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The Pioneering Work of Dr. Helen Wambach: Group Hypnosis as a Methodology to Recall Past-Lives – David Pye (Is.32)

by David Pye

Abstract—In this article, David Pye begins in an engaging style by introducing his own journey of curiosity around the notions of life, death and the afterlife and how his encounter with the work of Dr Helen Wambach further illuminated his ideas. David then explains the prevailing culture within which Dr Wambach’s work was embedded before explaining the research methodologies she developed as she sought to understand whether or not past life memories were merely fantasies or had a basis in reality. The article then progresses towards Helen’s findings via an interesting selection of research participants descriptions associated with her specific questioning techniques, and historical graphs, before sharing Dr Wambach’s ultimate conclusions that past life memories are … Read the rest

Talking about myself behind my back – Daniel Hutt (Is.32)

by  Dahiel Hutt

Abstract—In this case study article Dr Daniel Hutt shares two intriguing cases. The former offers an overview of a case involving the resolution of somatic pain as a result of past life regression therapy. It also informs the reader of the unusual phenomenon of xenoglossy. More unusual still is Daniel’s case study review of a client who presented with dissociative identity disorder and a multiplicity of 25 alter personalities. In this latter case Daniel discusses the historical roots of the case involving sexual abuse and adverse relational system dynamics, and shares further information around the complexities of working therapeutically with altered states and alter identities. The article concludes with a narrative around integration and completion and … Read the rest

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Future of Regression Therapy – Some Personal Views – Andy Tomlinson (Is.29)

by Andy Tomlinson


Andy has been a Regression Therapist for over twenty years and is an international trainer for the Past Life Regression Academy and author of three books on regression therapy. He shares his thoughts and experiences about changes in regression therapy and the opportunities that are becoming available in the future includingvworking with the new vibrational energies coming into the planet.


I remember when I was doing my four-year psychotherapy training in the 90s being told there was no need to go to the source of a client’s problem to resolve it, and a past life was dismissed as simply a metaphor. I was told hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) were the future of … Read the rest

Spirit Attachments – New Approaches – Andy Tomlinson (Is.25)

by Andy Tomlinson


Andy is an international trainer in regression therapy and shares his thoughts and experiences about “spirit attachments,” something that should be of concern to all past-life and regression therapists. He reviews the current techniques and goes on to explain how to deal with high energy spirit attachments which he calls “dark energy” that require a new approach and techniques.



There is still a debate in regression and past-life therapy about the reality of spirit attachments. Michael Newton, who introduced the amazing spiritual world between lives in his book Journey of Souls (1994), takes the position that spirit attachments do not exist. This was based on the accounts of thousands of clients who, in their … Read the rest

Past-Life Therapy: What is it?- Russel C. Davis (Is.12)

by Russel C. Davis, Ph.D.

Did you ever have to take one of those frustratingly annoying classes in college in which you were required to write a paper detailing a process in such a way that any reader could follow your directions successfully without any prior knowledge? The illustration comes from attempting to translate something which is clear in your mind to something which will be equally clear in the mind of your audience. It’s sort of like trying to explain to a sales clerk a particular shade of orange you want for your patio furniture or telling a friend exactly where it itches on your back. We can see it in our minds and we know what we mean. … Read the rest

TERMS: Is it Possession or “Attachment”? (Is.10)

An article written by Louise Ireland-Frey which appeared in the Fall 1986 issue of the Journal prompted a letter from George Schwimmer. The topic is an important one and those whom he mentioned in his letter were invited by the Journal to pen a response. We are pleased to share with our readers both Dr. Schwimmer’s letter and the comments of Dr. Ireland-Frey and Dr. Baldwin.

 A letter from George Schwimmer, Ph.D.

To The Editor:

I should like to comment on the Journal article, Clinical Depossession, by Dr. Louise Ireland-Frey, as well as on aspects of spirit therapy in general.

To begin with, I feel that therapists should not use the word “possession.” “Possession” implies that the attached entity … Read the rest

Releasing Trapped Energies Through Meditation on the Navajo Mountain Way Myth- Kathleen Jenks (Is.6)

by Kathleen Jenks, M.A.

When I grasped the enormous paradigmatic relevance of the Navajo Mountain Way myth for regression therapy,[1] the direct result was a transformation of one of my own earlier lifetimes. The life in question first emerged in the 1970’s in a regression guided by my friend, the late Marcia Moore. I was a Native American woman, tribe undetermined, in a terrain of forests and meadows. My grandfather in that life practiced witchcraft and was determined to make me his protégé. I was equally determined to resist him because, although I had no knowledge of wiser paths, I loathed the sense of “darkness” I felt around him. In my forties, during one of our increasingly savage … Read the rest

Too Guilty to Have My Child – Peace Roan (Is.6)

by Peace Roan, Ph.D.

The deepest pain in my life sprang from the loss of my daughter Rebecca, whom I surrendered for adoption at birth. I saw her for only a few moments and then let her go because I distrusted my ability to care for her. In order to find peace of mind about this currently, I have struggled to understand why I became pregnant and why I allowed myself to get into a position in which adoption seemed the only option. And why did this happen to Rebecca? In the 20 years since her birth, the pain and sadness of this experience, far from diminishing, increased so that at times I felt debilitated. In my need to … Read the rest

Experiential Data: Karmic Case of Polio – Garrett Oppenheim (Is.3)

by Garrett Oppenheim, Ph.D.

Late in 1986 I asked a colleague of mine to do a past-life regression with me to find out, if possible, why I was afflicted with polio. This conspicuous handicap has been with me since the age of 14 months—which is to say, longer than I can consciously remember. It affected both legs and the lower spine and entailed the use of two leg braces and two crutches to enable me to get around. As I look back on it from today, there is no doubt that it has had a profound effect on my life history.… Read the rest