Author: Bibiana Bistrich

Bibiana Bistrich, MD, – was born in Argentina in 1978. She graduated from medical school (2003) and completed her residency in internal medicine (2008), working as a teacher at the Universidad of Buenos Aires and Universidad Abierta Latinoamericana (2000-2003). Bibiana completed the course for Fundamental Critical Care Support Provider (2009, Society of Critical Care Medicine, USA,CA). She achieved a post graduate degree in Emergency Medicine (2013, Universidad de Morón and Sociedad Argentina de Emergentología).

Bibiana published several medical research papers for public and private institutions and actively participated in medical research works. She completed the training on acupuncture (2010) at the Asociación Argentina de Acupuntura; she also authored articles on acupuncture and its effectiveness in the treatment of certain diseases.

That first approach to alternative ways of healing patients from a broader perspective led her to explore past life therapy techniques. In 2014, Bibiana completed the course as past life regression therapist with Mr. Cabouli, MD. In 2016 she founded “Espacio Consciencia” in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a facility devoted to integrative medicine practices, emphasizing the exploration of the unconscious and trying to raise awareness on what and who we are, through different events (seminars, workshops, courses) held at the facility. [email protected]