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Digging in the Black hole of Autism

by Pinar Boylu Gogulan

Abstract—In this article, Ms Gogulan is sharing with us her insights into the dark world of Autism. Through her personal experience as a mother, she has a lot to share with us on this topic.


Autism is one of humanity’s pressing health problems. A condition that medicine still fails to resolve. I have become a strong believer that a holistic approach is the key to helping autistic people in need.

In this article, I will share my knowledge and experience, based on my training in Recall Healing, research on autism, and hundreds of sessions with clients. This is still work in progress. While helping an autistic child, take it as another tool in your toolbox, integrate it with your knowledge of regression therapy, keep your intuition and stay connected with your higher self. Be Sherlock Holmes, asking yourself, “What else I have not asked the client yet?”

I received my diploma from the International Institute of Recall Healing, from Dr. Gilbert Renaud, in 2015 and I am grateful for his teachings and guidance along my journey. Recall Healing has been ground shaking for me. It is based on Carl Jung’s analysis, Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer’s New German Medicine, Dr Claude Sabbah’s Total Biology and over forty thousand case studies on different pathologies. Dr Renaud’s book Pyramid of Health is a great synthesis of his work.

Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer was an oncologist.  According to his New German Medicine, autism symptoms are not due to vaccine poisoning; they surface because of a conflict between anger and fear. Suffering anger and fear at the same time causes lesions in our brains, as shown by CT brain scans.

This biological response is logical. For children who feel defenceless, shutdown is an answer to that problem. This reaction is not voluntary, it is the brain’s survival mechanism. It stops when the root cause of their fear is eliminated.

An identity conflict (conflicting views on who we are) with territorial conflict (any trauma around immigration, belonging, land, home, our existential place in life) also causes lesions in the relay centre of the brain, causing autistic responses. The stronger the emotions involved, the more lesions on the ductus hepaticus and the larynx mucous membrane’s relay centre, the stronger the resulting autism. When resolving the emotional conflicts, the relay centre starts to regenerate.

Autistics may show either manic or depressive behaviour. Manic autistics may be workaholics. They show repetitive behaviour; they don’t like change; they do one thing, only chosen by themselves. Depressive autistics shut out the world.

Emergency situations make us freeze. With autistics, we need to find the emergency that caused the anger-fear conflict. We need to find out when they experienced dark fear and at the same time felt anger and a grudge about the situation.

Explore misunderstandings and resentment in the 18 months before the birth of the child and the first year of the child, the family tree three generations back and of course the child’s preceding life.


Recall Healing

How does Recall Healing of Dr Gilbert Renaud work? What have I learned from sessions with hundreds of autistic children and their families about autism?

Start interviewing the parents; find the family secrets. All of us are a little autistic because all of us have little secrets. It is not easy to reveal these secrets. But parents are willing to share their secrets when their children are suffering. Give them the comfort and trust they need. Get ready for stories about adultery, porn addiction and other addictions, abortions and the like. Is there an exile or torture story in the extended family?

  1. COMMUNICATION CONFLICT. Nobody understands me. There is no one to speak with. My partner does not understand me. My family does not understand me.
  2. A SULKING CHILD in the family. Explore mother’s and father’s inner children. Who abandoned them at an early age? They may be cross with the whole world.
  3. MISCOMMUNICATION in the family. Some partners think they communicate, but when they come to our office, we find that – as they say – one is from Mars, the other one from Venus. They don’t really communicate; they pretend they do. They avoid communication. They keep their mouth shut to avoid a war of words. One usually feels superior to the other, especially in IQ. They may discover their lack of EQ and common sense. Expect the common sin: vanity! And good luck with being the safe space with them to face their blind spot!
  4. A common challenge is PERFECTIONISM. The child has to be perfect. Mother is too perfect. Children need to understand it is not too important to be perfect. Who did ever die from not being perfect? Many parents have a love and hate relationship with the creator. They want acknowledgement yet resist his authority.
  5. FEELING ALIEN, feeling not belonging. Check the child’s and parents’ past lives. You may find extraterrestrial experiences, but this can be a slippery road. Do it only if you feel they are open to the subject. Anyway, identify the age when the parents felt as outsiders.
  6. VAGINA – MOUTH. These organs are symbolically same for the brain, Dr Sabbah reports. So, I always investigate any traumas with vagina. A client reported she had a panic attack before the delivery of her son and screamed “I cannot push the baby out of my vagina!” The child’s brain has recorded this, and words cannot come out of his mouth.
  7. Is there a HIDDEN CHILD? Are there stories of abortion, adoption, illegitimate child, disabled child?


Two Case Studies

 Boy diagnosed with autism, four and a half years old.

  • The first two years of his parents’ marriage, the mother suffers from vaginism. Mother verbally attacks and insults father and blames him for being gay. Father’s solution to keep his marriage is to keep his mouth shut. This he told without his wife being present.
  • The conception is not through sexual intercourse, but through medical means: IVF. During the conception both parents feel failure.
  • Mother is perfectionist and control freak. She sends all lab reports to a research hospital in the USA to ensure accuracy and quality.
  • There were two miscarriages before. This child carried the load of his unborn siblings. Mother had depression after the miscarriages. So, when the pregnancy was confirmed, she kept quiet for the first five months of the pregnancy. She didn’t speak to anyone about it; she kept it a secret.
  • The mother had a grandmother that the whole family adored. The mother carries her name and resembles her. When she enters a room, her uncles, start crying and hug her, kiss her hand, and call her ‘mother’, though she is their niece. This grandmother had a son with Down-syndrome. Before she died, she told the mother, “My tongue is short,” meaning she could not express her pain about her disabled child. This child with Down-syndrome was hidden in a village, hidden from view, as the family carried huge shame and guilt about it.
  • The mother was afraid to have the same fate as her grandmother. She relived the moment her grandmother revealed her the secret of the ‘short tongue’. I talked to her and guided her so that she no longer needs to carry her load; that she can have a happy and healthy child.
  • In the eighth month of pregnancy, the mother had a massive fight with her mother and punched her own belly.
  • Both parents felt alien at school and in public. Father during his childhood would look at the sky, expecting a spaceship to rescue him. He told his mother, “They dropped me here by mistake.”
  • The mother had an operation on gall bladder. She felt anger and resentment.
  • The parents were consulted together and separately. It was brought to their attention that they kept their peace at home by keeping silent.
  • Both parents regressed to their childhood and expressed anger and resentment to their own parents.

All these findings were explained to the child during his sleep and while he was playing – without eye contact. The mother reported ninety percent improvement with eye contact. The child started to eat on his own. He played more with the father. His punching and anger attacks stopped. A fifty percent improvement with attention. He makes more sounds and sits more at the table at activity time.

Boy diagnosed with autism and hyperactivity, age 11

He was diagnosed when 20 months old. Both parents are medical doctors, very intellectual people. Father attended the consultation and so many secrets were revealed.

  • Father is sceptical first, being a medical doctor. Very high ego and not easily opening up.
  • Ego’s Project Purpose. Between 28th-34th week, the mother had bed rest due to internal bleeding. In the 34th week there was a uterus contraction.
  • The child was in an incubator for two weeks. He saw people speaking behind glass and did not hear their voices. The father said that he moves his mouth, says the words, but without a voice. After the session, the boy started speaking.
  • After the first session was a great success, he admitted he was treated for alcoholism and drug addiction that he could tell no one as he risked losing his medical license.
  • Father’s mother and brother did not come to the hospital during the birth as they were not on speaking terms with the father. Father still feels rage and anger. He felt isolated and abandoned.
  • At the 8th month after the birth, the father was out every evening, having an affair. Mother was alone at home with the baby, crying every day, not speaking to anyone, not telling anyone her sorrow and loneliness.
  • Now father is home most of the time and mother is out all the time at training and conferences. The son managed with his diagnosis to keep papa home and gave mama the freedom to go and study about autism.

I asked both parents to tell him that even when he is completely healthy, they will always stay to be his parents and love him unconditionally.

The boy stopped medication for hyperactivity after the session. The father reported a fifty percent improvement with speech and attention.

In general, ask clients what the secondary gain from the pathology is. This is their shadow side. It may take a few sessions to make them confess. One mother confessed that through her son’s autism, she had more access to her father and his wealth. In our second example, the mother reported that her son’s diagnosis enables her to tie her husband to home. He had committed adultery during the pregnancy, and she can punish her husband by putting the blame on him.


I am humbled and grateful to have a special child who challenges me every day. Through autism, I have faced the autistic in me, the lack of feeling belonging, the dark deep depression, my loneliness and sorrow. These children showed me beyond any colours and stars, they taught me that we are never alone, and we are all connected. Love and only love is the strongest medicine for us all. And it is a true blessing to embrace yourself despite all your defects and failures. It is not the destination, but the journey itself that rewards us with the real treasures that life has to offer.

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