current life and past life perpetrators during regression therapy sessions. These meetings are conceptualised as ‘Transpersonal Restorative Justice’. Via the descriptive use of theory and in-depth case study analysis she not only seeks to generate an understanding of both traditional and transpersonal approaches to restorative justice, but also to evidence and enhance awareness about the incredible healing benefits which can be achieved when victims meet perpetrators. In the sharing of a wide range of illuminating stories of transformation we bear witness to the … Read the rest

Working With the Transpersonal Self to Heal Trauma and Release Spirit Intrusions – David Furlong (Is.32)

by David Furlong

Abstract – In this article, David Furlong, PhD, the Director of the Spirit Release Forum and the author of several books, shares his discoveries from more than twenty years of practice and research into spirit release therapy, which includes healing inner trauma. He highlights the importance of the transpersonal dimension within his therapeutic approach, based on more than ten thousand hours of clinical practice, and highlights the complexities and entanglements in dealing with cases involving past lives and malign entity attachments. He shows how spirit intrusions can sometimes infect sub-personalities and the methodologies for clearing and balancing their energetic state. These methodologies involve simple regression techniques, supported by a direct connection to the Transpersonal Self, which is … Read the rest

Clients Suffering from Spirits: Transpersonal Regression Therapy as an Alternative to Traditional Healing and Modern Psychiatry – Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri & Hans TenDam (Is.32)

by Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri and Hans TenDam

Abstract—In this article, Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri and Hans TenDam describe the potential detriments of solely utilising traditional psychiatric approaches to resolve spiritual problems; particularly psychological, physical and psychosocial issues pertaining to individuals embedded within societies who adopt and embrace cultural beliefs of a transpersonal nature. Through descriptive analysis and the sharing of theory and case studies the authors explain and evidence the benefits of transpersonal therapeutic approaches and techniques to assist patients with presenting clinical problems of a spiritual nature; including but not limited to the influences of spirits, ancestors and curses. The authors conclude that combining transpersonal regression therapy with regular psychiatry, and allowing patients to uniquely attend to their particular … Read the rest

A Thorny Question: An Experiential Analysis of Spontaneous and Hypnotically Induced Past Life Memory Retrieval – Jenny Cockell (Is.32)

by Jenny Cockell

Abstract—In this article, Jenny Cockell, well-known author and personality in the field of reincarnation research, seeks to compare and extrapolate her own experiences of spontaneous past life memory recall with her experiences of accessing past life memories utilising hypnosis. In this well-considered and intimate account, Jenny shares examples of the positives and negatives, gains and detriments, of both experiential realms. Further, she addresses the question as to whether or not hypnosis is a useful tool in retrieving past life memories which can be validated in the same manner in which many thousands of spontaneous past life memories have been interrogated and verified. If not, why not, are questions which run throughout the body of her article.… Read the rest

The Pioneering Work of Dr. Helen Wambach: Group Hypnosis as a Methodology to Recall Past-Lives – David Pye (Is.32)

by David Pye

Abstract—In this article, David Pye begins in an engaging style by introducing his own journey of curiosity around the notions of life, death and the afterlife and how his encounter with the work of Dr Helen Wambach further illuminated his ideas. David then explains the prevailing culture within which Dr Wambach’s work was embedded before explaining the research methodologies she developed as she sought to understand whether or not past life memories were merely fantasies or had a basis in reality. The article then progresses towards Helen’s findings via an interesting selection of research participants descriptions associated with her specific questioning techniques, and historical graphs, before sharing Dr Wambach’s ultimate conclusions that past life memories are … Read the rest

Talking about myself behind my back – Daniel Hutt (Is.32)

by  Dahiel Hutt

Abstract—In this case study article Dr Daniel Hutt shares two intriguing cases. The former offers an overview of a case involving the resolution of somatic pain as a result of past life regression therapy. It also informs the reader of the unusual phenomenon of xenoglossy. More unusual still is Daniel’s case study review of a client who presented with dissociative identity disorder and a multiplicity of 25 alter personalities. In this latter case Daniel discusses the historical roots of the case involving sexual abuse and adverse relational system dynamics, and shares further information around the complexities of working therapeutically with altered states and alter identities. The article concludes with a narrative around integration and completion and … Read the rest

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Future of Regression Therapy – Some Personal Views – Andy Tomlinson (Is.29)

by Andy Tomlinson


Andy has been a Regression Therapist for over twenty years and is an international trainer for the Past Life Regression Academy and author of three books on regression therapy. He shares his thoughts and experiences about changes in regression therapy and the opportunities that are becoming available in the future includingvworking with the new vibrational energies coming into the planet.


I remember when I was doing my four-year psychotherapy training in the 90s being told there was no need to go to the source of a client’s problem to resolve it, and a past life was dismissed as simply a metaphor. I was told hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) were the future of … Read the rest