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The Potency of Regression Psychotherapy; illustrated with examples of sexual trauma – Vitor Rodrigues (Is.28)

by Vitor Rodrigues, Ph.D.


This article presents a scientific and clinical discussion of how memory is fundamental to our concepts, our experience and the workings of our mind, to explain – for readers concerned with possessing a body and a mind – how and why regression therapy works. After defining regression therapy, this article follows with a general perspective on how it is done, what are its pitfalls, and how to avoid them. It presents a theoretical perspective on how and why it works, and why it can overcome criticism based on studies about how memory can be biased, can be distorted and can be fabricated.

It is a well-established fact that trauma produces powerful behavioral consequences along Read the rest

Beyond the Millennium – New Age or Brave New World? – Chet Snow (Is.28)

by Chet B. Snow

From time immemorial humanity has had a special fascination with knowledge of the future. Sages and seers across the ages have used many different rituals in an attempt to know what tomorrow would bring. A rare few have become enshrined as the great prophets of major world religions. Others, like Nostradamus, still confound us with arcane predictions which seem to match crucial events centuries later.

Edgar Cayce, an American photographer who lived between 1877 and 1945, is among the most celebrated 20th century psychic predictors. Known widely as “The Sleeping Prophet,” he had phenomenal success at mental medical diagnosis and nontraditional therapy. Over 12,000 transcripts of his psychic readings, given while he slept in a self-hypnotic … Read the rest

Seven Visions of Past-Life Therapy Practice in Chile – Viviana Zenteno (Is.27)

Introduction by Viviana Zenteno, M.D.

This article reflects an overview of the experiences of seven Chilean therapists, each from a different professional field, in their journey of learning and healing through past-life therapy (PLT). All of them demonstrate important changes that have evolved in their therapeutic practices and in their personal lives as a result. Even though their individual conclusions come from the perspective of their original professions, they all agree that regressive therapy can be used as a tool for global evolution as the training of therapists in PLT spreads to others throughout the world and the beneficial results gained becomes common knowledge.

[Ed. – this article serves to introduce an organization in a charming and insightful way … Read the rest

Quantum Reality and Transpersonal Therapy – Richard Stammler (Is.27)

By Richard Stammler, Ph.D.

The theory of quantum physics has been around for nearly a century, although its principles have been used to measure our reality with unprecedented precision, the description of mass reality and personal reality is, seemingly, so bizarre that science has been slow to fully accept the implications. This is also true for transpersonal therapy. As the theory becomes increasingly mainstream in many disciplines, a more complete attempt is made to describe the theory and the impact on transpersonal therapy.

“Well, let me quote from Newton about this, even though we’re talking quantum physics. Literally, I feel like a child at a sea shore, when it comes to seeing where quantum physics is pointing. I feel … Read the rest

Enkoimisis: The Healing Tradition in Ancient Greece – Athanasios N. Komianos (Is.27)

by Athanasios N. Komianos, BA, CHT, CRT

More than three thousand years ago an impressive practice took place in the lands of the Ancient Greek world. A form of therapy unknown till then, and probably unprecedented, called Enkoimisis. Modern scholars accept that this kind of therapy should be considered the predecessor of modern psychotherapy. It seems there are elements that resemble, in a sense, today’s trance hypnotherapy.

The Ancient World of Greece

Since the time of written records there are notations of Enkoimisis  in the temples of the god of Medicine, Asklepios. One of the first such reports is in Homer’s Iliad (written in the 8th century B.C. but refers to the 13th century B.C.) in which … Read the rest

Crossed Past-life Memory Material, an Anomaly to the Cryptomnesia, Confabulation, Imagination and Fantasy Theory Advocated by Scientific Materialism – Serge Szmukler-Moncler (Is.27)

by Serge Szmukler-Moncler, D.D.S, Ph.D.

The production during hypnosis of psychic material foreign to the subject (PMFS) is a feature known as past-life memory material. Mainstream scientific authors advocating the scientific materialism paradigm explains it as the result of cryptomnesia, confabulation, imagination or fantasy. During regression hypnosis, an intriguing observation, named ‘crossed past-life memory’, has been reported in which 2 persons relate each a story that involves shared past-life memory. Amazingly, each one provides its own perspective of the tale that appears to be matching and complementary. The aim of this paper is to report on 3 cases of crossed PMFS and claim that the theory endorsed by scientific materialism does not provide a straightforward explanation to the feature Read the rest

Soul Loss, a Model for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Viviana Zenteno (Is.27)

by Viviana Zenteno, M.D.

PTSD is a common psychiatric diagnosis. This article defines it and sketches its history. Both older and newer mainstream psychotherapy have recognized that trauma memories are stored differently from common memories, and require body awareness for release. In past-life therapy, rediscovering concepts from shamanic medicine, we interpret post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as soul loss, and healing this condition as soul recovery. Interestingly, there seem to be parallels between the physical structure of PTSD and the psychic structure of soul fragmentation. So regression therapy is enlarging mainstream psychology, not conflicting with it. PLT traces experiences to their source, releasing blocked energies, integrating the disconnected fragments of the soul, and converting the traumatic memory into a remembrance Read the rest

Spirit Release in Clinical Psychiatry – What Can We Learn? – Alan Sanderson (Is.27)

by Alan Sanderson. MD

My title ‘Spirit Release in Clinical Psychiatry – What Can We Learn?’ will seem strange to most psychiatrists, because spirit is a taboo word in the secular, materialist culture in which we are so firmly embedded. I’ve chosen to speak about it because my clinical experience has taught me that spirit attachment is a reality and that release of troublesome spirits works wonders. This is an
exciting development, with tremendous implications, not just for psychiatry, but for everyone. So please, while you reflect on this question, let the new ideas speak freely.



Please close your eyes
And breathe, into the heart.
Place in the heart one person you love.
Now you’re in the presence
Read the rest

What can Regression Therapy do for Highly Sensitive Persons? – Marc Van Hecke (Is.27)

by Marc Van Hecke DO, BSc

Abstract: Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) suffer from the many sensory stimuli that come into their system. Elaine Aron writes in her book “the Highly Sensitive Person” that 20 % of people are born with a highly sensitive nervous system and that’s why they suffer so much. Is this true? Or is hypersensitivity the result of trauma, occurred in early childhood, prenatal, or even has his roots in previous lives? Are the psychoenergetic residues of trauma the cause of a disturbance of the nervous system? This work tries, by focusing on the most sensitive sense of each individual, to regress the client and heal the trauma situation linked to the hypersensitivity. Ten HSP estimated the Read the rest

Transmundo Beings (TMB) in Regression Therapy – Richard Stammler (Is.26)

by Richard Stammler, Ph.D.


The transpersonal therapist, familiar with past lives and future lives, finds in the extended regression experience an aspect which is revealed in the transpersonal therapeutic environment that is not of, or has not originated from, planet Earth, but somewhere else. The present study deals with this aspect of transpersonal therapy and is collectively called the transmundo experience or the transmundo being (TMB). There are two basic types of these non-Earth experiences, one appears to be a part of the extended self of the client and the other type is not. It is the part-of-self TMB experience that is often not extraordinary, fitting into the tapestry of other facets of the self and is the TMB Read the rest